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Sleep Problems

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  • Beezwax 2

    I'm fed up with fighting a constant battle everyday

    Hi, where do I I have insomnia, depression and generalized anxiety as well as social anxiety. Which is a terrible combination. Everynight I find myself waking up every 1-2 hours, it feels like I wake up just as I'm about to go into deep sleep. I seem to have around 3-4 dreams a night which

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  • majdarina 2

    Ultra tired, restless night, but didn't sleep

    Ok, so I should probably give it some time. However, its being going on for several days now. Its probably depression, for which i was taking Seroxat for almost a year, together with antipsychotic, cause i was resisting my state so strongly. None of these help, it actually made it worse, so wouldnt

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  • carolyn32091 2

    No sleep, busy day

    Very bad night of sleep. Basically none. How do you all survive the next day? I'm really stressed out. I won't be able to nap or rest at home. I started having better nights and then this one reared its ugly head before a very important day. Thanks

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  • GD10 2

    Electric/Energy surge to brain when trying to fall asleep.

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site but glad I found somewhere to share my symptoms. I'm getting a sort of electrical shock when trying to fall asleep. This electrical shock seems to be described on other sites as 'jumps' or 'zaps' or 'surges of energy'. It happens not when I'm sleeping but the moment

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  • bluju 2

    When do remeron munchies end?

    On it 4 days for night shift insomnia. Insane hunger. Already have belly, and my metabolism diec. My clothes don't fit. When does hunger end? It is torture. Worse than insomnia.

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  • michael94059 2

    My Sleep Problem Story. Please help.

    Hello everyone. Here is my story. Any advice is very much appreciated during this tough time in my life. In mid-September 2016 a rather stressful event occurred at work and this was followed by a few mornings of waking up too early and ending up exhausted throughout the day. A bit of anxiety if

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  • cocoanemo11 2

    CPAP not helping me?

    I'm a 23 year old female, diagnosed with mild sleep apnea in August 2016. I've faithfully worn my CPAP every night. I am very used to it although it leaves nasty marks on my face.  I've noticed for the past few months that I am extremely fatigued during the day, sometimes right when I wake up in

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  • JohnMicelli 2

    How to stop snoring

    Well, there is no proven way of stopping someone from snoring, unless you start using a sleep apnea machine, in case you have sleep apnea, or a stop snoring mouthpiece device. Here are a few stuff that you can try to stop the snoring and get a good night’s sleep: Limit alcohol and smoking:

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  • DjBlak47 2

    Something is not right

    I've been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea over 5 years ago, when I used to wake up I had a headache every morning, I started using a machine and it stopped, then now around the early part of the year, I don't feel like myself, I feel depressed, forget things, can't complete work assignments,...

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  • Poppys123 2

    Sleep apnea

    I have been diagnosed as suffering from sleep apnea although this is supposed to be mild I wake up a couple of times in the night, I wake in the morning with bad headaches and not feeling refreshed at all this has been going on for 3 yrs, I do not get on with a cpap machine as it is invasive and

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  • shaylee50899 1

    Desperate for Help. Day 9 no sleep

    Hello everyone, my severe insomnia started about 2 months ago after staying at my mums house. Her dogs had to be locked in the laundry next to my room and barked all night keeping me up. The next night I put stress on myself that I needed to get a good nights sleep and that's where it all spiralled

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  • diane87195 1

    Should I pay for daytime sleep (nap)test?

    Hello.  I had a professional sleep test with the diagnosis of PLMD.  I had fragmented sleep architecture and 69% sleep efficiency.  I am taking Clonazepam for the PLMD and it helped.  However I am still sleepy and tired so I think something else might be going on.  Based on my history the nurse

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  • kat92362 2
  • chris 23166 2

    Is this sleep paralysis?

    Hi all, so really I just wanted to explain what happenes to me to see if anyone else has the same exprerience that I do as doctors in the UK seems stuck to what it might So I will be asleep, then in my head I half wake up and realise my breathing has gone really shallow. I know I need to

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  • temporary94 1

    Sleep paralysis is at a ridiculous level

    I used to have sleep paralysis every month or so, this year its gotten to every week, then every few days and now i'm having it over 4 times a night. It is literally impossible for me to sleep at night and I am only able to fall sleep at stupid times like 9 the following morning. I am genuinely

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  • samantha65108 2
  • zeroX14 2

    Sleep problem: Vivid dreams & waking up exhausted

    Dear all,  Im experiencing the following situation which perhaps some of you can advise me better.  History  Back in 2005, I experienced a sleep disorder condition that lasted everyday for almost a year. I would sleep with ease, but would remember my dreams very clearly and wake up feeling not

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  • liz62218 2

    I have anxiety about sleeping what works best

    have been through seroxat citrolpam and duloxetine. Still have pounding heart on going to bed so doctor has prescribed mirt 15 mg at night.  First two nights sedation hasn't worked and have been awake most of night. I also take Zopiclone which no longer works Is anxiety a short or long term side

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  • nomani37250 1

    Need to know the full effect of Mirtazapine

    I have insomnia.I was taking Amitriptyline 50 mg with Chlordiazipoxide 10 mg for one year. Suddenly i stop because it was not available. now I am taking mirtazapine 15 mg since 7 days. day 1&2 it works, remaining 5 days i did not sleep. not feeling sedation. I reported to added

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  • Drokare 1
  • gerard67614 2

    no saleep 2.5 hours per day for three yeaRS

    not been able to sleep more than 2.5 hours. gp will not give referal or investigate. other illness stasrted as body got weaker. i am scared as watching myself slip away. can not continue to go without real saleep it affects me every day. i wish gp would give refal or do something. but so far just

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  • Nightowl1 1

    Troubles sleeping at night

    Hi, I'm in my early twenties and still schooling. For the past 4-5 weeks, I have been experiencing troubles sleeping. Initially, I would take naps in the day (3-4 hours) when I couldn't sleep enough the night before. Thus, I'm not surprised that I would still be awake at night. Moving on, my naps

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  • Hckflyers 1

    Strange sleep walking and night terrors

    My girlfriend and I have been living together for a little over a year now and night time has become very interesting/stressful. I'll start with saying about 6 years ago when she was in middle school she had a traumatic event that involved almost being raped. After this event she started having

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  • viccrack 2

    Cant sleep , vivid dreams or thoughts

    I am having this sleep problem whenever i try to sleep i get vivid dream or thots that keeps me awake iam sleepy but i cant sleep . I tried lexotanil a benzo . 1 mg of it gives me a very quality sleep of like 9 hours after using that be zo i tried gravinite an anti motion problem tablet of 50 mg

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  • viccrack 2


    Having the same issue for abt a month now . I mean benzo does help plus gravanite an anti motion sickness med it helps me gooood in sleep . But without it its hard to sleep . I use alot of computer tho

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  • narendra99809 1

    taking sleep medicine but not effective

    i am doing yoga regularly and also taking medicne  Noveltin ,NSF-1 and zolcalm 5 mg BUT sleep IS NOT MORE THA THREE hours  I think this medicne gives sleep for some hours only but want to avoid medicine 

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  • DaniDin 1

    Seeing Things When I close my eyes ?

    One or twice a fortnight when I want to go to sleep, I see shapes when I close my eyes. Its been happening for about ten years and I still have no I idea what it is. When I close my eyes I don't just see shapes. Its black figures, like spiders and evil things (that I have phobias of) and they

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  • brian01055 1

    No REM sleep

    Long story short: I've previously been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and eventually had surgeries (UPPP and septoplasty) to correct it. I've been having major issues with daytime drowsiness lately, so I had my fourth sleep study last night. The good news is that I had no respiratory events (apnea)

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  • majdarina 2

    Can't stop Loranzepam

    Hello all. Every 3,4 days these couple of months, i've not been able to sleep like for the whole nights. Next night, I am so scared wont sleep again, and my mind works harder, so no matter how relaxed i go, or in REM, i just do not fall asleep. So even before midnight, i am obliged and used to it now,...

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  • jane10112 2

    i cant differentiate dream and reality

    for a few weeks i am having these vivid dreams and i sleep continously even when i dont work at all,,i sleep at 11 at night till 9 in morning and still sleep at 12 in morning till 5 even 6 sometimes in the i have dreams which seem very real ,like i had to wake up and bath and get

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  • bst1208 2

    Hypnagogic Jerk involving the Anal Sphincter?

    I am experiencing a hypnagogic jerk that's a little different than the others, and it is frustrating. The instant I feel that I am going to drift to sleep, I get a twitch/contraction on my anal area, I wake up, and repeats.  The feeling is similar to the natural contraction of the anal sphincter

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  • johnny31476 2

    brain wakes body up every time

    I don't know what to say. every time I start to nod off, I hear myself breathing and get a system shock that forces me back awake. I am about to run out of sleep meds and have no way of getting more. this is a nightmare.

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  • mcr.mr15 1

    Need some advice about lack of sleep please :) :(

    Hello. Ive recently started a new job working night shifts at a hotel. It is only 2 nights a week and i am on my 3rd week working.. But my problem is i start work at 10pm and finish the following day at 7am i go home and can not sleep until gone midnight. So technically im missing 2 full nighys of

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  • simon86649 1

    Exhausted after sleep, but only at weekends

    This is very confusing for me. I seem to sleep well during normal working days, but in the last few months at weekends I've been sleeping right through the night but waking up exhausted. I've changed nothing with my diet or medication. It's kind of ruining my social life after putting so many hours

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  • elizabeth83088 1

    PEMF machines

    Does anyone have experience of using these magnetic devices.  According to the adverts they are the anwer to insomnia, but they are very expensive and I would like to know if they work!

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