i have very severe leg cramps in both thighs at the same time

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The cramps occur after laying down on the sofa watching TV.

I am all tight laying down but as soon as I stand upright both legs feel like they are in a vise.

I cannot move and while I try they do not move.

The cramps are in both front thighs above the knee.

I usually take a bunch of bady chewable aspirin anfd it goes away after 10 minutes.

The pain is excruciating. This time the aspirin did not work.

I had pants on with a belt but it wasnt tight although it might have been.

I took those off in the bathroom a few feet away and soaked a towel in cold water and wrapped around the thighs in turn.

The cramps abated but later came back when I tried to lay down again.

Finally I took 3 Bufferin some Pedialyte and a multi mineral.

Before that I took 2 Anacin.

I want to prevent these from ever happening again.

I get them infrequently but when I do its a killer.

Is there anything I can do to prevent Them?

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    There is an Homopathic pill sold by WalMart for Leg Cramps.  It relaxes Calf & Foot Cramps.   I keep it by my bed & I have used this effectively.  But this morning I got a severe cramp in the back of my calf and it did not work.  Some time ago a friend told me to take yellow mustard. which I have done, but I have to get up & get to the refrigerator to get to it.  When I could walk I got up and took a teaspoon and in a matter of seconds it was gone. 

    I came to the computer to look up what the causes of this calf cramp were and found this web-sight.  Hope this will help others.  The mustard works amazingly well.well.

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      BTW I might add my cramps were in the upper thigh both legs rendering me paralyzed and unable to walk. The pain is definite 10.

      I do take those leg cramp pills by hyland and they may work as well along with the leg cramp lotion they have by the name leg cramps.

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    I get severe cramps in both of my inner thighs at the same time.  It's crippling, can hardly walk.   Believe it or not, pickle juice (and I drink it right out of the dill pickle jar 1/2 to 1 Cup) works and I put a hot towel or heating pad around my legs at the same time.  It usually takes a few minutes but rarely returns the same night.  Doctors don't seem to be very concerned. They always recommend magnesium, potassium lots of fluid etc, but I've tried everything and the only thing that works for me is that crazy pickle juice.  I find it interesting that it always happens when I'm stationery, either sitting with legs stretched out in the recliner, or in bed at night.  Your comment about mustard makes sense since the #1 ingredient in it is vinegar, which is the same in pickle juice.  Thanks for your post - hope this is helpful.

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    I have had similar issues in both legs, at the exact same time.  This has now happened twice to me in the last few weeks.  I got up out of my chair to do some errands before heading to bed, and it hit.  This incredible pain and cramping just above my ankle and half way up the front of my shin.  I could hardly stand let alone walk.  The pain continued to travel up and into my thighs and then up  to my hip on my right side, all the while staying in my shins and then down into my feet.  I had to force my feet flat so that I could walk, and then I had to continue walking around my home until the pain subsided.  I was finally able to lie on the couch until my body returned to normal, but when I got up to head to bed, it started all over again.  Sometimes, I now feel that I can feel it coming on, in different parts of my legs, just with the slightest way I turn.

    I am definitely going to try the pickle juice and/or the mustard.  I think what frightens me most is that the pain and the cramping comes on so fast and is so hard, all at once, and that I can hardly force my feet flat!

    Has anyone heard of this before?  The fact that it started out the same way both times, with both legs and feet, only a couple of weeks apart does worry me.  But I don't know that this is something that I can take to my doctor without sounding like a hypochondriac!


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      Thank you.

      Recently it happened again but this time I got a warning as it slowly crept up from my ankle and wound up in my thigh.

      I took tonic water and leg cramp pills.

      I tried pickle juice.Nothing stopped it instantly but it did abate.

       my doctor said to take vitamin e,multimineral,ginko biloba regularly.

      the doses of each are variable. I would focus on the multimineral pill.

      The others tend to be blood thinners and I take enough items that blood flow isnt my problem.

      I would mix tonic water because its somewhat sweet and if you put in some apple cider vinegar raw and unfiltered organic....this might be the magic potion everyone is looking for.

      I can only think of adding Gatorade which has electrolytes in it.

      None of these are tried and true. I like tonic water anyway despite the quinine warnings they have.

      Drinking organic apple cider vinegar alone is awful.

      If you mix the two you get no bad taste.

      I am a fan of magnesium so I try to take it regularly.

      But when these cramps happen its too late to take it.

      Its a preventative not an immediate relief substance.

      My wife takes pedialyte from Dollar Tree and it seems to prevent her calf cramps.

      I am sticking with the tonic water and organic apple cider vinegar.

      An apple a day may stop the whole thing.I stopped eating apples a long time ago and that may be why I am getting leg cramps now.

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      OMG yes I get the same thing ! Both legs at same time. Mine happen almost every single night ! It's horrible. Sometimes it starts in my feet and my toes go all turning out different directions and get stuck, then the arch of my foot, ankles twist outward and it feels like it's going to break my ankles ! Other times it starts up in my calf and goes up to the thighs and lower back sometimes also. It's absolutely horrible. Excruciating! I'm going to try the pickle juice ! I love all kinds of pickles. Does it matter which type juice you use ? I have sweet,, , hot, dill, garlic etc

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      Hi folks ...  since my first post on this site, I am now in the first week of taking a tablespoon of white vinegar before I head to bed at night, in the hopes that it will help me sleep through the night while keeping the leg and foot cramps away.  I have done this for three nights in a row now and I do believe it is helping, although a little more might be needed.  Also, I think I will try taking it after dinner as well, and see if it helps me over the course of the evening.  For me, any relief is better than none.  I often wonder what has changed in my body that these severe leg and foot cramps have started, but I cannot think of anything at all.  Any suggestions out there as to the possible reasons?  I drink plenty of water daily, a minimum of 8 glasses a day and I take all of my vitamins, etc.

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      Hi Lorrie,

      I take a statin drug called Crestor which may have been responsible for my leg cramps.

      So my input may be skewed by this drug.

      At present I am taking a multi mineral called mega multimineral chelated minerals in capsule form from Piping Rock vitamin company. As you know you want to stop te cramps before they begin and so far I have had no incidents of leg cramping.

      I have stopped the Crestor and I seem to think that red wine in excess can start the cramps.

      I was taking raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with schweppes tonic water which can stop the cramps once they start. The tonic water helps to take the bitterness out of the vinegar.

      It is essential that prevention is more important than treating the actual cramp as the cramp is very painful and creates an unbearable emergency situation as you already know.

      The mm pills are easy to take with no side effects.


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      The pickle juice has vinegar in it and some like mine has garlic.

      It doesnt always help.

      Im taking multiminerals now and seems its working to prevent them in the first place.

      I thought it was too much exercise with the muscles but thats baloney.

      Something inyour system is missing and the contractions are stimulated cuz there is nothing to calm the muscle. they say magnesium can calm the muscle but I think its more than that thats why I take a multi mineral.

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      Hi Stormy May .... thanks for your tips.  In answer to your question, no, I am not peri-menopausal, but rather I am about to be 63.  I have always been a walker but have been hindered by these silly cramps, that tend to hang around, sometimes, off and on all day.  What on earth is going on?  But, I am going to try a multi-mineral, and see if that helps.  I forgot to take my white vinegar last night and I had a terrible night.  So thanks again, and I will see about these multi-minerals.
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