I'm new to BV, and I would really like some answers. Please help me.

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Hi. I'm Stephenie.

I'm a 22 year old female who has recently been diagnosed with BV.

I've had some strange, I wouldn't say *pain*, I'd say discomfort, around my urethra upon arousal/masturbation. It isn't bad enough for me to stop, but it's definitely there. I also have some pelvic pain, bubbles in my urine, and recently, an odor by the end of the night. I take showers every day, so the odor isn't there all the time, but if I sleep over a friends house or something, the odor is definitely there.

I went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics twice for a UTI even though the test showed I didn't have one, I apparently had a LOT of white? blood cells in my urine, showing an infection They didn't work.

I ignored it and went to a gynecologist. He told me I had a "slight infection" called BV, and it's nothing serious and to just go on antibiotics.

Now, I went on antibiotics, and I haven't gone back to my doctor yet. I'm planning a visit next week.

I was on antibiotics and taking probiotics and trying to eat yogurt and stuff for those two weeks.

But it seems like I'm still itchy and the odor is still kind of there?

And I've been reading about this a lot, and it looks like it NEVER goes away??????? People have it for years and still don't know the cure?

I'm really worried that my love life is over. The thing is, I'm a homosexual female. I'm a lesbian. I have a girlfriend. And I can't have sex with her, or I'll give it to her. So it's practically like I have an STD- even though it's not classified as one.

I wouldn't say I'm promiscious or unhyigenic, but I do use scented soap down there every day, I do have the habit of wiping back to front, etc. I do drink a lot of alcohol and eat junk food. I'd think that's what threw off my PH balance?

Do I have a lot to worry about? Does BV EVER go away? Does it get worse? Will I ever be able to have sex with my girlfriend? How is it contracted? If she puts her fingers in me, will she get it? Or only tongue? I'm just so miserable, and I need help.

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    Honestly bv is awful and it can get worse if you ignore it and it's not fair that doctors treat it like it's nothing when so many women have recurrence issues. BUT it can go away. So have faith in that.

    It isn't contracted. It shouldnt be called an infection but rather an imbalance. Bacteria are naturally occurring in the vagina and the bad are out weighing the good bacteria when hou have bv. A high vaginal ph can cause this. Soap can add to this problem. Also the antibiotics they gave may have made it harder to get rid of because they deplete the body of the bad bacteria AND good bacteria that are supposed to help fight the bad bacteria off. Often times women get it when their hormones are out of wack or if they have an underlying digestive issue. So repairing the gut can help a lot!

    So, First off stop wiping the wrong way and using scented soap. Little differences can help a lot anf can prevent it in the future. Try to find a ph balanced non perfume soap. i heard johnsons baby wash is also nice. The ph should be less than 5.5 in our soaps. Try to wear mostly cotton underwear. Maybe not the sexiest of fabrics but anything is sexier than bv haha

    As treatment i recommend doing three things. Folic acid suppliments everyday. Strong probiotics every day. And inserting a tampon soaked in hydrogen peroxide every night for 30 minutes for about 7 days or until the infection is gone.

    (Check out other people who have done this online)

    On top of this it is really important to cleanse your system at least while you're getting rid of the infection. I know junk food is good but trust me you wanna try and get rid of this bv as soon as possible. So try to give up as much sugar as ppssible because sugar is food to bacteria. And eat a loy of leafy greens. Good luck! All these ladies are sympathizing with you. BV sucks but you can get rid of it.

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      h202 hydrogen peroxide douch is also good 

      The right mix and a douch i have a saved article by a midwife about it and how she recommends it .. You can buy an empty vaginal douch off ebay for those times a hydrogen peroxide douch is needed 

      jay x 

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      i have sent a pm to you the link for the BV hydrogen peroxide douch that a midwife recommends for ladies with BV

      jay x

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    i had bV once found at smear .. I had no odour, just discomfort ..My gyno gave me vaginal antibiotics for 3nights .. But all anitbiotics ( all ) can bring on vaginal thrush, and after my anitibiotics i was told to use canestan vaginal cream for three nights, and also take an oral thrush treatment capsule by mouth.

    i used vaginal Clindamycin for the BV .

    had treatment then thrush treatment as mentioned again a month later, (i had to repeat both treatments) and been free of BV..

    eco care vaginal ph home testers are good as you can monitor it yourself, and if PH high then you know you still have BV 

    jay x

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    You, being a clean conscious person, cannot be serious about wiping back to front?  That means when you go #2, you wipe that mess right into your lady parts...no!  I have a hard time believing that...!  But if you are doing this, I recommend you stop at once.  
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