Wife is in Detox. How to help when she gets home.

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My wife is currently in a detox center to help her with her withdrawals and get off the pills. She has been on Oxy for close to 3-4 years and at the end was taking about 8-9 30mg pills per day. I am super proud of her at taking the step to get clean. I know it was tough for her. She wanted to get off them and this was the only way. 

What can I expect for her when she gets out in 3-4 days. I know she has some hidden money issues that she has taken on credit cards to support her habit. Do we just sit down and discuss everything and that I know what things she has hidden? How do I help her stay clean off of these? I think the biggest issue will be her mental state. We also have a 2 year old so want to make sure she is stable as I got back to work. 

Thanks in advance. 

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    Hi again Yadeed.

    I know I messaged you briefly before regarding breastfeeding.

    I'm not sure to be honest as I didn't go to a detox center to help me.

    I was on 1500mgs per day of Oxycontin when I decided enough was enough & I just wanted my life back.

    I changed Dr's and was put on a taper program. I was doing fine till I got down to 320mgs per day, that's when I hit a brick wall, I was suicidal, didn't wanna go out, see anyone etc etc.

    But, I was put on methadone to help the withdrawals, 115mgs per day, that was in August 2016, I'm now down to 25mgs per day of methadone & hoping to be completely free of it by Christmas.

    I'm really sorry that I can't advise what to expect, just that I know what a drug Oxycontin is.

    It is Heroin.

    Perdue Pharma, who manufacture Oxycodone & Oxycontin have been found over 700 million dollars to date by certain states in the USA for basically lying about its addictiveness, their sales reps were even on a 250k bonus for selling this stuff to Dr's etc.

    Just Google it or look it up on YouTube, there is so much about it.

    Yadeed, I would be dead now if I decided to carry on with it, I know that now.

    Since stopping the Oxycontin, I've been diagnosed with several health problems.

    Zero testosterone, so I've had to have hormone injections for that!!

    My memory is totally knackered, I can remember things from years ago but, short term, forget it, (pardon the pun!!!)

    Severe mixed slepp apnoea, opiates depress your breathing, after being tested, I would stop breathing 80x per hour when I slept, so I have an ASV CPAP machine that I have to wear every night now.

    I've just been diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficiency (which is what Heroin addicts get), also Pernicicious Anemia which is part of the B12 deficiency.

    This drug totally destroyed my life Yadeed, I even turned down morphine as I was frightened of becoming addicted, so they gave me this S**te, which is Heroin, I now know but didn't at the time over 4x stronger!!!!

    Your wife has done the right thing Yadeed for the sake of you & your baby & deserves great praise & support.

    I know it's very very hard for you, but it's also much harder for your wife but, she is doing what's right for your family.

    I suppose the best advice I can give you is to contact a drug charity called "Release" based in London, they helped me & if it wasn't for them believe me, I wouldn't be here right now, I owe them my life, they're really amazing & will help anyway they can with any questions you may have & it's all free, it won't cost you a single penny!! Please, pleade contact them Yadeed, I promise you, it will be the best phone call, email you will ever ever, ever make!! They even talk to your wife's Dr to explain exactly what this evil drug does to people who take it!!!

    This is there number, 02073242972 please, please ring them, any fears you have, they will help. The person that helped me was named Claire, I'm convinced she was an absolute Angel!!! Tell her Paul H sent you.

    Good luck Yadeed & God bless you, your wife & your child my friend.

    Take care


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    Why is my reply to Yadeed waiting to be moderated, yet again!!!?????

    Must be my favourite moderator back off their holidays & noticed Ritchie is trying to help someone again so they'll soon put a stop to it!!!!

    Why don't you grow up & let those of us who've been there & done it & come out the other end, help those who are asking & who are desperate for help!!!!

    You really are pathetic!!!!!

    All I'm trying to do is help this poor man & his family who are going through hell & asking for advice!!!

    I'm giving him advice as I've been there and got the teeshirt from something you lot obviously know Nothing about!!!!

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      That’s pretty funny!  Lol! You actually know the moderator?!  Anyway, She won’t be able to stay sober unless She is completely honest. Detoxing really should be followed by a good 30 day stay in rehab. She can start dealing with Her issues. It’s those shameful secrets to Us that keep Us using!  Learning how to make amends. Finding a Sponsor and above all else She needs to be number 1 for Herself. She can’t take care of Y’all unless She is Healthy. Find support group and counseling for the whole family sounds like it may be needed!  First time might not be the charm just wait for the miracle!  I gave up about 10 x before that miracle. I’m stilling with all the destruction I’ve caused but life is still much better sober!  Good luck! Prayers Reneer
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      I don't know the mod on here at all. Just so fed up with trying to help people who need help as I've been there & come out the other end.

      Just find it really odd how my replies always get moderated!!!


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      I just hope those secrets are not something that will hurt our family. I don’t think it was anything like an affair or anything but I know the drugs had a strong hold on her brain and body and so not sure what she did to get her pills. I have asked her a few times out just don’t get the straight answer. I am hopefull that when she comes home her mind is clear and she is able to tell me everything. I promised her I wouldn’t get mad and we would work together to get her the help and support she needs. I just don’t know how to move forward from this as it is a big deal in our lives and has distrupted our lives in a big way. We are a middle class family that is just trying to live life to the fullest. Newly married and newly parents and so don’t want this to be an issue for our entire life and ruin our life goals. 
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    Luckily I'm now very used to this site & their appaling moderator tactics, so I copied my reply to you & I will send it you via personal message.

    Just check your inbox Yadeed, my reply to your question will be there my friend. Take care, Ritchie

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