I'm constantly worrying about my health.

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Hello, my name is Lauren. I'm 19 turning 20 in November. I have a problem where I'm constantly worrying about my health and something bad happening to me. A little backgroud on me, I've never really had anxiety before well not this extreme anyway just anxious about a presentation or talking to new people. Last month I experienced my first heart palputaion along with extreme dizziness I went to the urgent care and was having an anxiety attack. Never had one before so it freaked me out big time. Ever since then I feel like I have something seriously wrong with me. Just this week I went to the urgent care again because I was having really bad stomach pain the lady proceeded to tell me I had the stomach flu. To this day I don't think she diagnosed me right. Especialy since I've accumulated more symptoms. 

-shortness of breath

-abdominal pain


-dry mouth

-shaky hands

-having to pee a lot more than usual

-lower back pain

-fast heart beat

Just to name a few. I hate googling my symptoms because it always makes me believe I have a serious health problem and stresses me out. But it's like I can't stop researching. The more I do the more I get anxious. Latley I feel a lot safer when I'm closer to the hospital or urgent care because I feel like I'm going to have a problem and not be able to get help if I'm far away. I try my best to keep myself calm but I keep working myself up. 

Anyways thank you for reading. I hope someone can help ease my mind or understand what I'm going through. I feel like I'm losing it. sad

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    This is 100% me. I can't even go on vacation cause I'm worried something will happen to me. I always think I have a disease doctors can't find and I hate it. Don't google symptoms. Google will always lead you to worse diseases ever. If doctors say you are healthy, then you are. I've gotten better with my anxiety by distracting myself. You should do the same and find a new hobby to entertain yourself with.
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      I'm the same way. I'm thankful I work for my local hospital. I work for the doctors in the clinics and if I ever have a problem I can just ask them since I've got to know a few of them. I have tried to stop googling my stuff because all it mostly say is horrible stuff when I know I have horrible anxiety. Have you talked to your doctor about it?
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    Anxiety can have some strange symptoms! Everybody's body reacts differently to anxiety. A lot of those symptoms to me sound like anxiety, accept the peeing frequently...I get reoccurring UTIs a lot and if you're peeing a lot/burning/lower back pain (kidneys) I would go to the doctor and tell him that. I've had them get so bad they travel through the ureters and into the kidneys. The other symptoms sound like typical anxiety! I have stomach pains and cramps, almost like a nervous stomach. Try relaxing techniques or exercising.
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    I know exactly how u feel!!!I don't want to go far anywhere cause I feel more safe close to my house and Closer to where I know I can get help!!all of those symptoms sound like anxiety....been there,done that!!!!I'm 32...I started getting this 4 years ago,I got on med.for 4 years,then came off of it this past may,but had to get back on it three weeks ago cause my anxiety came back!!!I'm constantly worried about my health and my children!! I have been to er so many times thinking something else was wrong with me,but they all say it's just my anxiety!!sometimes I don't even believe them,which I should...they r professionals!!I had an anxiety attack earlier and told my husband I needed to go back to the er just to make sure again that I was fine!!so I went,and everything was good....when u have anxiety,it's hard to believe what the doctors tell u cause ur constantly worried that something may happen to u!!I know I'm healthy,but that anxiety doesn't let u believe it...I feel better knowing that another doctor told me I was fine!!!u may want to talk to ur doctor about giving u a med.for ur anxiety...just to help u out a lil!! Good luck and hang in there...u are not alone!!
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    Hi Lauren,

    I was the same at your'e age. Now I'm quite a bit older, and have had a few health issues, - nothing really serious pleased to say, but real mental health problems, which I am still getting to grips with.

    I also suffered bad panic attacks. It is just panic, really.

    Googling symptoms does make you believe you have something really awful. I was doing this alot earlier this year, and thought I had cancer, heart disease, thyroid disease, early onset Alzheimers, brain tumor/haemorrhage - arthritis - the list goes on.   Alot of people who I have met through the mental health services say - just dont google things like that if you are a worrier, - a really bad idea, it'll just you worse.  

    A change in your life or a focus on something you are really interested in will help. I dont know if you can change your circumstances.  I suffered from bad IBS for a few years, then suddently I had the opportunity to live and work on the other side of the world. I took it, and had an amazing, exciting time, and my IBS vanished. All sorts of foods which I couldnt eat before, I could eat and enjoy and didnt give me any symptoms. I was trying everything including really spicy foods - it was great.  I have some IBS since then, but it does show that alot of how you feel is psychological.

    If you have been checked out and are Ok, try to get some counselling, - if not get some tests done, and then some counselling. Lots of Luck.


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