I'm experiencing excessive urination, numbness and tingling, what should I do?

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Ever since late July, my body has been acting excessively strange. It all started out with an isolated muscle tremor near the elbow of my left arm. I was at first, going to go to the clinic and get that checked out until a new issue emerged. I started to have excessive urination and experienced minor growth in my scrotum. This concerned me more, so I went to the clinic to get this checked out immediately. My blood work, blood pressure, and urine test all came out normal so I didn't worry. They also said the twitch is most likely something benign so I left and felt okay. But to ease my anxiety, they wanted me to schedule an ultrasound for my scrotum the following week so I did

Well the discomfort (No pain)) in my urinating pattern and scrotum never went away. A few days later, I rushed myself to the ER because that day, I urinated probably 25 times. I urinated so much, that I started to feel an aching fatigue in my left kidney area but the urinating wouldn't stop. They did a CAT scan of my body from my chest to my pelvis and detected no serious issues. They also did blood work, urine test, and blood pressure again and everything came out okay. One thing they did detect in the medical report was that I had a larger than normal density in my right kidney. But ironically, I've experienced no discomfort in that area at all. They also said there was colon indicated constipation and recommended I get stool softener to clear the constipation so I did. After the stool softener, and I cleared my bowels, I felt a lot better for a couple of weeks

After a couple of weeks, the urinary problems came back and I started experiencing more new issues. Numbness and tingling in my hands, legs and feet. When I went to work out as I usually do every other day, my feet could barely feel the leg presser and I knew then, that I should probably worry again. Not only that, but the following morning, this morning, which was the most terrifying at all, I woke up with extreme vertigo and need to urinate. I urinated but it only came out in driplets. I also, for the first time, experienced an inability to get an erection since I usually wake up with morning erections. There seems to be less communication now between my brain and all areas below my abdomen.

Past medical history: 9 years ago I had my gallbladder removed when I was 16 for jaundice and excessive gallstones. I still experience stomach cramps sometimes when I eat excessively fatty foods but they are minor

Urine color- Clear, very light green lightly foul smelling

Conclusion: I'm running out of money to keep going to clinics because they always try to dismiss me as a healthy young guy. After all, my blood, urine, blood pressure, is always normal. I don't know where to go from here with doctors and I'm scared. I'm more worried now about possible neurological issues from the excessive recent numbness and tingling in my body than a kidney cyst. Possible starting of MS? Parkinson's? I'm stuck deciding where I should go. My ER bill, ultrasound, etc has amounted to around $3,000 probably and doctors continuously seem to dismiss me.

Any advice? Thank you so much!

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    It could be the foods you eat. A registered dietition could put you on the right track. You mention the costs you endure. If you don't have insurance, you should.

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      Thank you for the response Lester. I do have good insurance but it doesn't change the fact that each visit to the clinic costs around $30 and then I just keep getting referred and the bill goes up. Plus the ER visit before insurance was deducted was around $9000 and I'm sure the bill will be high (have not got it yet). I'm not broke but I don't get paid a lot either and am trying to save money now. I just need a better indication of what is going on in my body before I go back to the clinic but since there is no pain, only discomfort, constant tingling and numbness and leaking urine, it's hard to identify still where it's all coming from in my body. It could be from anywhere 😦

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    Have you ever had your vitamin/mineral levels evaluated? b12, folate,b2 come to mind. I was deficient in these and developed raynaud's disease which created numbness and tingling plus all kinds of strange sensations in hands arms feet and legs. The lack of b2 left me dizzy, weak and uncoordinated when I walked. I don't know how balanced your daily diet is but many problems can arise from not getting enough of certain nutrients.

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      Thank you for the reply Audrey. I have tried watching my diet very carefully over the last few years because after many years past my gall bladder removal, my stomach has felt completely intolerant towards many foods to the point if i eat the wrong foods, i could potentially encounter massive stomach cramps. I know many fruits such as oranges and watermelon give my stomach extreme discomfort. The only diet that has really helped me is a daily diet consisting of avocado, lean turkey meat, egg, and banana. Ive had this for several months and Ive been feeling well for a while But now since these new issues in my body are emerging, I may have to mix up my diet again.. I will try vitamin b12, b2, and/or folate suppliments. Thank you so much for reccomending Audrey!

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    To get answers, you will need to keep going back to your doctor and if possible change your doctor.Have you seen a neurologist about the nerve conduction problems?

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      i have not. I will need to go back to the clinic, create a convincing argument, then get "referred" by a doctor to see a neurologist in a week, who will talk to me, and then i will have to schedule more appointments while my health continues to go down, etc. So many doctors just talk with you like in this forum for a copay of $30. I honestly wish there was a medication or something to take tonight because I'm scared to go to sleep again tonight. I just keep feeling like my health is constantly plummeting downhill while im on a crash course of referrals from doctors while getting no results. It's a terrifying and hopeless feeling

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      You could try heat treatment for the neuralgia in the meantime ; that works for me.

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    Hi ant63864

    As already mentioned you should deffo be looking at your B12 levels. If they get low you get frequent urination and numbness and tingling. If B12 gets really low then your looking at pernicious anemia which is very dangerous. I suggest you ask to see your blood results to see if your B12 was checked, if not, get it checked asap as supplements will not bring levels back up to normal you will need B12 injections. Also, did you see a Urologist to have a Cyscoscopy to see what is going on inside your bladder? get these things checked....asap...

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    I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy. I had MRI scans and an ECT to monitor the nerve conductivity. My symptoms are broadly similar to yours, particularly with the urinary and sensory problems. I had Immunoglobulin therapy which didn't help. After many follow ups the Neurologist signed me off until further progression is experienced.

    Fortunately, I live in the UK and all the costs are born by the NHS.

    I think you should follow up on the Neurology angle and I hope you get some resolution.

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