I have not been able to get food down in my stomach for a week now .

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my name is Steven I am new in this group but I am very happy cos I thought I am the only one with this pain. I have had 2 hellers myotomy in 5yrs , 2 and the half years consecutively, I also had a balloon dilation 2yrs ago and ever since then I have taking normal meals and anything I can tolerate. tho I experience chest pain once in 2 months and some reflux . since 2 weeks ago now i have been going of and on of food intake . since a week now til now i have been in severe pain . i cant take any food both liquid and normal inside of me. i am now weak as I could not take food down. I spoke to my surgeon and he advice I go for eosophagectomy which is the complete removal of the eosophagus . I dont have the money to go for any surgery at this time because my frequent surgeries has taken a lot of job away from me. I need help and an advice I dont want to die now but I'm losing wait. I have been indoor for a week now. please help a brother

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    Dear Steven

    I am sorry to hear about your trouble. It does sound serious that you have had two Heller myotomies in a relatively short period and a dilatation.

    Firstly you need to be sure about the underlying cause of the pain you feel. It is possible that it may be some form of spasm connected with your condition. You do need to take in some form of nutrition, and it may be that you need to concentrate on liquid food like soup for a while. You also need to keep hydrated with water.

    It is true that an oesophagectomy is a last resort. It is a major operation and it will take you a long time to recover from it, but I understand your position about the financial cost. You may have to ask the surgeon whether it is possible to do another dilatation for some more short term relief, and to ask whether any medication might help with the spasms / pain you feel. But in the longer term you do need to maintain an intake of food and water somehow.

    I hope that you can find some relief soon, and wish you the best of luck with it.

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      thanks so much for this reply really make my day. I just need hope that I wont die in a shortwhile

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    Hi Steven,

    I am sorry to hear you are facing this decision along with the financial expenses of an esophagectomy.

    I am unfamiliar with the history which lead to 2 Heller myotomy's in period of 5 years. I started with two balloon dilation's, then Botox in the LES twice and several medications to help control my esophageal spasms.

    If you are in the USA it is possible to file for Social Security Disability, if you have not already done so. This will help with income and medical expenses.

    Is your pain atypical? In other words, is it different than it has been in the past? Have you gotten additional scans? Tests? A 2nd opinion?

    It is imperative you keep your electrolytes balanced. Currently, I am facing a crisis and can no longer keep food or liquids down. My weight has dropped too. I have been going to my local ER for IV fluids. I am going to see another GI specialist for a 2nd opinion soon. When you lose too many fluids and cannot keep enough food down our hearts, brains, and body cannot function properly. Please consider an ER visit.

    Do not wait too long to get help!

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi steven,

    It is very difficult to offer specific medical advice. However, some tricks that have worked for me in times of crisis.

    • sildenafil (viagra). Takes about an hour to kick in, but can last several hours. Obviously you need to consider a Dr s advice if you have any concerns about your heart etc. I was amazed at the effect at relaxing the oesophagus muscle. (works, but NOT a long term solution)
    • Nitrate sprays used for angina; again they relax smooth muscle. I often use recreational Amyl nitrate (poppers) as It does the same thing and is easy to buy. (same cautions as above Re Drs advice)
    • High strength Vit B and Magnesium. This really worked for me for about 2 weeks.
    • I pile in double cream and honey in the morning; as it is highly calorific - about 1000 cal for a small bowl.
    • deep breathing from the stomach (not chest!) combined with massage up and down the muscles that line the spine. (has saved me several times)

    Please only eat small amounts when trying this! and keep sipping fluid all the way. You must avoid doughy foods and meats _ and anything that might compact or congeal...

    Deep calming breaths!


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