I'm actually glad to hear I have h.pylori!

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I never used to have stomach problems, I could drink black coffee and red wine on an empty stomach, with no problems (we are talking many years ago at uni with the wine)

I've had bouts of gastritis on and off for the last couple of years and had to cut back on coffee and stop alcohol and citrus juice even between bouts. I had two negative stool antigen tests and was just left to self adminster omeprazole as and when I needed it. It was assumed that it was all anxiety related.

A couple of months ago my stomach started to feel familiarly irritated, so I stated taking gaviscon for a few weeks and was more careful to avoid fatty and spicy foods, but it got worse rather than better, so I started omeprazole 20mg once a day, which helped a little to start with and then it got much worse, I was nauseous all the time and had pain and tenderness in my upper abdomen, the classic massive urgency to eat and gnawing feeling, followed by more nausea. I had diarrhea every morning without fail and often woke up with heartburn or reflux. After two weeks of omeprazole and no improvement I went to the Dr who told me to up the dose to 40mg daily and told me to do a stool test. On this occaission I was told not to use omeprazole for two days before the test...well I don't remember being told that the last times and so needless to say the test came.back positive this time and I'm now on a lovely cocktail of omeprazole, metronidazole and amoxicillin, which had better move working their magic because I'm pretty fed up with the constant dull headache and the gross taste of metronidazole!

I'm so looking forward to being able to relax around food and drink again and not have to worry about if something is going to trigger a GI meltdown.

After completing caffeine withdrawal I hope I can also at least start drinking green tea soon, if not coffee.

I'm halfway through the course and I'd say my tummy feels about 80% better...I managed to go horse riding without nausea (just a weird bloating gassy feeling..). Fingers crossed I'm in the ~85% who get cured on the first round of ABs.

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    Yes its nice when you get a diagnosis which explains your symptoms. With regard to stopping your Omeprazole before being retested, you should stop it 2 weeks before otherwise the test can be inaccurate. You also need to wait a full month after completing the antibiotics before a retest.

    Hoping you are one of the lucky ones who gets rid of it first time round.

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      Thanks for the reply! Fingers crossed for a first time eradication.

      I'll bear in mind the retesting times and omeprazole smile

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      I found out after I'd provided a stool sample which probably threw up a false negative as my stomach is still in a bad way. I haven't been able to retest yet due to high stomach acid levels so can't stop PPIs. Not sure where you are - I'm in the UK so i only received 7 day triple treatment. Most other countries advocate at least 10days and better 14 days of treatment to eradicate it. I think if I had had a longer first treatment it may have worked as I was definitely better afterwards but very short lived.

      Best of luck with your treatment

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      Hmm I'm in UK too so I've only got 7 days....I'm having the odd dose of Pepto-Bismol to though because bismuth is used in the quadruple therapy and I want this bugger gone from my system. Sorry to hear your stomach is still bad...mine is greatly improved each day and I'm trying to keep.positive that it will only.get better because otherwise I'll give myself symptoms through worry!
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      Have you tried drinking ginger tea? It really seems to settle my tummy even when I'm feeling really Nauseous. I've also been tucking into celery and adding turmeric to my food. Seriously anything that might help at this point can't be a bad thing!
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      I finished the antibiotic course with no terrible side effects. I felt amazing for about 4 days and then started to feel nauseous again, so I went to the Dr and she wants to retest me immediately (one week after the end of antibiotics) with only 2 days off omeprazole first. I'm skeptical as I think it will come back negative but she has agreed to test me again in 5 weeks if it comes up negative, but at least if it is positive already then I can take another course... I hope it's actually gone and just a weird coincidence that I'm nauseous....
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      Hi there

      I am in Canada and I had to wait at least 4-6 wks from completion of antibiotics was on the same as you. I also had to take PPI's during.

      Then I had to wait , I did wait the 6 wks and not take any PPI meds for 2 wks prior . Also no Tums or antacid med like Pepto for 3 days prior. I was negative but I still suffer on and off with nausea ... it's been 8 months since my eradication.

      Not sure why your doc is doing it do soon , also once you know you have it via blood test you can't retest this way it will give a false result. It stays dormant in your blood for a year. You have to have a scope or a breath test called UBT.

      Hope this helps smile

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      Sorry you are still suffering after eradication. I know That blood test is not accurate after treatment, but I am having stool antigen test..This can be done right after treatment but runs the risk of false negative if done too early. That's why I'll have another test later if it comes up negative.

      I think my Dr is concerned that treatment failed and wants me to be retreated asap as I am losing weight that I can't afford to lose.

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    Hi there. I've been having abdominal pain for 4 months now and the doctor cant seem to figure out what it is. I am taking Dexilant which is a PPI and it has helped me however I still have pretty bad pain. I did an endoscopy which they biopsied a part of my stomach to check for H. Pylori and it came back negitive. I see that your doctor informed you to stop taking the PPI before you did the test... Mine did not. I am wondering if that could have possibly made my test results negitive?...

    Thanks so much!


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      Hello adrianna. For me, for the first two stool tests I took, noone told me to stop my PPI so I kept on taking it and the amount of helicobacter was below the detection limit. When I was retested after stopping PPI for two days the result came back positive.

      In your case, you had a biopsy taken and this is less influenced by the use of PPIs than the breath test or stool test- if the biopsy is h.pylori negatived then to be honest, it looks like you don't have h. pylori.

      Sorry you are still having pain. Apparently I have eradicated H. pylori but I still have pain too sad. Do you have other symptoms? I had an upset stomach EVERY morning with h.pylori for years but now its just stopped being an issue as of the antibiotics (a minor triumph).

      Are you highly anxious? If the pain is severe, has your doctor considred gallstones or pancreatitis?

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      Ohh ok. I see. My symptoms are mostly a pain In my abdomen (stomach) that ranges anywhere between a burning, knawning, tight, or even dull pain. I saw my GP yesterday who told me she thinks it's just gastritis. That I should continue the PPIs and take gaviscon for the pain. I took her advice and have to say it has improved the pain for sure. I wasn't taking the gaviscon previously and the pain was much worse. I still have pain however. It hurts most when I eat and in the morning when I wake up. If it is only gastritis like she says, I am curious why it is not yet gone away? I have had these symptoms since May of this year. sad
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      Dammit I lost my reply! Here goes again!

      Since May is a long time to have gastritis, so it seems that your condition has become chronic sad.

      From what I've read, the triggers for gastritis are generally h.pylori, alcohol, nsaids and stress. If you don't have h.pylori and don't take ibuprofen etc or drink much alcohol then I guess it may be stress related (though this is rarely the sole cause).

      It's always possible that if only one biopsy was taken that h.pylori may have colonised a different part of the stomach, I guess it wouldn't hurt to do a breath or stool test at some point if you are still struggling. Although biopsies are very accurate for what they measure of THAT part of the stomach, I did read about someone who had multiple biopsies and the first were negative then later they were positive...so it's always possible that you had a false negative, it's just unlikely.

      As for why you still have gastritis? Hmm well if you are stressed and anxious, or eating and drinking irritating things then that will make the healing process much longer.

      Have you cut out caffeine, fatty and fried doods

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      Stupid phone prematurely posted...

      Salty foods, soda, alcohol and citrus fruit?

      Try to stay positive that you will get better and keep yourself calm and relaxed. Eat a nice bland diet and keep taking the ppi. It can take weeks to months of ppi treatment and avoiding irritating foods and stress before some people's tummies heal.

      I personally find that chamomile and ginger teas are soothing. You can also try fennel tea but I didn't get along with that one! I hope you feel better soon.

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      Oh I also find that Pepto-Bismol is more effective than gaviscon but that might be because I had helicobacter and might not be typical of gastritis.
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      Thanks so much! I will try the pepto-bismol as well! I do have anxiety that I take antidepressants for ... Which I've been taking for a few years now... I asked the Dr if it could be a side effect ? And she said not likely.. I find that the pain has brought in more anxiety rather than anxiety bringing on the pain.. The pain did come when I drank too much one night in May and the morning after until now I've had the pain. I have cut out drinking all together, I also cut out coffee, fatty foods as much as I can etc. Some days are better than others and I do find the gaviscon helps. I just wish it would go away all together and wish I knew what caused it because I feel if it was the alcohol then it should have faded by now... That's why I'm looking for more answers lol!
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      Oh yes, I also only drink camomile tea now as well.
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      I also don't drink soda anymore, and stay away from citrus fruits. I really only eat bananas now. I will ask my gastroenterologist about doing another h. Pylori test and see if he thinks it's worth it to try.
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      Ah. Are you taking an ssri? I take prozac and I know this is a gastric irritant. I am tapering off and am having to use the liquid form. Since using that my stomaxh has been a lot worse. I feel that for me
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      The prozac is making the healing time longer. Perhaps if you have anxiety, see if your doc will give you a short course of benzos to relax you. I'll be testing this theory this weekend as I have some valium left over.

      Looks like the alcohol binge might have triggered your Gastritis and anxiety and possibly your ad are making healing difficult. I'm convinced that once I'm off prozac my stomach will be fine but tapering is slow because I one of the unlucky ones who gets bad Withdrawal

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      Yes, the binge drinking definitely triggered it , that's when it all started. I'm not a regular drinker. Yes, I take an SSRI. I've been taking it for a few years so it just doesn't make much sense for that to have been the cause... But yes I can understand that my anxiety may make it worse.. It's pre much well controlled but sometimes I obv get anxious! Lol. I am going through a stressful time right now as well... So it makes sense. Thanks again!!

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