I'm back. Worse know than before.

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Hi everyone. I am back... I had my partial in Dec 2014. As everyone knows I did well for while. Then I had to get a conversion to a full knee in March 2015. And it's been a nightmare. Lots pain. Lots pooping restless nights. Swelling and puffy pockets. Bend is 95 was 120 extension was 5-2 know it's 18. Can't bend with out pain. So it's been a mess.

I go for a 2nd 2nd opinion Sounds crazy. But yes the doc I will be going to see I have already seen before revision.

I've had 4 months of Pt nothing changes. Just Worse. So I'm going to a different state to see this doc. It's not to far from me. But it need to be don'e. I need my life back...

Move side to side can fill it moving.

Walk extreme pain down shin and on knee and behind knee down leg

Walk can fill implant at bottom of knee.

Knee cap burn often and there sore places

I have nots on scar.

I have developed celitious.

Can't sleep with out ache and leg jump

Can't walk with out pain.

So I have been so depressed. Any ideas how to help till 23rd when I see the other doc.

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    Lots of ice. Take pain relief and anti inflammatory regularly. Drink lots of water. Walk with crutches for now. Get posture correct. Don't overdo the Physio just stick to a daily routine which includes rest and elevation Hard to be positive when in pain so that's the key. Ask for scan to check alignment but remember the knee can take six months to heal or even longer. Be kind to yourself. I am almost six months and still get soreness and stiffness but feeling much better than I did at your stage - for some of us it's a slow process and patience is needed. The second opinion will hopefully reassure you but help yourself in the meantime.
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      Thanks. I'm done with pt. I use crutches. Take tylonal and ice.

      I know it's 6 months. But there is a bad pop and lock. It's not suppose to be there. Best reguards.

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    I agree with  what Caroline46398 has said.

    also be very careful about adding another surgery to your knee without a very good reason to do it, as you could just end up in more trouble than you are now....if there is nothing conclusive as to why you have these issues.

    wishing you luck.

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      Thank you. It's all a mess. Sometimes we don't know what to expect. I don't want to face another sugury. But I can't live like this. Xxxx
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    I'm so sorry for you, and I have to say concerned , I had pk 10weeks ago, and am having other one done, next tues 21 , will no if tkr or pkr when I come round, but with the one already done, I still have pain, can't go down stairs properly, but when on bike 8 minutes is plenty, as it hurts and clicks on knee cap, or under it, I'm not sure which, but I an concerned that it should have been tkr instead. Ode hate to have to go through all this again next year. The surgeon was very reluctant to do full knee if he thought he could get away with it because I'm only 54, but I'd rather have 15/20 good years now, while I want to climb mountains than constant surgery, cause he didn't want to do it , "just in case". Do you think it sounds like I could be heading down your road?
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      Yes I do. I was same way. And had to get convert. Was a nightmare and still is.

      I can't walk up down steps properly. Pop and clicks even with 2nd one.

      Was told by new OS that the Pop can cause more damage. But I don't know. I have had a lot of issues since partial and more since revision..

      There is prob other oeople who has partial and made it. Just some people don't take them well. There is Pep that have success. Good luck to you...

      Please don't let it go to long.

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    So you had TKR in March?

    This is still very early days.

    I had TKR 3 years ago and it was certainly worse before it was better.

    They said to me it would be about a year before I started feelilng the benefits of the operation.

    It is a long hard road but 3 years down the line I can honestly say it is well worth it in the end.

    Take care and keep in touch

    Love Sarah xxx

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      I had a partial dec 1. Had lots complications and well had get reverted to total in March. So still having some complications. Can't walk with out pain. And knee locks. Can't sleep and it pops bad. Xxx
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    Hello Sonnysgirl - you & I seem to be living the TKR nightmare. My TKR was Oct 2014, you've probably seen the posts I have left too! I had my 2nd opinion way back in April. Since then I have seen the new guy only twice. Because of the malalignment, it was agreed the only way forward was a revision. Because it was not life threatening, I am on a long waiting list. Last night, at 3am, I was at my wits end - so in my eyes - it IS life threatening! I too have large pockets of goodness knows what - they are not hot, but visible lumps. He said I would go into theatre for an aspiration, to make sure there was no infection, but I still haven't had the apointment come through for that. I can't plan holidays, having my 2 young grandkids to stay is a nightmare as I'm exhausted after a few hours. All in all, I wish it was last October, & I could walk away & say "don't do it". Like you, I can feel the implant, proably becuse it is 6mm over to the RHS, like youI can't walk without pain. It's all very well nice-minded people putting on here "it takes a year" - but for those of us that are walking around with BAD implants, in my case actually waiting for a second surgeon to put it right, it's not what you want to hear. Good luck with your 3rd opinion - I certainly wouldn't want my 1st surgeon to come anywhere near my knee!
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      Thanks a lot. I don't often get on here but I will look at your posts..

      This is all a nightmare and I just can't stand it no more. I can't walk with out pain. But I olny take tylonal. Cause Meds make me sick.

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      oh veronica i didnt know you had to go on a waiting list its a joke  to expect you to wait as it is life changing and is an emergency in my opinion i hope your not too long waiting and your right i wouldnt let my 1st surgeon anywhere near me.as a matter of fact i wouldnt let him near my dog .
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      I'm begining to despair Linda. I really think I will need all the pre-op tests doing again. I see my own GP every 4 weeks for high BP problems (is there any wonder!!) so next week, I am going to tell him I am at my wits end, that I'm thinking horrible thoughts etc, so maybe he can get me pushed up the list a little. As soon as I have a date, even for just the aspirations - I'll let you know!
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      ive been there with those thoughts when i was in your position try to keep thinking i am going to be done what ever it takes   il be thinking of you x
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    hi sonnys girl i feel for you when no one listens pt is supposed to be the answer to all our problems its like they are telling you your not doing what your told so get the pt to push you i was in that position pt pushing me hard for months it was a waste of time and pain was worse the only answer is a revision and i wanted it !!! its my body and i know how i feel your right do it and suceed you deserve a life .as for jumping leg i never suffered much from that just the odd time and its not nice my sister suffers alot with jumping legs and her doctor was able to help with meds  worth checking out  walking is another matter i struggled before the revision to walk but you need to keep up the excersises for quads as it will help after mine were asleep after op and its been hard to build up even though i did as much as i could before       the 23rd is not so far away (i know it seems for ever in pain) get sleeping tablets for short time as antidepressents no good if your going to have op soon  .good luck to you

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