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August 9th of this yr...i went away on vacation with my boyfriend and his family. While walking around i would become lightheaded and sometimes dizzy. As soon as we returned home a wk later I became sick with a head cold, that turned into a sinus infection. And that lasted about a month, till the Dr's finally put me on a strong steroid. My ears were clogged, and continued for a while. I took the advise of my aunt, and took a mixture of medications...and that helped unclog my ears. However it did not work forever. During this time, my left calf began to tingle...and the Drs said it was my sciatic nerve. I also went an entire month with blurry vision, and a migraine. A lot of pressure in my head, and ears.

They put me on migraine meds, and that helped...however my heart rate became elivated and my BP will go up. After my 3rd trip to the er...they now have put me on a beta blocker. That when I walk my heart rate will go up...and so will my BP. Even walking up the stairs will cause this. It is a struggle to get out of bed every day. When my BP and heart rate is elivated...i will also get tingling in my stomach, chest, both arms, and face sometimes.

The Dr's dont know what is causing this, and I have had so many tests. I also still have the blurey vision, and a "rash" that I have had for a while.

What it is not-

My heart is apparently fine

My lungs clear

Thyroid checked

Not diabetic

Not lymes

My blood work says I am fine...

Triglyseroids were a little high on lipid panel. (But apparently a beta blocker can make them go up some)

The last time My BP was 146/98 my ears felt clogged again. (They stopped when They put me on the beta blocker)

Can anyone offer any help, any thoughts, my Dr is getting getting no where.

Please....someone help me.

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    NickanNick....First of all, beta blockers do not increase the heart rate, they DECREASE it, thereby lowering bp.

    From what you describe, it seems as though that nasty infection you had has done some damage. Oh how I know what it's like to be ill, yet all the bloodwork comes back just fine.

    If you are having tingling in your legs, that to me sounds like nerves. The siatc nerve usually will send a searing pain down the leg, but this is not what you describe. You are experiencing terrible headaches. Headaches are neurological as well. I would suggest you ask your Dr. to have an MRI performed, not just of the lumbar, & cervical spines, but also the brain. He/she may ask you 'why'...& you can simply explain that you know the tingling in the legs is nerves, & the headaches are also neurological. Why f**k around with this stuff???

    Please let us know how you get on.

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      Yes, I am aware they lower the heart rate... where did I say otherwise? I must have misspoke. I was not meaning they increase the heart rate. Please tell me where you're confused.

      With my sciatic nerve, I see a chiropractor, and there was one day the pains were shooting down into my bottom.

      Yes, I do tend to agree with you. I think the infection I had did some damage. But I'm wondering if it could still be. Could it be hanging somewhere, and we don't know it.

      I even let them do a spinal tap... that was the worst thing ever. The pain after was horrid.

      I apologize if I misspoke I just really want to figure out what is wrong with me.

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    I can't advise re most of this but have a very effective suggestion for the sinus problems which has worked in my family very well.  It sounds very strange but honestly it did work.  You begin with an apple fast - nothing but apples and apple juice for three days. (I seem to remember it was about 10 lbs of apples altogether - not as scary as it sounds when you actually do it) You can have th apples raw or cooked - baked is nicest, about 3-4 mins in the microwave - core them first. Bramley apples are best for baking. You can drink as much pure apple juice as you like.

    When you return to normal diet cut out all dairy products until you are clear again.

    The beauty of this treatment (given to my son by a very respected herbalist) is that it is totally drug free and very effective - can't be bad!

    If the catarrh should return just cut out dairy again before it gets bad and that should clear it.

    Worry makes things like BP worse and helps nothing so to try to relax and do slow deep breathing or even meditation - sounds trite but that works too. (...and I should know...)


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    No, you did not say otherwise with regard to the beta blocker lowering the heartbeat, but you DID say your heartbeats faster when walking. In any case that I'm aware of, the beta blocker stops this from happening, which is 

    why patients who are having cardiac testing are asked to stop the beta blocker a day or so prior to the testing, because the beta blocker will slow the heart, thereby not allowing the patient to do what would normally happen.

    Would you please explain WHY a spinal tap was done???? What were they looking for??? Here in Canada, a spinal tap isn't usually done unless they're looking for some sort of elevated chemical in the body which may indicate ALS, MS..all that stuff. Bloodwork alone won't indicate that. MRI's give a good picture of what's going on in the spine(s) & brain. It can pick up abnormalities, tumours, etc.etc. 

    sue 42907 is absolutely right. Worrying about the bp does nothing but cause it to rise, which isn't something you want. It's easier said than done at times, but one must be absolutely diligent in trying not to worry. BP fluctuates throughout the day. In fact, it can change in a matter of moments, & a lot of people don't realise this, or they tend to forget it when doing the monitoring. It can be say, 150/75 one minute, then 140/80 the next. You get the idea.

    It's the AVERAGE doctors look for, yet when in the office, they give you just one reading..go figure.

    Relax..try to de-stress as much as you can. Oh how well I know what it's like to be ill, yet they can't find out 'why'., or they blame it on what's going on in the spine if something shows.

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      Oh I see,

      Ok...so anything that I do that is not laying down or sitting makes my heart beet faster. I am also getting shortness or breath. (Since being oin the beta blocker) I feel like an 80 yr old woman...and I am only 34. (No offence to anyone) I do also have anxiety...and that really doesn't help the situation.

      Half of me feels like did me get sick send me into a downward spiral of panick...and these symptoms are all for to anxiety? Today i am in bed, home from work because i think symptoms from the meds are starting to happen. (Worst blurry vision, i can't walk places w/o shortness of breath, and dizziness) Thank goodness i am able to work from home.

      Idk what is, and what isn't anymore.

      I think i need to get off this med... it's only a baindaid.

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      Hello again...whenever we attempt to walk, run, etc.etc...yes our heart tries to beat faster to accomodate the motion of the body. If it didn't, we'd likely faint or whatever. IF you were to run, or even do a treadmill exercise, you would find that you can only do so much...& your chest would feel a bit tight BECAUSE OF THE BETA BLOCKER. You're right...anxiety doesn't help the situation, in fact, anxiety does more harm than people realise. 

      You have blurry vision...shortness of breath,,, AND dizziness. IF in fact those are side effects of the Metropolol, this must be reported to your doctor IMMEDIATELY, or attend the ER. 

      Admittedly, I'd be worried too if suddenly I had blurry vision, shortness of breath, & dizziness. The dizziness is a recipe for a fall, not what you want. Blurry vision isn't great either because 1) we can't see as well as we normally would, & it could cause misjudgement resulting in a fall 2) this is serious.

      I don't sit on my butt anymore when it comes to needing things done medically. I'm either on the phone to the Dr's receptionist setting up an appointment, & when I get there, I am very specific in what's going on. I have an excellent rapport with my Dr., not something a lot of people have in this day & age. He doesnt make a patient feel rushed, nor is he looking at his watch to ensure you're only with him for 15min. He's from the old school that way., AND he's not focusing on the computer giving one the impression he's not listening. Again, not like most doctors these days. 

      Truly you must demand attention to this...but NOT take yourself off the meds. If your doctor doesn't appear to be listening to your problems regarding this medication & if anything should go sideways (hopefully it will not), then he could be held responsible.

      Good luck.

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      When I walk...that is when I get shortness of breath and have that tightness in my chest you're talking about. Today my BP is rather low...and I already have a call into my Dr.

      Yes, I have the blurry vision...and it is worst than when I have a migraine.

      When I walk and my BP goes up...i also get supper shaky afterwords. And that will last for hours.

      I am starting to wonder if this is all because of migraines.

      Along with my call into my dr...i have 2 Dr's apt on Wed. So I am hopeful we can figure this out soon.

      Oh and in a prior comment, yyou asked why they did a spinal tap...i have no idea. The ER did it...and I didn't know to not let them do it. Biggest regret...the pain...was so bad I almost passed out.

      Maybe it's just migraines and anxiety. Idk....but I need to get off this med.

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    NickanNick, if your BP is still that high it should be addressed, might help with a number of your symptoms.  If your pulse rate is still going up that quickly it sounds like the beta blocker you're on is not doing its job.  Which drug is it, at what dose?  Maybe you should try a different one.

    ?When I take a full dose of my BP it locks down my pulse rate very effectively.  Too effectively, I really don't like it, and have been taking a tiny dose instead, with approval of my doctor.

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