I’m having my gallbladder removed on Friday, & I am really scared.

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Anesthesia scares me more than the operation itself. I’m terrified that something will go wrong, or that I won’t wake up from it. I’m so anxious that I debated on cancelling my appointment, but I don’t want to deal with these attacks anymore. How long did it take you to wake up? Any kind words of encouragement & support are welcomed. 

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    Hi Britt,


    Is your doctor/surgeon/anaesthetist aware of your fears? Maybe talking to a phsycologist or something will help, maybe they can give you tips on how to calm your fears. Pretty sure you can be given sedatives before any anaesthesia, just to put you in a better place. Are your fears based on past experiences? What exactly makes you feel like you may not wake up?Ask for anti nausea meds beforehand to ensure that feeling sick afterwards won't happen. 

    I have no idea how long I took to wake up, but you will probably feel tired and groggy/foggy right afterwards. The staff will look after you while you are under, and while you are recovering. You won't go to a ward or back to the day surgery clinic until they are very confident you are OK, and they monitor a range of things: oxygen, BP, temperature etc. You will be in good hands. 

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      Hi Kim. 👋🏻

      I have shared my concerns with my surgeon & anesthesiologist. They said they will give me this stuff that will calm me. The reason I worry about not waking up is because I have never been put under before & have a fear of dying. I just hope everything will go smoothly. ??

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    Hi Brittx3,

    That's perfectly normal. I think we all experience the same. I just had mine two weeks ago. The surgery took less than 2 hrs. For me felt like I just blinked & was out of surgery right away. The anesthesiologist & your Dr's team see you before surgery & they already know your medical history. The one think I advice is walk in your apt as soon as your able too, little by little because this will alleviate shoulder pain which is common after surgery bc air trapped during surgery needs to be released. Walk, walk, walk! Also, make sure they give you a Spirometer gadget to breath into, this helps clear / exercise lungs after surgery. Everybody is different and some people may or may heal quicker. Just follow Dr's directions so you may heal faster. Oh , & don't cancel 😀 Get it over with.

    All the best.

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      Thank you for the advice. I will be sure to walk, & the hospital gave me one of those breathing meters. I’m just ready for this to be over with. ??

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    hi 👋 

    listen no one on this earth could be as scared of me as I have ptsd from an operation I had at age 15 that was 38 years ago and I’ve suffered panick attacks ever since sadly , I’m now 54

    no in that opp when I was 15 it was an emergency and I was in trouble believe me i could not talk they did not know my name or anything about me etc but they had to operate their and then or I was to die ok.

    so they did and they gave me far too much general , I died twice on the table and I struggled to recover for many months, however I did recover but it left me terrified of general ever since.

    now fast forward 53 years and came the point I again became an emergency sep 14th last year , 

    ‘I had been very ill with a large gallstone 2.3 cm stuck lodged in my cystic duct for over 3 years , hence to say i had been very ill for a long time , then 💥 I was about to die just like that, my gallbladder had become gangrenous and was full of puss , but still the fear of the general was stronger than my fear of death as ironic as that is 😂 

    ‘I ended up with blood poisoning and was about to die yet still refused the gallbladder opp and managed to discharge myself from the hosp.

    then I had an attack that just did not stop , I was awake in absolute agony for over 144 hours six day plus and really did not know what was happening to be honest I was waiting to die and I was indeed dieing .

    the surgeon called my partner and told her , look he now has literally hours to live , I can save him , but you have to get him to come to the princes grace hospital in London , I was in Windsor, and you have to get him to sign the consent , please try and get him here .

    she come to me and said Charles imber. The surgeon. Has called , and she relayed his words to me.

    and I said where do you want me to die, here or in the hospital ?

    she replied, in the hospital.

    i was so hurt by what she said , crazy right ? Very irrational right ? But I was , and because of my anger and my feelings of betrayal in my deluded mind.

    i said fine let’s go.

    and in that state , I drove from Windsor to Nottingham place London.

    walked in the hospital and attempted to ask the surgeon questions, to which he replied Andrew ?

    now really isant the time for questions, please sign here, I looked at him and asked him what’s the chance of me diying in this operation mr imber ?

    the fear in me was unbelievable still even though I was dieing ?? So crazy I know .

    he looked at me and said 1 in a million.

    i signed immediately, I don’t know why but in that moment he convinced me !!!!!!

    and I remember thinking 🤔 he’ll im dieing anyway just sign the damn consent form, and I did.

    he took me immediately to theatre, and within 5 mins I was on the slab being put out.


    i left the hospital 16 hours later , and I am forever thankful to mr imber for saving my life !!!!

    i know I’m a nutcase 😝 

    but that is a true story.

    and I am no longer scared of general, and will not be again.



    the whole opp was a breeze, I absolutely promise you !!!

    i hope this makes you go and save your life !!

    please come back to me after and remind me how easy it was please xx

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      Wow, I am so glad to hear that you’re okay. That would’ve been very scary! But thank you, your comment has actually made me feel better. I will definitely update once I’m able to. Thank you!
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      your wellcome.

      sorry it was such a long story , but I felt it would help you make the correct decision and felt in your case it was something you needed to read.

      i promise you the irrational fear I had was a million times more painful stressful and debilitating in the end that the silly opp ever was or could have ever been.

      also I realised that having a general anaesthetic is so very different these days as it was 20 or 30 years ago and they seem to have it down to a t and it’s extremely safe now .

      trust me it’s going to fine .

      i look forward to hearing your story afterwards.

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      oh yes I spent the night in hospital basically walking up and down the corridor drinking peppermint tea lol and I don’t know it it was the reason but I did not have no trapped gas shoulder pain that everyone talks about . Just a tip .

      i also brought a spirometer from eBay and inhaled ten deep breaths every hour I was awake for about 2 weeks , yes I agree with your other poster it keeps your lungs strong 💪 

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      Just wanted to check in & let you know that my surgery went well & I’m relaxing at home. The anesthesia wasn’t as bad as my anxiety made it seem. My surgeon told my mom & fiancé that my gallbladder was very thick & becoming inflamed. He said it’s appearance showed many attacks over the last few years, & my last attack must’ve really did a number on it. I want to thank you for your comment. It really persuaded me that I must be brave & have it done before mine got to that point. I’m tender, but it’s manageable. 

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      well done you.

      yes I know , my anxiety of the anaesthesia near cost me my life , it’s amazing the power of the irrational mind isn’t it.

      see and it was a mere blip that opp.

      yes a bit sore and tender, that gets a little worse over the next 3 or 4 days then starts to taper off.

      now rest up ,of course, try to get as much sleep as possible, which will be difficult, prop yourself up on lots of pillows .

      and here’s a tip for you.

      if you have that sharp pain under your right ribs ?

      lay on your right side with a pillow propped half under your right side and lean into it !

      makes sleeping a whole lot easier.

      you did your going to be just fine , I’m so happy for you.

      now no more worrying about them nasty bikers colic attacks.

      keep me posted.

      oh one thing I will say !

      remember you only get one chance to heal ?

      so allow your body the time it needs to heal !!

      heal well don’t over do it when you start to become mobile !

      and do not stretch or twist your body at all in anyway .

      i wish you well.

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    Don't think too much on it . you will be fine. Had anesthesia for colonoscopy , it was a breeze and was a good sleep if you look at.

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      Thank you! I believe my anxiety made the whole thought of anesthesia worse than it really was. My surgery went well, & my gallbladder was worse than we thought. The surgeon said it was very thick & becoming inflamed. It’s appearance showed years of attacks. I’m glad it’s out now. 

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    Hi, you will be well looked after I see that u have discussed your fears with the surgeon, you will be fine and having your gallbladder removed will be the best thing you have ever done!! I healed pretty quickly it’s honestly the best thing having your gallbladder out I feel so much healthier didn’t realise til after the effect my bad gall bladder was having on my over all health . Good luck x
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