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Hello. I am 31 year, and I have had the problem with the LS in a couple of years, but got the answer from the biopsy only a in this summer. My doctor gave me dermovat cream, that did not work very well for me, then she gave me dactacort, that worked a little, but Just in that way that my skin did not get so dry.

The gynecologist did not know what this could be, so I had to wait for the biopsy. I only got a message that tells me that I have Lichen Sclerosus. Then I had to wait for a appointment with my doctor, so that she could book an appointment with the skin doctor (dont know what it is called on english 🙄). That is the way we do it in Norway.

My skin doctor Said that it was not gone very bad, and he was very optimistic. He gave me dermovat (not cream, the other one 😋).

That one worked pretty good, I have been using this two times a Day, in 3 weeks. The skin doctor Said that I shall use this twice a Day in 6 weeks, then one time a Day until desember when I have a control appointment.


I have the White skin all the way from my clitoris to my butt. I am White and thick not sleek skin on the inside of by butt.

After I've started with the dermovat, I have had two periods with much pain between my butt balls(? 😂I have absolute No idea what the right Word on english is), it is almost like the skin is all gone, I am so soar, swollen and everything hurts. It hurts when I am at the toilet, when taking on some perfume free lotion (made for the vagina and the inimate area). It hurts when I am sitting, standing, walking, every motion that make a movement on my butt. Almost like it burns.

Is this normal?

I try to use some lotion so that the skin not only have contact with the dermovat.

Should I contact my skin doctor again?

Have anyone of you had this problem? What did work for you?

I really hope that I can get my LS under control, so that I can live as good as possible.

Also since me and my girlfriend want to start a family, and it is me that will try to get pregnant. I Just hope that my LS does not make all of me to tear during a possible childbirth.

Regards Linn

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    HELLO LINN. First bit of advice I can offer you is DO NOT USE PERFUMED ANYTHING!!! Even if it says its for your private parts .... leave those products on the shelf. A lot of people on here suggest emu oil to ease the dryness ( I think you can order online) others suggest coconut oil... in its purest form ... you will get that in health food shops I believe. I use a water based cream for washing down there... in Scotland its called Aquaous Cream... it has no nasty additives and is very soothing .... I also take vitamin D and zinc capsules and they have made a massive difference to me. It is all trial and error until you find what works for you. BUT stay well clear of those vaginal perfumed products !!! Hope this helps a wee bit. GOOD LUCK

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    Hi Linn, you poor thing. Sounds like you need a moisture cream/barrier ointment. If you can, try something like I use to moisturize and soothe.

    10mls good quality castor oil with a couple of drops of lavender oil and frankincense oil.

    It will calm and soothe the whole area. Only drawback is it is greasy so watch your clothes and furniture or wear a cotton panty liner. You need to keep yourself moisturized and protected.

    Don't forget to apply your prescription cream too!

    I hope this helps. All the guys on here will try to help you, so don't despair if something doesn't work for you, just keep trying and you will find the best thing for you.

    Take care.

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    Hi Linn, the word for a skin doctor in English is a dermatologist. I just saw one yesterday because the gynecologist who diagnosed me is no longer available, unfortunately. I found the gynecologist to be much more thorough and she took a lot more time explaining the disease and treatment. The dermatologist I saw yesterday barely examined me and has prescribed an ointment (don't think it's a cream) that is an immunosuppressant to use along with the steroid I already use which is Clobetasol. Not sure if you have to pay for medication in Norway, but here in the US we do and this drug costs $800 a tube! The doctor's office is checking to see what portion my insurance company will pay.

    I'm not sure why your doctor said your skin was not bad. What you describe certainly sounds very uncomfortable. (By the way, we call them butt cheeks. I have no idea why. Someone a long time ago must have compared a butt to a face)!

    If you read old posts you will see that women use all sorts of moisturizers. You have to experiment to find what works best for you, but creams in general do not work as well as ointments or oils. My gynecologist told me to wash with water only, but some women do use aqueous cream which I don't think is available here.

    Yes, the burning is normal, although I feel more of a buzzing feeling and very little pain.

    Vaseline (petroleum jelly) can work in the meantime, but if you are still very uncomfortable and can't find a moisturizer that works for you I would call that doctor back and ask for better advice on how to handle the disease.

    Good luck. Hope you get more comfortable very soon.

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    Hello Linn, never use anything with perfume on or around your privates. That alone will cause irritation and kick LS into high gear. What I have found that works for decreasing swelling, irritation, pain and discomfort is coconut oil. Just plain coconut oil that you buy in the food section. It's light not like heavy lotions, it doesn't stain your undergarments or cloths and can be applied as many time a day that you need to without having side effects that some cremes do when over used. Also try taking a warm Epsom salt bath. That will calm down the irritation, relax your entire body and speed up any healing in that area! Remember don't use anything that has perfumes in it! One last thing don't wear thick cotton undergarments. They slow down the healing process and doesn't allow your privates to get much needed air. Try wearing nylon, silk or thin mesh panties. I NEVER wear cotton underwear and since I switched I don't have nearly as many episodes. At night sleep without any underwear on at all! Hope this helps!

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