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Hi people!

So here's my story; I'm male in my 30's, had an accident 4-5 years ago. Slipped 5 discs (L1-L5)

Since then, I've been battling with hospitals, GP's, physio etc and my condition seems to be getting worse.

In the last 8 months, my condition took a turn for the worse, another MRI has shown that my S1 is now involved with discs still bulged (L4-L5).

I'm also awaiting my results on my last MRI from my pelvis and hip, which in my thoughts will be bad due the the crunching and chronic pain their giving me.

I'm currently getting prescribed for pain relief: oramorph (60ml daily), codeine (90mg daily).

(i used to get pregabalin 225mg- i asked to stop because they made me feel doped up and that affected my job).

Here's my problems(!): This is a lot of medication - and most days its not enough, some days not enough at all! I also have IBS, the oramorph seems not to agree with me.

Telling the above to my GP - is like banging my head on a brick wall. My GP suggests taking me off oramorph,which we've tried before with no avail, leaving me in chronic unmanageable pain.

I just dont know where to go from here...

Please help!!

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    EDIT: On xmas day, i ran out of oramorph, , so then ofcourse i'm left in complete agony. Luckily my partner was here, she called here mam (who suffers from osteoporosis) and I was given 2 tablets (oxycontin) to get me through then day. These helped, more than the oramorph.

    I've ofcourse told my GP about this. I got a strong feeling he was not impressed. I'm a very open and honest person.

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    I would ask my Dr. for some kind of sustained release morphine(starting at a really low dose, you're already getting morphine, but it wears off too soon) & the codeine isn't strong enough, it can also be hard on your bowels & belly, I would dump the codeine...SR works longer, is much better for chronic pain (anything oxy related will get you stoned & it would be hard to work & function normally, SR morphine may make you tired at first but will get better) If your Dr. is against this idea, ask to go to a pain clinic(they might suggest SR pain meds)....if they aren't suggesting a FIX for your back,, like surgery & etc..then they will have to treat your pain, you have a right to know what their long term treatment plan is...they might make you have strict rules regarding these meds, always do what they ask & take as prescribed...Best Wishes, with the Opioid crisis, Drs are reluctant to use stronger meds as pts suffer, stick with it, a pain clinic might help other aspects too...If you don't get help, ask for a 2nd opinion, see an orthopedic surgeon/dr...Take Care!! Wish I could do more, maybe its a start?!☮

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    Hello Marra. im very sorry to hear about your troubles, however 60mg of oromorph and 90mg codiene daily is not a lot and is certainly not adequate for your needs. i had abdominal surgery very recently and i was on a lot of pain relief including IV morphine and Fentanyl patches. They withdrew the IV morphine but i still had the patch for several weeks and i was allowed oromorph, as much as every 2 hours if i wanted. When i followed up with my GP she said oromorph is actually quite weak and put me on tablet morphine as well as increasing my gabapentin dose as by this point my patch had finished so i am getting pain. i would suggest you ask to see another doctor at the surgery and make a complaint. Your GP clearly thinks you are drug seeking so will never listen to you. Just be careful of using over the counter pain meds - I was using them and they caused me a burst gastric ulcer which almost killed me.

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    Get off the opiates NOW....they're a killer. I'm 69 yrs old and was on opiate pain meds for years. My body didn't like them but I didn't listen. The pain management doctor finally put me on Suboxone. That was my death sentence. It caused me panic attacks and even tho I've been off them for almost 2 years; I suffer panic attacks constantly. The opiates actually cause you more pain. Your brain demands higher doses of the opiates and you're so far in you can't get out. Try natural remedies. I found Ashwagandha and Gaba help. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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    Thanks for the reply guys I'm humbled.

    As far as drug seeking goes, I can understand that because everytime i'm in my condition is always pain related wanting something stronger to cover the pain, i shouldnt have to live like this... However, i told the doctor i wanted off pregabalin as it was affecting my concentration for my job. I had a really great highly paid management job. Now I'm studying for my Honours degree, and the oramorph makes me ill every damn morning. so putting that together, yeah i suppose thats how it looks , drug seeking. But shouldnt my medical records cover cover that? Their again, since i mentioned the oxycontin his attitude changed.

    Now i'm on that much morphine (what i thought) ReeRee94878 says i'm not on that much. Now not knowing much about meds i thought morphine was as bad as it gets (ambulanes give you it in accidents) thats what i always thought. but over long term, its changed my life and and i need the correct meds to get as close back to my life as i can .

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      I have been on sustained release morphine since 2002, I had multiple previous surgeries, I tore my incision at work & required another surgery in 1994, I have adhesions/scar tissue & other medical issues,( oxy lasted 4hrs, got me high & I asked for something else, cannot be high with kids & work), my pain ruined my life, I went through hell until the pain clinic said to use SR pain saved my life, I use only as directed, use as little as possible, morphine is for severe pain but you start with low dosing that lasts longer, you're taking narcotics already & if you get the right dose, you should feel closer to normal, there is nothing wrong with trying alternative therapies, physio, etc.. but some people have chronic pain and need narcotic pain meds, its important to find a doctor willing to help you set up a total treatment plan, pain control, sleep, diet, exercise, mental well-being...a good Dr. will help you & LISTEN, if they aren't... find one who does, Dr. monitoring is necessary on ANY pain meds, NEVER seek them from other sources & use as prescribed, learn about symptoms of depression & anxiety that accompany chronic pain(seek treatment) & ask for help ASAP if you start thinking of unhealthy drug seeking behaviour, you should not have to suffer due to OTHERS addiction issues...Best Wishes & Take care!!!☮💕

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      very well said Sgt.lindalee. I myself have had addiction issues in the past so i was reluctant to use the pain relief but I had major abdominal surgery as an emergency a month ago so i really have no choice. I am lucky that my GP listens to me and will wean me off very slowly when i no longer need it.

      Marra, you dont have to live in pain. Also morphine is not the strongest pain relief, Fentanyl is much much stronger. When my fentanyl was discontinued is when my GP put me on slow release morphine tablets. I still get pain but its bearable. Please ask to see a different GP and make a complaint. You have genuine needs for adequate pain relief and you are being seriously let down. Please let us know how you get on. Best of luck

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    I've been dealing with chronic pain for a number of years and I found that when an opiate ceased to help with the pain, the best solution wasn't a dosage increase but a change to an equivalent (or lower) dosage of a different type. I personally need to change the medicine I'm taking yearly.

    BTW - NEVER talk about sharing prescriptions! If you've signed a controlled substance contract, it is a direct violation of said contract AND cause to immediately take you off of any and all controlled medications you may be taking AND it is technically breaking the law!

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    Exercise. and Stretch your limbs until it becomes comfortable.

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