I just don't feel right, here are my symptoms. Suggestions?

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Here are my symptoms and about how long I have had them. They all popped up around the same time which is why I have become concerned, but I also don't want to freak out for nothing! They are all likely not related, but I just need some type of reassurance that I don't need to be pushing for tests or something.

Cold/Flu- I have had a cold for about 2 1/2 months, with having the flu (puking, fever, shake, diarrhea) twice in that time. The cold has varied from severe to totally manageable. I was prescribed antibiotics on the 29th of December and finished the 1 week dosage. That made my symptoms less severe so I went back to taking over the counter. Note, they only did a visual exam. No blood work or anything like that.

Night Sweats- 2 months. I have never had an issue with excessive sweating. I have noticed I am sweating more in general, but at night is where it is excessive. I will wake up a few times a week drenched and the other days not drenched but definitely can tell I was sweating at one point (I have curly hair so the base gets extra curly when I sweat).

High Anxiety- 2ish months. I have never been diagnosed or gone to a doctor for this because it has never been severe. It has become very hard to avoid right now, which is abnormal for me. I had never suffered a panic attack in my life and only know what they are because my friend gets them, and I believe I have had two in the past two months. Again, I haven't been "diagnosed" as having them, but I am not sure what else I could describe what happened except that they were panic attacks.

Random joint/muscle pain- 1 month. I have had random shots of pain in various parts of my body, but mainly in my hips, lower back, and shoulders. I have not done anything different when it comes to physical activity, so I am not sure what could be causing it. It is primarily in my joints, but sometimes it feels like its deep in my muscle (this is manly in my forearms).

Tired/Unmotivated/No myself- 2+ months. In general for the past few months, I have felt exhausted and not motivated at all. This is NOT normal for me what so ever. At first I attributed to my "winter blues", which is normal for me. But I usually snap out of that by Christmas.

Ankle Bump- 1ish month ago. I discovered a bump on my ankle when I had my feet out lounging on our couch. It was about the size of a small marble at the time. It grew to the size of a large marble in about a 2 weeks time, but has now shrunk back down to it's original size. It does not hurt. No discoloration. It is much softer than a marble, but harder then say a grape. It isn't "movable". If I were to draw a line down the center of my foot, it is about an a 1/2 inch the right right (on my right foot-looking down at it) and down a little lower than where the ankle bone sticks out on the right side (if that makes sense).

Weight Loss- 1 1/2 months. I have lost about 10 pounds in the past 1 1/2 months, and it is not intentional by any means. I am normally 110-115 pounds, and I have dropped to 100. I have even teetered into the 97 range, which is abnormal. I don't feel like I am eating any more or less than usual. I do feel like I am getting full faster than normal, but I chocked that up to when I was sick with flu both times I didn't eat as much so maybe my stomach shrank a bit. But I feel like by now my weight should have gone back up and it hasn't .

I called Aetna's Teladoc today and described everything above. He basically said that he can prescribe me stronger cold medicine, if the bump changes to go in and check it out, and that if the anxiety issue persists to call their other behavioral Teledoc line. He didn't address anything else and said none of it is related. The call literally lasted 6 minutes and I didn't leave feeling like he took anytime to think before giving me an answer. The follow-up message says my diagnosis is "common cold".

He could be totally right and most likely he is, but I just want second opinions before chalking this all up to "I am being crazy, calm down!".

Again, I am sure I am freaking myself out for nothing. But if anyone has any suggestions of where I should go or what I should do, let me know!

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    You have multiple problems which must be handled by an in-person doctor, not on the telephone. You need a thorough exam and possibly MRI scans, The sooner the better.

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    hey! i dont want to scare you, but i was experiencing all of those symptoms and a few more and my doctor wanted to test me for HIV. I was so scared, i mean the thiught of having hiv is scary in general. i got the test and it came back negative. from my experience, looking online and searching your symptoms is not good!! anxiety can be tricky, it can make you think and feel that something is wrong with you. schedule an appt to address your concerns with a doctor, and go from there. i promise you that lookibg onlune and getting answers from people on here will scare you even more and make the anxiety and stress worse, which will cause you to feel worse. please keep us updated and i wish you the best of luck.

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      That is scary! Glad it came back negative for you! That is one thing I think I have been able to rule out because I have been in a committed relationship for almost 6 years, however I do understand things happen. You are probably right! I have an appointment with a general physician on Thursday. Thank you for the reply!

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    You definitely need to see another doctor as your doctor is not addressing your symptoms or even seems motivated to try to get to the cause. My doctor takes much more than 6 minutes. I've had depression before and I felt tired and weak, I cried a lot, lost weight because no appetite and seem to ache all over, sweats Put me on Lexapro and has helped. Why do you call the Teladoc instead of going in person? These symptoms could be related or all individual on their own. These are not due to a cold. No cold or flu lasts over a week. Something with your symptoms is not quite right. You need to find a doctor who will listen to you and act on it, possibly an Internist Doctor. I wish you a fast and correct diagnosis .Take care.

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      Thank you!!! After I posted these I booked an appointment with a new general physician. I moved to this city about a year ago, so I hadn't quite found a doctor yet. I hope for the same! Thank you for your reply!

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