I'm at lost here, please help me with diagnosis?

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About a year and a half ago I got left side upper abdominal pain under ribs, I thought it was my colon but the surgent suggested gallstones. He said it would be cheaper to check for stones before going in for a colonoscopy. So of course the ultrasound showed stones. I had no insurance so I applied for assistance at hospital an got approved 7 months later and got the surgery. With in the 7 months my symptoms got worse, nauseous every morning was a major one an took tremadols for pain but they helped me better for nausea. I would go long periods of constipation then long periods of diarrhea but no in between.

I got the stones removed and all symptoms still occurred, I got really bad acid reflexes so I got a scope and nothing so we did a CT scan and still nothing. At least that checked me off the list of pancreatics. The CT scan was 5 months ago and now when I have diarrhea I see blood and mucas. The mucas actually was always there. After a week or two of diarrhea then I'll go one or two weeks of constipation. I get random fevers and feel ill, I just recently started getting joint pain. The pain started in elbow an had no idea what it was so I brushed it off, then regulated to my wrist to where I could not pick up heavy objects. I already been to docs back and forth and they are bugged with me to a point they just give me tremadols bc they know I can not afford the colonoscopy. The assistance only covered the gallbladder surgery. Also last two months I've been getting canker sours on my tounge. Every time one goes away another one appears. The joint pain left, but today I have fever, body aches and feeling unwell.

Is this crohns? When I read the google description it only refers to diarrhea and says when people get flare up they get joint pain and canker soars, but my joint pain and cankers soars appear even when I don't have diarrhea.

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    Im sorry to hear what youre going through.

    Firstly, mouth ulcers can be caused by any number of things, stress, vitamin issues, biting tongue, night grinding.

    Secondly, if they removed the gall bladder the issues could be bile salt malabsorbtion.

    You need to see your gp and at least get your bloods and stool checked.

    Nobody on here can diagnose crohns. But ibd has similarities to other conditions too.

    Omce we focus on symptoms we can also start to develop them.

    All poop contains mucus as the gut constantly produces it.

    If your tongue is bothering i would see your dentist so they can evaluate your mouth.

    I hope you feel better soon

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      Also i haven't always had mucas in my bowels, from time to time I would but not consistently. It would only started regularly when I started feeling ill a year ago. I know this is unrelated but I cough up or spit up a lot of white mucas. I know I have a small form of candida but my bowel issues is hard for diagnosis since I do not have insurance nor could I offered further testing. I also don't live in a town that offers a GP just your average family doctors with only one surgent 🙁

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      May still be worth seeing the family doctor. Gp is what we call our family doctor.

      They can at least run some blood test for you. I am not familiar with how health insurances work or what help is available for you.

      I hope you feel better soon

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      Thank you, I'm thought GP meant Gastroenterologist lol. I applied for health insurance through the states a year and a half ago my husband at that time made $21,000 a year and his insurance provider there only covered him and not families. The state said he made too much for me to be qualified. So I started looking into the Obama plan and was told it was on hold at the moment as they had too many people and referred me to other health care companies. I looked into all of them and the lowest one I could find was $580 a month just for myself. That's more then half my husbands paycheck with in a two week pay.

      My husband lost his job in November so I applied again but when I called they said my file has not been processed yet. Last time they took 4 months before I go an answer back from them so I'm assuming I'm going to have to wait that long again before I get an answer 😕

      Any help on these forum would be a blessing and/or just a peace of mind since I have no idea what could be wrong with me. I've done so many google searches and the closest I can get is inflammatory bowel disease of some sort. The joint pain and cracker sores just leads me to crohns as to why I posted my concerns here.

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      Hi Sarah.

      Your symptoms is copy of my issue. Additionally I also had dry mouth and rashes on skin, those don't exist now.

      Currently I have joint pain, dizziness and mushy stool in everyday morning. Nothing is pointed in my various test and Dr. named it as IBS.

      Well the point is my 2yr old son also has it. I think he caught from me. I suspect these all started after a sexual exposure 1 year back, but my tests were clear.

      I am able to control my stomach issues by following the diet list given by naturopath. Taking herbals as well. You would have not made any surgery as it's not the source of problem.

      Try to have food diary. Check b12 and d in your blood if both are lacking the impact is same what we are facing.

      Hope this helps

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