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I've had this pain for over a year and have been to the doctors a lot in the last few months. At first they thought it was kidney problems, then inflamation in my stomach, then a stomach infection - which I was treated for but still have the pain. The pain is like a tight crushing pain and sometimes goes into my chest. I feel like I need to take deep breathes and I get hot and cold sweats. I have also had bleeding in my toilet. Can anyone offer any other advice????

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    Please try and change your diet. I has these symptoms and I had developed food intollerance after an undetected intestinal infection which was detected with a stool test after 18 months! Left me lactose gluten and fructose intollerant x I follow low fodmap religiously and it has cured it x
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    Hi Demi ; sorry to hear you are unwell and suffering.

    Please see your GP for the blood in the stool.

    Anti-inflammatories; can be obtained via pharmicist/gp; or you can try Turmeric which is natures anti inflammatory; take with water; eat some probiotics or yoghurts; eat garlic. In addition; also eat some antioxidants which will 'clean' the blood up; could be that whilst suffering inflammation your organs are not functioning to clear toxins from teh blood... Big if ; but you can try to address this by eating / drinking anti-oxidants like blueberries; raspberries; radishes and beetroot are examples. Tomato juice also is a very good one for this also.

    In addition; try a fluid fast and see if that assists; desist drinking tea; and replace with red grapes/ sip water/ and eat things like radishes to get water for the duration; and do thsi for 24 hours.. 

    i am unsure whether you mean right lower rib pain and this may be liver/ kidney/ gallbladder etc, or the stomach on the left hand side ; however inflammation is the same regardless; so it should help you to focus on reducing this and correcting hte PH balance of your stomach; antibiotics may also help.

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    Demi I would have doctors or on call surgeons scope by ur bowels in case you have an ulcer anywhere behind the bowel that can't be seen in scope test unless they r specifically looking for it around bowels otherwise they just scope down to top of ur stomach and can go unmissed for year like my own untilll it perforated . Don't let it lie dormant then end up in the state I am in with feeding tube emergeemergency surgery to save my life after 8 years of suffering with stomach pain . Pain that sore I wanted to end my life as life wasn't life that others new it was an existence for me. Also being sick so much over they years caused acid to rip my hole inside apart. No medical authorities would take my pain serious and even after ulcer perforated first time I spewed blood all over my house and child that bad it was like a scene from a movie. After being rushed to hospital a ffewdays later still with no answers and no clue I had perforated ulcer they were still going to realise me home. And then boom a filled 6 hospital sick bowls of blood and crashed after being resuscitated and rushed to theatre that even surgeon came to see me few days later after waking up in high dependency all tuned up and in critical condition. He said to me Michelle in all the 30 years of me being a surgeon I have never seen someone's insides so bad like I did urs and I appoligies on behave of everyone as they won't themselfs that u have been going through this all these years . My stomach and bowel,totally separated and hole in stomach that had been caused by sickness and acid. And perforated ulcer behind my small bowel. I also have gastroparesis if u Google that word u may be surprised at how much it describes most people's pain that doctors have missed and most doctors don't have much if any knowledge on this condition . I hope u are ok and get answers also is the blood ur passing in urine or from bowels and is it fresh or dark dirty blood may sound weird but it can tell u a lot on how serious the blood your passing is. ..... Michelle .x
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      michelle; just wanted to say i read your post and really felt for you; and all that you had been through. I agree with what you have said; and know from experience that the GP's dont' appear to be getting the diagnosis of serious injuries/illness  right; and don't appear to be treating patients as GP's should; with full support for sick patients.. i am glad you have finally got this resolved? and wish you all the best for the future; you deserve it. smile xxx
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    Hi Demi

    Feel for you,without sounding negative i've had pretty much the same for 3yr's.However i have had spinal surgery which i think play's a part.So do you still have bleeding in yr toilet? If so u need to address it.I had hemarroids removed just after my spinal surgery, had them for yr's they removed them no more bleeding.You mentioned that you still have pain! me too under my ribcage, yr's in yr chest, mine's like stragulation what is yr's like? Do you smoke? I do not however i'm not passing judgement if you do.

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