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Hi all:

I had my gallbladder out at the end of August. It took weeks on end for my stomach to calm down. I had very bad gastritis. But it finally settled, although I was only able to eat low fat foods.

A few months passed by and I felt confident that my stomach had healed and that I could try higher fat foods.

I didn't go crazy but I did have more than I had in a long while. French fries, butter on my potato's, hamburger.

The first few days, it was fine and no doubt I should have stopped and given my stomach a chance to get used to things but I again thought I was okay and kept having a bit more fat.

The symptoms of gastritis slowly started up again...and with a vengeance!

Burning in my stomach and esophagus where it was painful, bloating, belching, stomach aches and cramps, very bad heartburn.

I tried what I used before, Ranitidine, Gavescon, Pepto bismal, Tylenol...but none of it is working! 😦

It;s been over 7 days now os constant burning and pain and it doesn't seem to subside.

The pain has even woke me in my sleep.

I am freaked out that this could be cancer or the start of it.

The reason why, is because it's constant and none of my symptoms settle down, or barely..they definitely don't go away and none of the meds I used in the past that worked...are not working!!!

As I write this I can feel burning coming up from my stomach to my esophagus and it's painful!

What do to? All doctors offices closed for holidays.

Could this be cancer? Have any of you had gastritis this bad? What advice can you give me?

Thank you for anyone that takes the time to help.

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    get on nexium and should really take about 2 years

    nexium for gastritis and stay on it for 3 months 20 mg daily. sleep on your left side so acid doesn't causes more gastritis.

    nexium should heal gastritis. stop eating at least 5 hours before sleeping. drink massive water forever.

    you'll be fine, dont worry.

    I let took my 15 years to figure it out.

    small meals, 6 a day this size of your palm.

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    Gastritis was a nightmare.Had it 3+ months. I thought for certain I was dying. Gall bladder bile and gerd were the culprits after gb surgery. Just went through endoscopy today and believe me I was petrified knowing in the back of my mind that my grandmother died from stomach cancer. I have severe ibs, small hiatal hernia, diverticulosis and now post gallbladder removal syndrome but no stomach cancer.

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    You may need to use a ppi that turns off the acid pumps in your stomach. Sleep with a raised bed or a 6" wedge pillow (walmart).

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    I Had coexisting gastritis and a non functioning gallbladder. i was ok after surgery but 3 months later i had burning and pain in my right side and loose stools. After a lot of research i think bile was the cause of my post surgery pain, ive read PPI are not good for bile reflux or bile related stufd.. all my tests after surgery were normal-ultrasound etc. i started to watch my diet- low fat, low gluten, little to no dairy. and the most important is a bile binder. i use a natural one called Acacia fiber, but there are prescription ones called Welchol or QUESTRAN . I also sleep with a bed wedge. I stay away from coffee only decaf now. after a few weeks i was feeling better, and have had to go off the binder recently when I had the SIBO test(im negative) and wow - lets just say I need a bile binder or all hell breaks loose.

    i would watch my diet, try a binder metamucil is another. the bile doesnt have a holding chamber(gallbladder) anymore

    so it just drips into the stomach all day and most especially over night while we sleep, irritating our stomachs. the binder moves the bile out .

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    sorry to hear your going thru all this.I had mine out Dec.7th.right away I started taking ox bile before a meal and I can pretty much tolera te alot of foods.I too eat a few small meals a day.right now my problem is getting bowel movement but I know that takes time.hoping for the best for you.πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‡πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    No one thinks this is cancer?

    I think that's the main worry going through my head.

    I've not had bloating, heartburn, stomachache, cramping for a week straight with no let up.

    It's even waking me from sleep.

    Can gastritis get this bad?

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      Hi ipsyaisy. Yes gastritis can be mild to some but to others like me it was one of the worst things I have ever been through except for ibs flare up from a food intolerance. I thought for sure I had stomach cancer. It took about 3 months to heal but now with constant bile problems I am afraid it could return. Still very sick, lost a lot of weight and petrified to try Questran because of the side effects and what it will do to my ibs.

      The gastritis caused gnawing gripping intense pain and chronic bloating with constant trapped gas. Absolutely horrible. All I did was cry every day.

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    Thank you, Audrey.

    I had gastritis after i had my gallbladder out, but it lasted, at the most, 3 days each time I had it.

    This on the other hand, is going on 2 weeks now. 😦

    I have the constant gnawing, acidic pain just above my belly button and bloating, heartburn.

    I am so tired of it and wonder how much longer till it goes away.

    My sleep is messed up over it too.

    I feel the pain even when asleep. It wasn't like that before, either. Before when I had this gastritis, the pain eased off when I slept and I didn't notice it till I woke again.

    This is why I am scared it's something worse.

    I am going to ask for a repeat ultrasound but for now, my mind is worrying like crazy.

    Never had pain constant for 2 weeks like this before...antacids, Tylenol, etc...do nothing to help.

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