I haven't slept in 4 days someone help

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I am 41 and I have had poor sleep patterns but in the last year or more I go for 3 or 4 days at a time without sleep then might get 5 hours of sleep only for it to keep happening over and over I might get 2 nights of sleep in between these stretches maybe every 4 to 6 weeks I'll sleep for like 5 days 18hours each day then it's no sleeping all over again i have tried so many prescription pills and nothing is working currently i have been awake 5 days and i cant sleep oh by the way i can feel extremely exhausted almost to the point of nodding off but close me eyes and nothing i am at my waist end i don't know how much longer i can take this does anyone know of ANYTHING I can do to just sleep I will practically do anything please someone help the doctors I see are not being helpful at all only give me something different or increased dosage and I'm dying

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    Hi there. 4 days with no sleep!!! Ok,first off, you wont die but you cannot continue this cycle. My advice is to get your GP to refer you to a sleep specialist to try & get to the bottom of why you're not sleeping. Try & avoid sleeping pills if possible as they are only a bandaid for the real problem. Most of us in here know all to well about insomnia & it's very unpleasant to say the least. My insomnia reared it's ugly head in menopause, before that i slept quite well. I can go for up to 4 weeks with very poor sleep, sometimes not drifting off till around 5am & then i will be awake again two & a half hours later. Sleep anxiety is a strong possibility. Do you find you become anxious about not being able to sleep? If the answer is yes, then take my word for it, anxiety just makes the problem alot bigger. Although i do understand it but for me (not saying this works for everyone) i just learnt to stop worrying about it. Go back to your GP, get a referral to see a sleep specialist & don't take sleeping pils if possible. I get that they serve a purpose but wont solve the real problem. Good luck.

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    I have been in the same boat as yourself lately. It certainly is not an easy one as I can relate, after months of very poor sleep. I find it hard to switch off my mind to fall asleep and have tried all those sleep hygiene things such as taking baths, warm milk, lavender oil, rescue remedy, etc to no avail. Guided imaginary from you tube and reading used to be helpful but not any more. I was prescribed zopiclone (sleeping tablet) by my doctor. I only take a quarter of the 7.5 mg tablet each night and find after a couple of hours I feel slightly relaxed and finally drift off to sleep and get a few good hours sleep each night. I know they are habit forming /addictive but the doctor doesn't seem to mind me taking it at such a low dose as long as it works and gets me back into some kind of pattern of sleeping again. Its good not to use screens last thing at night: television, computer or mobile phone. Sometimes a walk in the fresh air also good just before bed. If you go to bed with the attitude that you don't care if you sleep or not, sometimes you are more likely to sleep than if you worry or obsess over not sleeping. Sleep is a bit of a paradox in that sense. Try going to bed at same time every night and getting up at same time every morning regardless if you sleep or not to get body clock back into sync. And not taking naps during the day. You have probably heard most of this before and I'm not of much help. Just trying different things till you find something that works.

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