i have really bad anxiety but am i an early hypochondriac?

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Im a 16 year old male i have big anxiety issues and i also might be a hypochondriac will some one be able to give me some advise to help me keep calm.

Here's an example i do when i find a bump/lump or something.

first i obsess over the lump thinking straight away its cancer then i look on the internet for it while i try to convents my self that its nothing. After that i ask my mum over and over again if im sick. At this point its pretty late at night and i cant sleep because of it so i spend an extra hour or 2 on my computer doing more research till i fall asleep. The next day i try to get my mum to make a doters appointment and a blood test sometimes, but nothing yet has come up bad but i still worry and and then a mounth or so later i find something now to worrie about.

Would you call this a early hypochondriac or do i just have really high anxiety issuse  over my health?


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    I think a lot of people who have anxiety problems tend to be hypochondriac. I have horrible anxiety issues and I've been having tons of different head pains and Ive been back and forth on if it's brain tumor, something with a nerve or vitamin b12 issues. But I bet ira simply anxiety and stress. The person above my comment has a good idea in seeing a life couch. I've been thinking about it myself or back to therapy and I'm also about to start taking medication as well. beinf 16 with these problems are hard, trust me I've been there and didn't seek help, now I'm 21 and finally doing it. This isn't a good way to live when there's so much support out there to help you feel normal and get back to your life. 
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      Yes Victoria he should really start treating it now and be better of im 30 and im way better than I used to be simply because I got the support. Medication works if you let it work. Some of it has bad side effects believe me I know. Been a year on serotonin and it works. I am much more.in control of my life and thoughts. All of the best to you
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    I'm a 16 yr old female and the same thing happens to me all the time. I think it just has to do with anxiety, not so much being an actual hypocondriact. You're anxiety is also probably causing you to worry about being a hypochondriact. It's kind of a viscious circle. I'd suggest going to a phsiciatrist sooner than later, because the longer you wait the worse your anxiety will probably get because that's what has happened to me. 
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    Hi Alex2020. You sound a lot like what I went through, but you are so much younger. Are you involved at school, like sports or music? Sometimes getting involved will help you not to focus on so many worries. It's good to check things out if you're worried, but trust your doctor. And be cautious of what you read on the Internet. It will mention every disease possible for your symptoms. For example, I could have severe dizziness. If I looked it up online, it would list all kinds of diseases. What it really is? It's me not breathing properly, and I'm hyperventilating. It causes all kinds of symptoms, so I look those up, too. And the cycle continues. But it's not a disease. It's me not breathing properly. I hope this helps. 
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    Hi Alex, I think it's quite normal to find a lump or bumps, our bodies do all sorts especially between the ages of 14 - 21 with some obvious changes, psychological changes and hidden body changes which cause aches, pains, lumps, bumps and sensations some we find and automatically think and fear perhaps Cancer but then we rationalise it and realise the chances are very low and the probability is its one of many other likely reasons such as a knock, fat tissue, cyst, normal body changes etc, with yourself your anxiety stops you rationalising and your thought is fixed on the worse case despite you trying to tell yourself it's nothing which increases your fear abd a cycle begins.

    This is typical with health anxiety disorder including searching the Internet. 

    I think separating your anxiety from your bump or lump might help you, ie you can say to yourself " I have a lump which I'm naturally concerned about, Im also very anxious about my health generally and all tests in the past have come back clear so I'm not going to research it but if it's still there in a couple of days I'll get it checked out but it's likely to be nothing".

    Keep a diary of symptoms you find and write down what you fear it could be and worst case scenario and rate your anxiety out of 10, then write down what it also and likely might be (without researching it), rate your anxiety out of 10 again based on it being the something else. Either after a few days or visiting the Dr write down what the Dr said it was and your thoughts and feelings, this way you can keep a record and see what is happening and how often your fears are correct.

    If you do go to your GP Id suggest booking a double appointment to discuss your anxiety over your health ( hypochondria is an anxiety related illness), this needs treating and having a diary will be very useful information to show how you are trying to deal with it and why you perhaps need some support.

    Hope this helps you Alex.



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