I'm a major hypochondriac but I need reassurance

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Hi! My name is Lizzie and I'm very concerned. Let me start by telling you that I am possibly the biggest hypochondriac- not by choice. Example - I had never had sex but was 99% positive I wasn pregnant even though it was physically impossible. Don't call me crazy. My parents both suffer from anxiety and depression although they take medicine. Right now, they are going through a divorce and this has been the hardest time of my life - nothing has been easy these past few months and unfortunately, I am having a hard time thinking about the future and what life will be like (due to my anxiety). I can feel myself falling into depression when i catch myself at random times starting to cry. This is my current problem- I think I have diabetes. Trust me when I say that i think i know all of the symptoms. 3 months ago, none of this was happening or at least I didn't realize it. instead of waking up with a positive attitude- i wake up every morning and start my day by looking for symptoms. I have not had any kind of sudden weight change, I am not thirsty frequently, and I do not urinate an excessive amount. But, I have been seeing stars and changes in my vision over the last month and i'm guessing that could be a sign that my prescription needs to be changed- but since it is a symptom of diabetes- i'm concerned. Along with that, at randoms times in the day/ my foot will suddenly "fall asleep" but only for a few seconds and although this is a symptom of hypochondriasis/ anxiety, i'm convinced it is diabetes. sometimes I catch my hands shaking and i think it is low blood sugar but then i work my self up and have a panic attack (which could also be from my anxiety) I don't have dark spots under my armpit a or on my calves and i don't usually have a dry mouth. But rencebtly, whenever i go to the bathroom, I start to think that is is too frequently and i get the feeling i have to pee when i don't (anxiety) and whenever i take a sip of water, i think that it could be excessive thirst. I literally wake up EVERY single morning with this horrible mindset and I truly don't know what to do The issue is I REFUSE to go to the doctors because of a fear of what the results could be. My blood pressure is normal and i'm a little overweight. I'm young and don't want to go on medicine for anxiety because of fear of addiction. My life feels as if it is falling apart and i'm just sitting here- scared deathlessly. Please someone give me some guidance on my problems. i need comfort

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    Hi Liz, it seems like you may be focusing way too much on certain events, resulting in a bit of a skewed perspective on things. I can totally understand why this is so troublesome!

    You our mention you're young and slightly overweight and the anxiety makes it difficult to properly evaluate. The severe anxiety you're experiencing could be caused by many things: deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, low thyroid, adrenal exhaustion, too much preservatives or other additives in your diet.

    If it were me, I'd try eliminating all processed foods and see if that helps with the anxiety. Next, try supplementing multivitamins, coblimated B complex and minerals. Next try eliminating major allergens from your diet- wheat, dairy, corn, soy. Start with the things you CAN control and systematically eliminate them one at a time as the cause of your anxiety.  Once you figure out how to calm the anxiety, you'll be able to get a better sense of how your body feels.

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    Hi Liz.  Firstly I'm not a medically trained person but I too came from a home environment similar to yours with my parents breaking up which affected me so much that I developed a gastric ulcer at the age of 17 and had two thirds of my  stomach removed.

    Stress and worry are insidious and I wonder (like MtViewCatherine) whether your weight gain may be down to "comfort eating" instead of maintaing a balanced healthy diet.

    You say you think you have diabetes but your symptoms could well be just a fluctuation in your blood sugar levels from what you are eating and a poor diet also affects the levels of essential vitamins.

    Your refusal to go to a doctor is not a good idea. A simple blood test could eliminate all your fears about diabetes and other diseases in one go.

    Stress and anxiety use up Vitamin B12 in particular and if any deficiency is found in that it can be treated easily.

    You don't say how old you are. Are you living with one or other of your parents or are you independant? Do they know about your health worries and anxieties? Do you have any brothers or sisters or other close relatives you can talk to?

    From the way you write I would say you are an intelligent young lady and hopefully you will be able to "work through" this logically one step at a time.

    I understand your reluctance to go onto antidepressants if possible as I remember what Valium, Tofranil and Librium did to me back in the 1960s but modern medication is not quite so addictive.

    Are you a church goer? I found comfort in religion.  Perhaps you could find someone outside the family to talk things through with or even professional counselling which your doctor could arrange.

    As I say, I'm not medically trained but hopefully there are others on nhere who will be able to give you good advice and I wish you well for the future.

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      Thank your for your response. Right now- I live in my house with my mom one week and then my dad next - they are alternating. I'm 15 by the way. Do you think I have diabetes

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      My heart goes out to you Liz with your home circumstances but I can't possibly know or say whether or not you have diabetes but unless your Mum or Dad or grandparents have it it seems doubtful

      The only way to know certainly is to get tested and if you are worried about seeing a doctor perhaps you would be happier to see the nurse at your doctor's surgery and ask her for an FPG test and maybe ask either your Mum or Dad to go along with you. 

      This is a blood test that determines the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood after an overnight fast (not eating for at least 8 hours). 

      Given your age I doubt very much if a doctor would put you on antidepressants and I wish I could help more to boost your confidence.

      Please do try to not worry so much and look after yourself.

      Take care now

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    Hi lizzie, it sounds like you could've do with some help controlling/managing your thoughts. Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) is invaluable for this. I'm not sure what the system is in the US, but in the UK you go and see your doctor and ask for it. CBT is one of the 'talking therapies' and can be a surprisingly useful method for helping you to be healthy in body and mind. Bottom line is, go and see your GP. You need to intervene in these unhelpful thoughts as early as possible to prevent more serious mental health problems in the future.

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