I have hypothyroidism I want to lose wait I need advice

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Hi everyone I'm Savannah im 13 in middle school and diagnosed 2 years ago with hypothyroidism My doctor said I would lose weight with my medicine level thyroxine but I never did I'm not terribly heavy but still enough to go through bullies everyday I have wanted to lose weight for so long I've tried dieting and exercise plans but they don't work and I have no support I don't eat terrible junky foods but I'm not super super healthy I guess I could put it like that I like a lot of things like shrimp and mushrooms lots of fruits to but all my calories stick I want to be a better dancer but dancers aren't fat and I want to be comfortable around my friends and feel confident about my body any advice from anyone would be great!

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    First you should talk to your doctor again and tell her/him about your weight concerns.

    Secondly, you should learn to cope with the bullies, so get some "skinn på näsan" it means "skin on your nose" so you are able to walk your own way through life and not let other people get the other end of their stick they are waving. I would suggest you just dedice to get more confident. It's your life.

    Thirdly, at your age, you grow in bone mass and muscle mass so that might be making your weight more so I hope you are not watching the figure on the scales. Also the hormones might me starting to kicking in because you are growing to become a woman so it might mean the calories stick for quite a natural reason.

    Becomin a better dancer means dedication to aqcuiring the technical skills. I don't think just getting thinner would make you any better. Good dancers are maybe thin, but they are not good dancers because they are thin. You are looking at a wrong tree.

    Our feelings can get us sidetracked real easy. Feellings are something you would need to decide about how you feel and think about them. That is quite a difficult skill but quite essential in making oneself feel good. Because it just cannot happen, in the long run, that you get everything you want or even need.

    What I can tell you that you can decide to start feeling more confident. If you wait until you are perfect outwardly, it can be a looong way, or not even happening ever. Of course, you could try photoshop.

    Good luck with the bullies.

    Maybe there is some group or organisation who you can talk to about aqcuiring bully handling skills. Those would carry you a long way in your life. Far further than dieting or even dancing skills. Worth the investment?

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    Savannah, I know it's tough but you have to just laugh at the bullies and then ignore them because the more you pay attention the more they will bully.  If it really gets out of hand then you must go to an adult for help.  As far as the weight goes, if you are concentrating on meat, fish, chicken and veggies then I wouldn't worry right now because you are changing so much.  Dancing is good for you, so do it if you enjoy it.  Fruit is full of sugar remember, and sugar and grains are the problem for those of us who are not fashionably built. 
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    Hi Savannah. My granddaughter Caitlin is now 13. At 12 she went up to the secondary school, as its called in the UK, and hated it. Girls were calling her names and did not want to be her friend. She started having trouble with social media sites, facebook etc, and receiving hateful phone calls. The foolish school had also combined the first years and second years into a combined class and she was being bullied by a second year boy whe threw coins at her which is assault. She talked it through carmly with her mum and dad, and me her grandad. We tried to tell her not to give in to the bullies, and to laugh at them instead of showing them she was upset.. She tried this, said she didn't want to be their friend anyway and laughed at their taunts and it worked, they now want to be her friend. Adults get bullied too, you know, last year a 70 year old relative tried to put me down when I spilt some tea at a funeral. It seems she had two sisters and a mother who all put each other down at home, and at school these three girls would be the bullies, they think it's normal to taunt you. If you show them you aren't going to call them names back and just laugh instead they won't have to compete with you. My partner used to be called "nursery-nursey" at work by her boss, which is a nasty put-down, and this same boss had to head an investigation Into bullying at their work later on, which is rediculous. Caitlin's mum and dad worked with her to unfriend people who were being rude to her on social media, and Caitlin had to tell her friends that she would unfriend them if they did not unfriend these same problem people from their site to prevent her seeing these horrible comments. You must talk this over with your mum, perhaps she could ask your teacher how they deal with bullying. unless the school knows bullying is going on they cannot deal with it, often the bullies don't know how you feel because at home it's normal from their mum or sister. It turns out, when the teacher intervened following Caitlin's mums visit, that the second year boy throwing coins at Caitlin had a crush on her. Complaints from mothers has now changed school policy so that first and second years are separated. You are entering the young adult world and have to realise that there is nothing wrong with you, so you do not need to change, and have to talk it through calmly with you mum, dad, or teacher" good luck.

    my partner is a dance teacher, and at your age she copied her aunts weight watchers diet by eating only 1000 canaries per day, and now at 61 she realises she had a marginal eating disorder. You must eat a balanced diet at your age so that by 25 you have good strong bones, because after that they start to loose density, and my partner, and most dancers in later life, all have osteoporosis, which you really will regret.

    if you are a little chubby at 13, it's called puppy fat, everyone gets it including boys, it means you will have a gorgeous figure later on when you have a growth spurt. Nothing wrong with you at all, don't try pills to loose weight, and if you intend to diet ask your doctor for advice on wheather it's necessary.

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    I completely agree that you should just laugh at the bullies.  Don't diet at all, just eat lots of meat, fish and chicken.  Dance for fun, if you like it.  If you don't get upset with bullies they will get bored with their nasty game.  Have fun, don't worry about puppy fat.
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    Hiya Savannah,

    Try not to let the bullies get you down.

    All of our lives we encounter bullies - laugh it off and ignore them.

    I know this is easier said than done, but you can't afford to get upset about them, especially when you're trying to control a condition that can sometimes make you feel down anyway.

    I have hypothyroidism and I was bullied too! Ignore the bullies and just try to enjoy youth.

    Hope you're okay. Lizzie

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    No one is telling you to report this to the appropiate person or persons.

    Bullies at any age are nasty people who need redressing.

    Its not telling tales to bring down the forces of order on bullies, they deserve all they get. These young bullies may well then grow up to be better adults thanks to you.

    Search google for those who will deal with it where ever you live, trust me there will be someone who will sort it for you. There are good people out there.

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    Yes, you should report this situation to responsible adults.  My daughter was in just such a situation when she was 10, and only action from her teacher stopped it. 
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