I'm having problems with mucus. Anyone else?

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I've been on Levothyroxine for hypothyroid for about 2 1/2 yrs. At first I felt so much better. Than after about 3 or 4 months I started to have drainage from my sinuses. I normally have allergies so am used to drainage but this was so much different. Its worse in the morning, but I'm not exgagerating when I say it is so thick I cannot even swallow it or gag it out. It feels like a big lump in my throat.  Normally I have to wait until I eat something and that helps. My family is so sick of my complaining about it. They say its just normal drainage. NO ITS NOT. I know the difference!! I've put up with this for to long. Been through 2 rounds of antibiotics and doesn't work. Please does anyone have similar problem? Could I be allergic to something in the Levothyroxine?  What should I do? I just e-mailed my Dr. for referal to ear, nose and throat Dr. Please let me know if anyone experiences this.

Thank you

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    I have Graves' disease, and I have swallowing problems ...are you sure you're on the right meds with the right diagnosis?

    or if I'm wrong,mi hope someone else can help with your sinus probs xx

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    You are the first person I have come across having the same problem I had. For 10 months I spent nearly every morning throwing up because of mucus, having to wait at least an hour before eating.

    Has your dr checked TPO levels? I have auto-immune hypothyroid hashimotos. I decided to stop drinking coffee and stop eating gluten (stopping only bread as first step) after my dr prescribed cortisone spray for 6 mths which didn't work. After a few days all mucus stopped.

    Recently I ate bread again as was on holidays and the mucus returned. It would be worth checking to see if you have auto-immune anitibodies.

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    I have hypothyroidism from Hashimoto's and on levothyroxine.  I have terrible mucu also.   Maybe post nasal.. not sure.  All I know is that since I have diagnosed hypo, I have a constant feeling of clearing my throat and coughing to get the crap out.  I drive my boyfriend crazy from clearing of my throat all day long.  I cannot figure out if it's from the hypothyroidism or from the levothyroxine.  I wish I knew.  I think it's from the hypothyroidism though because I asked my endo about it and after googled it, he and google both say that it is common with hypothyroidism.  I'm not sure if there's medicine or not to help with it.  I think the endo doctor called it post nasal drip.

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    Hi Valrae

    Have you tried an alkaline nasal douche to help with your post nasal drip?  I went to see an ENT specialist a few weeks ago and he gave me some instructions to do at home.  I have seen a bit of an improvement already. 

    1 mug warm water (I boil mine in the kettle first then let it cool)

    Half teaspoon table salt

    Quarter teaspoon sodium bicarbonate

    Mix fresh each time.

    Standing over the sink, pour a little of the mixture into cupped hands.

    Sniff mixture up nose and allow it to drain into sink. Continue until whole mug finished.

    When nose is used to the mixture usually 2 or 3 days, sniff it right through the nose and spit out through the mouth.

    (The mixture can also be used as a gargle)

    Use a whole mug twice a day for 2 to 3 months to treat post nasal drip.

    After this time it is quite safe to continue using the mixture as often as you like.

     I use a small jug and with my right hand, pour the mixture into my cupped left hand.

    I hope this helps.

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    I see my other post was deleted, probably because I had added a link ....

    One of the more frequent complaints that bring patients to the ENT’s office is postnasal drip. Often patients will complain of constant postnasal drip, frequent throat clearing, and phlegm that is stuck in their throat. In addition to these symptoms, patients often complain of a constant cough or need to clear their throat. Often they have hoarseness, which they attribute to the frequent coughing.

    In some extreme cases, they will complain of feeling like the mucous is blocking their airway and forcing them to choke or gag.

    Often by the time these patients show up they have tried a variety of nasal sprays, decongestants, allergy medications, antibiotics, oral steroids and are often frustrated because nothing has helped. They want to know “Why nothing seems to work?”

    While the answer seems simple, it is often missed. If your treating the nose and nothing seems to work, maybe it isn’t a nose problem at all. Or to rephrase, maybe the postnasal drip is not actually the problem.

    What these patients are probably suffering from is not related to the nose at all, but is actually related to their stomach. They most likely have Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.

    The term LARYNGOPHARYNGEAL REFLUX (LPR) refers to the backflow of stomach contents into the larynx and pharynx (the voice box and throat). LPR can occur during the day or night, and many people who have LPR will not have heartburn; so LPR is sometimes called silent reflux. It is also sometimes called extraesophageal reflux disease (EERD)

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      Welshcath, thank you so much for your reply. This is something I will diffinately look into. Makes sense to me as I do have a voice problem all the time, (hoarseness). And stomach acid problems. Will mention to Dr next week as I have an appt with the ear, nose and throat Dr.

      Thanks again


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    I know this is a rather old post, but I I too am suffering from thick. Mucus as well.

    I have HASPIMOTOS AND Sjogrens.

    I'm not sure who's the autoimmune culprit. But look up Sjogrens mucus phlegm.

    I have found some relief. With Musinex12 00mg x2 a day plus Musinex liquid. without DM.

    Try the extended relief tablets.

    Sjogrens and Hasimotos are often found together. Sjogrens attacks the moisture producing glands leaving you dry with little salive/mucus that is thick.

    You can have a lip biopsy done by a Rheumotologist to be sure.

    Sjogrens experts at hard to find, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins all to have them. But to get an appointment you need to show you have active not dormant Sjogrens.

    I'm trying to get my lip biopsy done, but it is hard to find doctors who do it.

    Check your local area for a Sjogrens area.

    Once I hear back, I'll post my results for all to help.

    I've been to every imaginable doctor possible and I am convinced that it is one of the two.

    Keep in mind Autoimmune disorders, often come in two or threes.

    I wish you all well, let me know if I can be of help

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