I have recently been diagnosed as habing PR

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I first noticed an itchy area on my back at the start of Nov and thought nothing of it, which I now know was the herald patch.

By about the 20 th Nov I noticed 5 or so red blotches on my stomach so that day I went to the doctor who instantly said it was PR but said there was no treatment and more or less sit it out. As all of you know this wasn't the end of it every 3 days more blotches appeared and travelled up to my neck.

I tried a lot of the suggestions posted here. This is what I have been doing (I must say at this stage they seem to be fading) but I know they appear lighter in colour in the morning and slightly redder at night.

I started taking Vitamin B, C and zinc supplements. I also take 30 drops of echinacea tincture 3 times a day. I also think like others eating lots of fruit and veg and plenty of sleep and rest is important. I like others was totally uptight about this but now am resigned to it being here and deep down know it's going to run its course no matter what

I also washed thePR areas with head and shoulders. Took WARM not hot baths with Tea Tree and lavender essential oils and then afterwards applied Diprobase cream (a cream my nephew uses for eczema).

The reason for those essential oils being I saw somewhere on the internet that PR might be liked to Herpes 6 & 7 virus ( which means nothing to me). Are any of you normally cold sore sufferers just out of interest????? I am which is caused by Herpes simplex virus normally TAKING A zinc supplement kept them at bay but this year I hadn't taken this supplement til I took PR (TOO LATE) . Today I resorted to a 3 min session on the sunbed. I wait to see if they fade any more.

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    my son has a similar rash doctor said tonight it was fungal - but I thought different, he was feeling tired last week and couldnt explain it - just said he wanted to keep sitting down! sent him to school anyway said they would ringme if he got worse! he had a small oval patch on his stomach about 3 weeks ago but we thought he had scraped himself on the astro turf at football training. I am under extreme stress at the moment with various family issues and have develloped a nasty cold sore on my lip - asked the doctor if they were connected - he said not
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    Hi I'm not a cold sore sufferer, I instead get huge ulcers on the roof of my mouth when I'm run down, caused again by the same virus as the one that causes cold sores. I also regularly get shingle like symptoms without the rash so it comes as no surprise where I have been stressed and run down to get PR if it is linked to the same virus.

    I'm so fed up with it, I'm just letting it run it's course and trying to ignore it

    Easier said than done

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    I am so fed up with this thing. Not successfully diagnosed by the GP (was told fungal ringworm), but I KNOW it is PR - everything on here I can say yes to, all the symptoms. Had a bath as opposed to shower today and OMG !! It brought out ALL the leisions in places I never knew I had them. I have SO any, I just cried.

    I had a small round patch of white skin probably for about 8 months and then a month ago I had a cold and sore throat. Then more herald patches (3) appeared on my waist band - then loads of small red oval blotches all along my rib line, hips and now on my back and legs above the knee. Pale blotches in the morning. I also have 3 large red patches perfectly lined up at the very bottom of my back were my nerve roots are. I have noticed that is I get a red patch on one side of my body (say on a nerve ending) then I will get an identical one on the other side. Very strange, there has to something in this.

    I feel exhausted ALL the time and have a heavy headache almost constantly.

    I have been under so much stress at work - this MUST be a factor as everyone seems to say the same thing on here.

    I needed a couple of days off as I felt so rough, and my boss had the view - oh she's off as she's got a bit of a rash! If only that's all it was - thanks for your understanding....NOT ! I feel lousy!

    I tried to show her the rash, but it's pale for the first part of the day - and probably doesn't look all that bad. I can't seem to make them realise how ill this is making me feel.

    I like to wear sun tops in summer - but am dead embarrassed people will think I have ringworm.

    I have even been putting zovirax on them as people have linked to Herpes (I do suffer from cold sore in my nose and on my lip).

    I also suffered with shingles a few years ago - without the rash too. Was told this was very odd - so its nice to hear I'm not the only one. The pain was immense and I had to have volterol injections.

    I wonder if I have some sort of virus stuck in my body that won't quite 'come out' or clear - and all these things are connected?

    I am going to a private Dermatologist this week- so I will see what she says. Odd, there seems to be a lot of this about - yet Dr's seem so 'dense' when it comes to diagnosing it.

    Please let me know it anyone can identify with what I have said?

    Thanks guys.


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    I went to docs after two weeks of this rash,

    started weekend after i washed of thin ash over car.

    It all over upper body and christmas tree pattern on back.

    will last upto 6 weeks, so just grin n bear.

    SE London

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