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I'm detoxing from Morphime Sulfate. Any advice on help for withdrawal symptoms?

Since beginning of March I have been on a mostly dailey dose of 200MG of Morphine Sulfate 25mg. Taking up to 8 sometimes 9 pills a day. I am not prescribed it I had purchased illegally. Let's just say I've been through numerous traumatic experiences through out my short life. I'm 19 years old and on May 9th around 7am I had my last dose. I'm currently suffering horrible effects and any advice would be most helpful. It's been almost 48 hours since my last dose. Please help. I have been using Valium 10mg 4 doses a day and regular extra strength Tylenol it has been helping for the most part but I still feel the terrible effects. I do not intend to continue my opiate use and I refuse to take any drugs containing any opiate derivatives. Advice would be most appreciated.

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  • shay77444

    Hi there.

    Firstly well done for taking some positive action.

    I would recommend you try to get hold of some Gabapentin - from whatever source and see hoe you get one with that.

    for me it worked. You may start to enjoy the Gaba but at least you've moved forwards.

    Let me know how you get on and don't quit. you're doing fantastic.


  • shay77444

    Hi there, I also applaud your decision to take action and and actually stopping your use of the morphine.

    I also agree about getting some gabapentin. I currently am on Suboxone. Almost a year ago I was on 95mgs of methadone. I was on it through a methadone clinic. I was doing very well but for a while I had Medicaid which paid for the clinic. I later had an insurance change to Medicare which doesn't cover the clinic but does cover Suboxone. So I decided to make the switch. I was weaned down to 30 mgs in one week, started on a Monday and reached 30 on that Thursday. Then I had to go 3 days with no opioids at all. The following Monday I was inducted on Suboxone. During those 3 days I took a lot of Gabapentin.

    Making the switch was the hardest thing I've ever done, physically and mentally.

    I don't think I would have made it with out the Gabapentin.

    FIND SOME as quickly as you can. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Gabby's can literally be the one thing that can help you enough so that you'll make it through this unpleasant time in your life.

  • shay77444

    Hi Shay , i feel for you mate as i went thru terrible Withdrawals from Morphine Sulphate afew years ago. I hava Internal Morphine Pump inserted in my Stomach and has a 90cm Catherda Tube which is looped round and inserted in the Intrafecal Lumber L2 level. The Pump has a computer and is filled up and programed dosage and it runs on a continuous trickle and topped up every 5-6wks . Unfortunately my Drs got it wrong once the Alarm in the Pump was going off every 10mins or so and i rang Hospital where i have Pump topped up an they said not to worry i have enough in the Pump for 10days. Well they got it wrong and the Pump was actually empty. I went thru unbelievable Withdrawals in 2days I'd lost 10kg and was in terrible pain Vommitting, Diarrhea an couldn't sleep. I couldnt put anything in my mouth it was so vile i also had terrible electrical burning sensation when i breathe. Anyway after 5days and like a skeleton i was addmitted to Hospital where Drs knew i was in Withdrawals and in Respiratory Depressin. They Pumped me with Morphine injections and other drugs. They never stopped apologising to but i was very lucky to be alive. Anyway i know how you feel mate and i just want to wish you all the very best and seek Medical advice if you have to. Sorry for the ramble but look after your self mate. Take care Lloyd from Oz

  • shay77444

    As the others have said, we all can understand what you are going through.  You can be very proud of yourself for making the decision to stop taking the Morphine.  Stay strong with that commitment.  You will get through it and life is SO much better when you aren't addicted.  Being addicted to Morphine or similar drugs is a miserable way to live, but its HELL to stop taking.  It sounds like you were only on Morphine for several months, which is a good thing.  Some people use for years before they try and get off.  I was addicted to pain medication for 4 to 5 years before I successfully got off of them.  I lived my life from one pill dose to the other, always checking the clock to see if it was time to take another pill (or 8 or 9).  I was taking 8 to 10 pills at a time so it was very hard to detox.  Your post spoke to me because I started self-medicating after several traumatic experiences and the death of family and friends in a short period of time also.  It through me over the edge.  It was a great way to dull the pain until I finally woke up and realized I wanted to live and I needed to quit taking the pills.  You are fortunate that you have realized that sooner and have not gotten yourself in trouble legally.  If you had continued, you would have found out that you will do anything to get the meds just to keep from detoxing.  ANYWAY, thank God you have made the commitment to stop.  My honest suggestion would be to find a professional (physician) who will work with you.  Many hear the word addition and shut off a patient, but there are many addiction treatment doctors that will help you through this.  If you are in the middle of bad withdrawals, I understand you cannot function and finding the right physician to help seems almost impossible.  I was actually scared I would not make it, so I ended up having to go to a hospital emergency room.  I felt the same as you do, I was NOT going to take another single dose of pain med, I was sick of it and totally committed to stop.  However, the fist doctor I saw in the ER told me that I had been on the medication for so long and at such a high dose, it was too dangerous for me just to stop. He put me in touch with an addiction treatment physician that helped me quit gradually over a couple of weeks, gave me other medications to relieve side effects and also told me where to go for counseling so I would not end up in the same situation again.  I was drug free in about a month but still had the constant urge to take a pill.  It took a lot longer to get over the mental addition.  In the beginning I had terrible withdrawals and it helped so much to have a professional that I could get help from.  The problem with doing it on your own is you are literally self-medicating to stop self-medicating.  Getting off the Morphine could lead to just getting addicted to something else if you don't get your head in the right place.  I understand everyone is different and this was just my experience.  I hope it helps you in some way.  At least you know there are others out there who have gone through it.  I have been drug free for over 10 years now.  I have a healthy respect for medicine and have learned that a little pain is a good thing and I got over the desire to reach for a pill every time I had a pain. (mental or physical) I wish the best of success for you.  Please take care of yourself.

  • Thank you all so much I'm grateful for all your help. In still currently suffering but with the help of valium and cannabis I have been able to manage I'm now 60 hours into opiate free detox and it's manageable throughout the day but at night it's unbearable. Thank you all for your help.

  • shay77444

    Hi Shay, if you have gone until today(13 May) w/o taking ANY Morphine, your symptoms should be improving(it can be risky to go from high dose narcotics cold turkey) an addiction facility(in person, online with chat or phone in) or Dr./Nurse Practitioner may be a better help than a blog but, I understand legal issues may be at play(and methadone & etc are also addictive)...Valium is a Benzodiazepine and is addictive, some Drs say its WORSE than narcotics to quit(so you need to be cautious of just switching addictions) use as low a dose as possible for WD symptoms & stop it as well ASAP...(you may have to do a bit of research for meds available where you are)there are meds OTC for your IMMEDIATE symptoms...nausea/vomiting/cramps(Gravol/Dimenhydrinate)for aches & pains(an ibuprofen or naproxen(taken with food) may help better than tylenol, meds that can slow MOTILITY to help with diarrhea/cramps(Buscopan/Hycoscine Butylbromide)...try cold/warm packs, be sure to drink fluids so you dont get dehydrated, you also need to get calories & vitamins, for the time of ACUTE symptoms dont worry about WHAT youre eating & drinking(other than needing it to stay alive)...getting it IN & KEEPING it there is more important(the first two weeks APPROX depending on person, OTHER factors)self care seems like the last thing you want to do but wash up, brush teeth & etc..listen to music, deep breathing, distraction....These things can help with OTHER symptoms, take things a day, an hour at a time...ASAP get into a routine w/ regular sleep hours, eating, working, school, hobbies, sleep & are very young, I have had trauma in my life too, sometimes it helps to talk to someone(a professional can help you understand addiction & help you cope with trauma) if you go it alone...REMEMBER: You dont have to let your past ruiñ your future, EVERYBODY deserves love, happiness & to have goals & dreams that YOU can make happen...Best Wishes to you, I hope this helps💟💙

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