I have so many horrible health issues. There seems to be no way out

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I have so many health issues to able to live rest of my life normally.

I am 28 years old.  I already have mutiple health issues that I just don't think I can live up with for rest of my life.

I have bad social anxiety.  I am horrible with being in group with other people and social environments usually make me nervous and uncomfortable.  My social anxiety level close to mental disorder.  I had brain scan and the doctor told me there's nothing wrong with it, but maybe I do have some kind of mental illness.

I also have tinnitus, which I gained when I was in military.  And for that, I can't relax normally in quietness anymore and sometimes I feel like the noise in my ears are trying to drive me crazy.

I also have horrible eyesights that are getting worse at relatively fast pace. And my eyesights are probably the worst you've seen from 28 years olds.  I'm really scared of my fast vision loss.  And then there's blepharitis.  I have blepharitis and that has made my life horrible ever since I got it.  Symptoms for blepharitis showed up about 8 months ago, and ever since then, I have been having hard time focusing on reading things since my eyes are very watery or irritated.  And the worst part is that blepharitis is permanent and getting rid of it would be extremely difficult.  I have planned to study more at school, but due to my poor eyes I don't think it will happen.

Also my mom will soon be stop working due to her health (her health isn't as bad as mine but not healthy either), and I really need to get a job and help support her relax at home until she becomes senior and get housing from the government.

There seems to be no way out from my health.  Right now I'm just being a burden to my family.  My health will only get worse as I age more, and I don't know I am going to live like this.  Many times I wish this is a dream and one day wake up and fins myself a healthy person just like other people.


Nothing will help me.  I have seen many psychiatrists and none of them were helpful. Especially my eyes, having blepharitis and sudden vision loss feel like a death sentence for me. Sorry this sounds like you guys are just reading my personal rant, but this is really how I feel.

Are there any of you guys that feel the same way?

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    hi arnold..smile! first you have to think more positively..you have to motivate yourself. have you tried exercising? what have you been eating..eating good wil make you feel good..start with a positive thought and a healthy eating habits..the rest will follow.. I am so sad to read your story though..I have time of feeling so low too, though I have a strong support groups from friends and form positive people.. I also changed my eating lifestyle... hope to hear from you..
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    Hi arnold68787

    Firstly, you should address your anxiety and get cognitive therapy to alleviate your anxiety when your with people. Ask your doc about therapy for the anxiety. Being with people can help you to

    cope with things better if you have a friendly circle of friends. Are there any groups in your area that can help you. Perhaps your doc or local citizen advice could help you to find a group who are perhaps dealing with the same problems as yourself. You are not alone with your anxiety 100's of people suffer with it. Also with tinnitus and blepharitis.

    Secondly, there must be groups or organisations who are dealing with blepharitis. Check it out. It helps when your with people who are undergoing the same problems as yourself.

    Thirdlly, there is treatment for tinnitus. Has your doc treated you for this or arranged for you to see a tinnitus specialist.

    Finally, address your anxiety first with the help of your doc, you will then be able to deal with your other problems......i wish you well...go for it you can do it!!

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    hI Arnold, l can tell you feel your life is in a total mess at present time, anxiety over your health, lack of self worth, fear and guilt over finances to keep home going, feeling a burden, l dont think you mum would want you to feel that, she will find her own way to keep the home going, and would prefer you to get well above financial support.  When your anxiety improves, which drs should help with, and referrals to groups of others with physical and mental health probs, your not alone, theres millions been where your at, either in past and got through it, or in present and battling it, also feeling as bad as you about things. due to different health and social problems.  Try not to worry or dwell on your future sight loss, youve enough in present to worry about without future thats not happened yet. l had a friend with failing sight due to diabetes, just try to take it one day at a time, phyciatrists cant help with sight problems or even affects practically, See gp about anxiety, see what groups are available for those with poor health, anxiety depression, there are often groups for those with sight problems. We all wish we could wake up and feel healthy fit, of course its worse if your younger, but its finding others in simular situation to support you. Your not on your own, best wishes.
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    I have tinnitus and blepharitis also. My eye doctor never told me blepharitis was life long. She gave me eye wipes to cleanse my eyes, had me get good eye drops, and gave me an antibiotic eye ointment. She made it sound like it would clear up. I have only used the antibiotic once, as I didn't like that I couldn't see for hours afterward. But I use the wipes and drops a lot, and they certainly help. I am older than you, and have a lot of health issues also, but am trying not to let them get me down. Tinnitus can go away, or be life long, but have heard there are things we can do to help it. I just haven't tried to fix, as this is one of my lesser issues. Please try to remain positive, and research some things that can help with your issues. 
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      Are you able to read words clearly with having blepharitis?

      Because I'm at the level I can't concentrate on reading things anymore. Also, has blepharitis been life-long treatment for you? Blepharitis has been like a curse to me.  Wish there was a cure for it.

      Also I wish doctors know about blepharitis, but none of them know much about it.

      Also, my tinnitus is permanent.  I obtained it when I was having rifle test in army.  During one of my rifle shooting test, my drill sargeants were driving me crazy because I couldn't pass the test and ended up forgetting to put on earpieces.  So unfortunately for me, tinnitus will be there until I die.

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      I have to admit, my eyesight has lessened since all my sickness started, which was over 3 months ago. But, like I stated, I have other health issues that could be causing this. I am just now starting to get answers to what some of my illness is from, but the tinnitus and blepharitis are all a part of it, I'm sure. It is frustrating having these issues, but I suppose we have to do the best we can with them. I'm sorry you are so down. Have you tried any natural supplements or vitamins to help? I heard that fish oil can help with the dry eyes part of blepharitis. 
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    Hi Arnold.

    I don't have the same symptoms as you, but can relate to the hopelessness that comes with having physical health problems. I was diagnosed with a neurological problem that stopped my bladder from working along with serious bowel complications. Things like this change your life.

    However!! Things can get better, I know this may sound ridiculous as if someone told me I'd get better when I was at my lowest I'd have probably just told them to leave me alone. About a month ago I was put on a new drug and I'm now able to do a lot more than I've been able to. I'm 24 so I can also relate how hard it is being ill at a younger age when you perhaps want to go out with your friends more, work, education etc.

    I found a fantastic psychologist who really helped me, I know you've tried this before, but it's important that you find someone that you really get along with and who you trust.

    I'd advice you go back to your gp and ask them what your options are. Maybe if they gave you a clear goal to work towards it would help your mental health. Have you ever looked into support groups?

    I'd also recommend working out and finding something you can start as a hobby :-) stay strong x

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    I know how you feel. I have several health issues I have to live with and on lots of life long meds too. It started in my late 20s. 1st was agony with lower back. diagnosed with sciatica and spine degeneration. Then was put on meds for severe hypertension then thyroid wasnt working so weight piled on. Plus other pills. Had trouble over years with my teeth and gums n pain..Got arthritus knees. ankles swell from meds. Then was diagnosed with Anemia have to have b12 jabs..Then got pvd in eyes which are floaters in both. There all the time. I got covid pneumonia very bad then 2mth later my hair started falling out..I get a lot of aches n body pain. I am in my early 50s now. Both my parents now passed on and they both had heart probs n strokes. Mum had gum disease. I think it must be genetic. how can I have so many health issues. I went from being a superfit healthy young lady to a person with lots of health probs. I have never smoked n dont drink much alcohol..must have faulty dna strains...have also had a lot of stress in my life...

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