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Opiates And Opioids

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  • Carolineq8 4

    Rhomboid and trapezius muscle back spasm

    Hi guys sorry but I'm back again, had the worst weekend, woke up sumday morning and my rhomboid and trapezius muscles had gone into spasm omg it was excruciating, took 15 mg diazapam and 100 mg Celebrex, this was after a few days of upper back burning pain which I suffer almost constantly but this

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  • ian68673 2

    Day 4 of Opiate withdrawal

    Hi I have been battling a codeine addiction for about 5 years now and have posted about it somewhere in this forum. I recently was on a taper plan with my GP and doing OK apart from some nasty symptoms (RLS, Insomnia, Aniexty). Earlier this week something occured which meant I was forced to go

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  • AMK88 2

    Unexpected codeine withdrawals - please need some advice

    Hi all I have been using codeine for the last 2 years which started out innocently enough being prescribed by my GP for an injury. However slowly but surely I became more and more dependent on the drug and without really even realising it I am now taking huge doses each day, mainly before bed and

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  • littleluna 1

    Taking 200mg Oxycontin and trying to cut down

    I have a chronis condition with my bladder called interstitial Cystitis. I have surgery on my bladder every 4-6 weeks, I have poly cystic ovaries and awaiting surgery for a pretty big cyst, and finally I had reptured bowels during a C section and ended up in intensive care for a fortnight and out

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  • Tuppence3008 2
  • eunice42724 2

    BuTrans Patches - side effects - thinking of stopping taking them

    I've been on BuTrans patches for 12 months for pain relief for my hip.  I should have had a hip replacement on 30 July 2014 but had 4th heart attack on 16 July 2014 so obviously the operation was cancelled. (I fractured my hip 28 years ago in a horse riding accident and have managed without a

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  • Just-lou 2

    Possible in-patient stay at an addiction ward. What to expect?

    WARNING!! VERY LONG STORY AHEAD. BEFODE YOU READ IT, GO MAKE YOURSELF A CUPPA AND THEN PLEASE PLEASE HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! Hi folks. I came across this forum earlier and after reading through, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm 37yrs old and my affair with morphine sulphate began around 2009

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  • juliescottie 2

    reduce OxyContin

    I have been taking OxyContin for many years current dose 360 per day slow release, I was taking 860mg of MST slow before this the pain clinic would like me to reduce at his down I have tried in the past bust not succeeding, the pain clinic want to put me on  sufentanil but that's used for full blow

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  • kellyh88 1

    Side effects from naproxen or codeine?

    I have achilles tendonitis and have been on naproxen for a week, I needed some pain killers due to the pain and the doctor prescribed me codeine, I took it yesterday for the first time and I couldn't sleep at all due to a constant stomach pain, with sharp stabbing pains and feeling slightly sick.

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  • ian68673 2

    Need help/Advice regarding withdrawing from Codeine

    Hi All Ok so 3 and half years ago I was in a car accident and suffered from a bulging disc and whiplash, the Doctors put me straight onto Codeine Phosphate 30mg x 2 four times a day. I had them on repeat prescription and was never questioned when I ordered them. So basically I am addicted to them

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  • natasha79413 2

    Help with reducing oxycodone dosage

    My husband was told at a pain management appointment that the level of oxycodone that he was taking was high and that he was a long term health risk.  How can he cut down when he has severe back pain?

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  • Dom05879 2

    Addicted to Codeine / Dihydrocodeine

    Hi all, This post is really just so I can make a statement about my addiction and I hope that this will help me in beating it. I'm also a recovering alcoholic, and have been doing well with my recovery, I only drank on 5 occasions last year and have been sober all through 2017, so on that side of

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  • Karm1 2

    Butrans on/ off two years for back pain

    hi all.  Just need some have 3 herniated discs in my lower back, I've had epidurals and nerve blocks and due 10 facet joint injections in April. Inbetween all of this I've been on Butrans.  Started on 5mcg and for a long time I was in love with these things!  Had my life back. After a

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  • Patio123 1

    Weight questiony

    Hi.  I have used opioids for 5 years now and have tapered off and stopped for the last time.  They just don't do anything for me anymore.  In the beginning I went from a size 12 to almost a 4.  This past year I have been taking them less often and smaller amounts than I did before.  I am now in a

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  • ken50138 2

    Help with imminent withdrawal from pain medication

    Hello I have been on 20 mg of oxycodone for over 18 months for siatica before I was switched to oxycodone I was taking 10 mg of oxymophone for about a year both 4 times a day, I am planning on moving across the country soon and know getting back on the regimen again will take time and I will be

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  • rob53972 2

    Getting back to normal.

    Hi Does anyone have any ideas of how or if you can get back to yourself. After taking tremadol for a number of years. I've been on it for 6 years. 6 tablets a day. Or does it damage us to no return. Many thanks rob

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  • Bro50 2

    Weaning off codeine

    This is my first time talking about it. For 2 years I've been taking codeine in the form of nurofen plus, solpadene max and cocodamol 30/500 when the doc prescribes it. I'm a recovering alcoholic and have been sober for 5 and a half years. After I stopped drinking I wouldn't touch anything

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  • JaydJames91 2

    Codeine addiction...and how to kick it.

    Hello, My name is Jayd and i am 24 years old. I have been a codeine addict for the best part of 3 years now. I am now in my 3rd month of being codeine free and i cannot begin to explain how amazing i feel. You read forums and horror stories about how horrible it is and difficult to come off

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  • suz67512 2

    Admitted All to GP - Beginning Taper - Dihydrocodeine

    Seeking fellow members who have finally had enough of Opioids and whom are willing to support one another during the long road Almost 6yrs I have been dependent for. Started with sciatica and a few other problems, ending with a rather nasty dependencey. I am deeply ashamed and feel

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  • brianthesnail 3

    Methadone Reduction ..4ml To Nothing

    Hi guys  Heres my story ... ive been on 30ml (avg) of methadone ( bought on the street ) for approx 8 years however after a recent ilness i decided to become clean ive reduced myself from 30ml to 4ml allthough this was tough at times ( anger issues,paranoid ) ive managed to get to

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  • nancy94758 3
  • Raja1972 1


    Hi I would like to hear from anybody taking slow release tapentadol for facet joint lower back pain I also take 30/500 cocodamol six per day and diazepam at night. I know it's chronic but how do other people cope long term than you

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  • charlotte030192 1

    Co-codamol addiction, pregnant, cold turkey

    I have been taking Co-codamol 30/500mg for over a year for back pain relief. I found out I was pregnant around 3 months ago and the doctor was still prescribing me co-codamol with no questions asked. I was taking 8 tablets a day beforehand so when I found out I was pregnant I was only taking 3

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  • absjbs 3

    Dependency escalating

    Hi all I suffer from bad anxiety and have been waiting to start a new job for the last month. Ive been so anxious waiting to start that ive been taking nurofen plus because of how relaxed they make me feel. Prior to this i used to take a few cocodamol every now and then if i felt stressed, but for

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  • jane2017 1

    Can't afford

    Can anyone help with a good substitute for Buttans patch. I've been using the patch for 2 years and it's perfect, but I just can't afford it anymore.

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  • skfbfkd96005 1

    Stopping cocodamol

    I have been on cocodamol 30/500s for 2 years thar the doctors prescribed for me as I hurt my back and have had xrays mri physio and they cant see any damage. My job involves me on my feet 9 hours a day and i really do feel in constant pain. But i need off these drugs. I take 6 to 8 a day and i feel

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  • xnicolaxo 1

    Co Codamol addiction

    Hello,  I don't think I will get very far with feedback on this subject, but I read so many of the stories on here and it helps me so much that i thought writing down how I feel may help my recovery? I was addicted to codeine phosphate 30mgs for about a year, it started off as a desperate attempt

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  • karen_1 1

    Butrans 10mg

    Would anybody be able to help me with this question please? I have been using butrans patches for approx 6 weeks, I started off on the 5mg patch for the first 4 days then went to the 10mg patch for the next 7. The first couple of weeks on the 10mg was fine, but recently they have started to itch

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  • dawn82680 3

    Zapain painkillers

    I have been on co codomal painkillers for quite a while and as i suffer with severe lower back pain they were a life saver. The painkillers didnt stop the pain but helped reduce it, recently ordered my new prescription and was given Zapain which do not work at all. The pain in my back is

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  • sachin09750 1

    Codiene Withdrawal issues

    Hi all, I am addicted to codiene based cough syrup (corex, rexcof) available in India. Though the medicines are banned, I some how managed to get it. I usually take around 3 bottle of syrup. Now I have finally decided to quit and having issue with the same. Day 1 - I was not able to work and

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  • Carolineq8 4

    Celecoxib 100mg ?

    I was wandering if anyone has any advice on these nsaids, can't take ibuprofen, naproxen have stopped working so now been given these about a week ago, was wanting to know how long it takes for them to work and what side effects I need to watch for, thank you

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  • braley 1

    I really need some advice ASAP

    I have a question. I have severe lower back pain, chronic knee pain, and neck pain. I've only been diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease. My primary dr had me on 7.5 Lortab 3-4 times a day, but he wanted a pain management dr to take over my pain meds. So now My current pain management dr is

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  • corey55111 2
  • Cherekee2003 1

    So much pain.

    I have pain in middle an lower back, have a pain simulator but only I lead works two there r pinched, pain is killing my whole back running down both legs, can't sleep on left leg at all so painful. Had bad knee replacement on left knee never healed so painful. Pain management dropped me cause I can'

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  • maria67726 1

    Drs over prescribed oramorph

    it has just come to attention that a dr has been given me the wrong dosage of oramorph which I have been receiving on repeat prescription for about 8 months. I've been taking morphine for approx 3 years but 8 months ago they changed to a sugar free one but the dosage was incorrect. A pharmacist has

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