I have the feeling that meds aren't working

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Hi everyone,

I'm 26 years old, diagnosed with 3rd grade Hypertension since 7 months.

We started the treatment with 5 mg Ramipril, then we added 12.5mg HTC to the 5 mg Ramipril! Still high (avg160-105)

I started taking ramp in the evening 2.5 mg too, then we raised it to 5 mg!

So in total I'm daily taking 10 mg Ramipril + 12.5 mg HTC!

I still measure the bp and get around 150-95!!

I was 2 times in Hospital to be sure that there is no other cause of this bp appart from the disease itself!

My Doctor insists not raising the dose, or giving me 3rd med because I'm young, and still talking about stress, pressure! But that doesn't solve anything!

Any suggestions, ideas, or opinions! Specialists are welcome!



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    Consider Aldosterone breakthrough of the Ramipril (ACE) try switching to 80 mg of Valstaran (ARB) to try and block any aldosterone breakthrough channels. Also if you problem is salt and water retention like me then I found 12.5mg HTC gave inadequate diuretic effect. Try switching to 25mg Chlortalidone per day you may need to cut a 50mg tablet in half and take half a day.  
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      7878...I just read your reply to Joekhames...& I'm not sure what you meant by "consider Aldosterone breakthrough of the Rampiril (ACE)..try switching to 80 mg Valsartan". Are you meaning that the Aldosterone isn't working?? If this person is suffering with anxiety, then it's very possible the anxiety is causing the bp to be elevated. The Dr. can titrate the Valsartan from 80 to 160 if necessary if 80mg doesn't do the trick. This is a young person to be dealing with elevated bp, but it's best to get it under control than for it to go crazy as he/she gets older.

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      Thanks for both of you!

      Exactly I'm trying to get it under control! Now I'm young and strong and I can take some elevated bp, but during the long run that would cause several kinds of damage!

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    Joekhames...I'm getting the impression that you take half your Rampiril med in the morning, then the other half in the evening. Perhaps the doctor thought your bp spiked in the evening? Is the diuretic IN the Rampiril pill or is it seperate? 

    You did explain that you were diagnosed some 7 months ago. I'll assume you started the meds around that time as well. Considering 7 months has passed, & the bp is still elevated, I'm surprised the doctor hasn't adjusted the medication. Usually after a month there could be an adjustment, or even 2 months. Now comes the question as to how you're taking your bp readings. Do you have your own monitor? If so, you must sit quietly for a few minutes before taking the readings. Be sure the cuff is not too tight or too loose, or your readings will be inaccurate. Have the cuff so that you can fit two fingers in the top of the cuff. If you can easily fit 3, it's too loose. Be sure the cord runs down the centre of your arm, & meets with your middle finger. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, & your back supported on the chair. Be sure your arm is resting comfortably, & the cuff is heart level. Take your readings. If you have a machine that takes 3 readings, & gives you the average, that's a good thing. Just take 1 reading...throw it away because it likely isn't accurate. Then let the machine take the 3 readings., & give you the average. I'd bet the machine would show you the individual readings too. Record the readings along with the average. Now if the machine does not take 3 consecutive readings, again take a reading...toss it. Sit & relax for at least 2 min...then take a few readings, but be sure the readings are about 1 min apart. Average them out.. If you're feeing anxious, ill, upset, in pain, etc..dont' take the readings. They won't be accurate. 

    You COULD ask the Dr. to change the meds...say to an ARB..such as what 7878 suggested to you. Irbesartan is a good one, as is Valsartan. Both can be taken on their own or with a diuretic that's in the pill. 

    Good luck with this..let us know how you get on.

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      Thanks Mike for the answer,

      Yes I take 5 mg in the morning and 5 in the evening!

      We have managed 4 adjustments till now!

      And at the 5th one my doc suggested an 50mg Opipram in the evening so I can sleep better! I bought the prescription but didn't use it!

      Also he gave me couple of lorazepam 1mg and I'm quoting "take them just in case when you are stressed out". I didn't!

      I don't want anxiety-meds, of course I have couple of anxiety episodes a month! But it is definitely not the cause of the levated bp!

      About the measuring, I know exactly how to measure my bp! But thanks anyways! The machine is of the type measuring the bp in rise not in fall if you understand what I mean, so it measure the bp while bumping, and doesn't bump and measure while venting (dunno if it is the right word to use)

      But I believe it is a good german made Panasonic for 60$ :D :D it must be good XD

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    Perhaps you need lifestyle changes in addition to your meds . Eat a healthy Mediterranean diet or dash diet but mostly watch your sodium intake. Read labels and make sure you're getting low sodium . Then you might not need a diuretic or as much medicine. Also you want to explore possible benefits of regular exercise.

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      Of course, this has been taken in consideration,

      Although I lost 30 Kg two years ago, and started taking care of the food I eat, I have to admit that I usually eat salty, and I have a probably high sodium intake.

      Anyhow I'm trying to control the bp through meds, because I'm feeling little bit younger than having a list of banned things, that must not be eaten.

      But of course you had a point thanks

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      "Anyhow I'm trying to control the bp through meds, because I'm feeling little bit younger than having a list of banned things, that must not be eaten."

      ??I'm afraid I don't understand anyone saying that.  I would far prefer trying to control high BP by any means available rather than have to take BP meds, especially at your young age when you have so many years ahead of you.

      ?Frankly, there isn't much of a "list of banned things".  Just avoiding salt, caffeine and stress, plus drinking plenty of water (not too much alcohol!) and a mix of exercise can help. 


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      MrsO-UK Surrey...I totally agree with you.Someone of that age should not have elevated bp..unless there's something really wrong in the body. 

      You're also right when you say to avoid salt, caffeine & stress. Caffeine

      is ok..but in MODERATION..like 1 cup of coffee or tea is fine. Also soft drinks like colas etc. should be avoided too because of the caffeine content. Exercise is also beneficial. If one can't go to a gymn or use machines..walking is excellent. 

      If someone can control the bp without meds...that's the best ever.

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    Hi Joe

    I'm no expert on this, as I have high blood pressure to and I'm on Ramipril 5mg, it sort of goes up and down, it has lowered quite well, but some days a bit high again, mostly the diastolic reading. Have you considered there may be an underlying cause ie an undiscovered illness of some sort. Not trying to scare you, but it's not a normal occurrence for a 26 year old to have high blood pressure unless there's something wrong with the body. You could ask your doctor to check your blood or ask what tests they could do for you. 🤔

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      Gillian 68...actually..there IS a cause for bp in anyone of any age. It's the body's response to something that's not right, yet doctors will monitor the bp readings for just a few visits, & if there is't any lowering, medication is then prescribed. It seems the medical profession treats SYMPTOMS rather than the cause, & it's a real shame.

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