I'm in a right old mess

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I don't know what to do anymore. I've been skipping doses frequently recently because I feel better without them, but if I go too long without them - 2 days - I'm a mess.

But the thing is I'm 4 months into 150mg and last week I had terrible diarrhoea. The diarrhoea itself was causing panic attacks which wasn't good.

I'm fed up of feeling like I'm living in a clouded bubble. My mind is sharp the first day I miss my meds and I actually quite like that feeling. I missed a dose lastnight and I've had no diarrhoea, my apatite is fine, and I feel great. But tomorrow morning when I wake up I won't feel great. So I have to make sure I take one tonight.

Do you think it might be wise to lower myself to 100mg and see how it goes because I think 150mg is now too high now that I'm balanced again.

Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hi James,

    You feel a mess after a couple of days because your body is going into cold turkey withdrawal which is really dangerous. If you think you will feel better without the meds or a lower dose, speak to your doctor about reducing to 100mg or tapering off them completely but very slowly. Skipping doses is a really bad idea, don’t mess around with your mental health like that. Speak to your doctor about how you’re feeling and put a safe plan in place. All the best x

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      Hi Kate,

      The thing is the only rest bite from these symptoms is to skip a dose. Yesterday I didn't have them and I ate lots, poops were normal, no headache, felt sharp and on point and got so much done.

      I had my meds last night at 11pm and woke up today feeling dreadful. Watery poop, nausea, headache, just want to sleep all day.

      If I continue on them and don't miss any doses will the side effects go away?

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      How long have you been on this dose? If it’s only been a few weeks then I would give it more time. If it has been longer then yes maybe you do need to reduce or come off them. But by skipping doses you are not allowing the tablets a chance to work and this may even be contributing to the side effects you’re having. Whatever you decide to do, skipping doses is not the answer.
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      About 4 months. Past month I have skipped doses every so often. About twice a week. There's been 2 occasions in 2 months where I had non for 3 days. The skipping has got worse, but I am going to give them another month. There was a point when they worked well so I may have brought this on myself.

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      Sorry for the tough love, just want the best outcome for you! Good luck
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      That's ok smile Sometimes I need a kick up the ass. I've been taking them since this post and all is well, except the tiredness sad But I guess I'm going to have to let my body get used to having them every day again.

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    I think it would be wise to stop skipping doses, that’s why you feel horrible! Stay steady and let the medication work! 
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    I wonder if you would be better on a lower dose, but this is something that you need to discuss with your prescriber ... 

    Missing doses is def not the way forward. 

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    I agree that you should see your doctor pronto. I would think that the dose maybe a bit much for you. I’m on 100mg for severe panic disorder and it seems enough for me. Don’t skip doses. Your poor old brain won’t know whether it’s coming or going!!! Not good. Let us know how you get on and please get to your doctor 😀

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      Hey Karin,

      I took my tablet at 11pm last night and woke up feeling so bad. I was making a cup of tea just and I was falling asleep! My poops are terrible today and my stomach is all over the place.

      I'm going to continue from now on and use this forum a little more to discuss any side effects or worries.

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    Skipping doses, especially when you're on that high of  a dose is really not a good idea. I've done it a couple of times, completely by accident where I have just forgotten to take my tablet, it's always a couple of days later that I feel awful when I've skipped a dose and I'm only 50mg at the moment.

    If you're feeling clouded and foggy it does sound like you might be on too high of a dose, I would definitely talk to your doctor about lowering.

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    I kind of get what you are going through James. I'm on 200mg and I find that taking it at the same time everyday helps. By same time I mean exactly that, the same time. I've forgotten to take my dose before and if I take it a few hours late it just kicks me in the nuts for 3 or 4 hours. I think consistency is key.

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