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    That's brilliant Ang

    If you get a chance listen to 'March On' by Good Charlotte as well - It's cheered me up loads too.

    We could make a 'feel good' CD with all these songs on couldn't we?

    How are you doing off the fluo? Still OK babe? xxx

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    Damn in! I've just typed a full reply tha took ages and when I pressed SUBMIT, my PC crashed!! Arrghhh!!! :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:

    I'll look into those GOod Charlottle lyrics soon, I'm sure they're great.

    If I'm honest about being off the meds, which is 2 weeks today, I feel 'ok'.

    [color=blue:583301d37a][u:583301d37a][b:583301d37a]Positives: [/b:583301d37a][/u:583301d37a] not on meds / sleeping great / not as many headaches / no suicidal thoughts - AT ALL

    [b:583301d37a][u:583301d37a]Negatives:[/u:583301d37a][/b:583301d37a] snappy again / moody again / emotional again / 7 or the 9lbs I lost, has returned[/color:583301d37a]

    My man has just been on the phone asking if I'm okay, am I myself etc etc. It does my bloody head in. I know it must be hard for him but I just feel at time sthat he just thinks about his own feelings and cannot just keep his mouth shut at times. Arrghhh :twisted: I just need space. I just need to not be smoothered by emotion from anyone.

    My bloke is lovely, really he is. He loves me to bits and I'm lucky but I just need to sort this out.

    I don't know what to do. perhaps I'm getting these feelings as the meds will be working their way out of my body, it is 2 weeks since I come off them. I so don't want to go back on them but if I need to, I will as I don't want to be that snappy, irrational person I was before.

    I'm just feeling poo. Perhaps even feeling sorry for myself today, it's pathetic.

    I try so hard to give positive and encouraging feedback to folk on here and hate typing negative things as doing so, makes me feel angry inside and that I need to sit and have a good cry for absolutely nothing at all. So, so pathetic.

    So, I'll perk up now :lol: as hate feeling low. Hate it. hate the effect it has on my relationship with my wonderful partner and hate the way it makes me feel worthless and crap and low and just yuk.

    Sorry for being negative, I think you know by now that I try to be as encouraging as possible. I'm just having a bad day I think.

    Hope you're well Suz, any plans about Pete moving in with you? Have you thought that far ahead??

    Speak soon and PM me if you need to :D

    Ang x

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    Ang you be be fine, like u its great been off meds, can sleep again no more headaches but also like you I was in a mood for a while coming off these, I would snap at anything. You will find that it will ease as the meds are slowly coming out of your system which I'm told can take a lot longer then 2 weeks.

    These tabs alters your mind, so its just going back to how it was. If you start back on these it will take a while again to kick in so it wont happen over night, your on your way off them keep it up its the faze you have to go through, remember the faze we had to go through when we started them? and we kept taking the meds so now its the other way round.

    You be fine mate!

    John B

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    Hi John, Thanks for the post mate.

    Well, I actually caved on Friday night. I started back again with the 8 I had remaining and now I've been back on them for 3 nights.

    My bloke & I just kept rowing and rowing over the last few days of last week, which would've been my 2nd full week off them. He said that I had returned to what I was before and that I don't consider his feelings.

    I went upstairs out of the way and read a magazine and put earplugs in so I wouldn't hear anything. I asked him to keep away and for him & the little fella to have time together as I was so snappy. He of course kepy coming up and asking whay I was like this and for me to come downstairs. I asked for him to leave me as I was in a mood and needed to be out the way while I got it out of my system, you know, in case I said stuff I didn't mean and it would hurt.

    So after huge row number million, I just popped a Flu tablet and have been again since Friday night. I feel a tad calmer but bless him, I want to rip his head off at times. He is on night shift this week so just me and the little un, so this will give me time to 'adjust'.

    [b:a8e1d633da]I don't know if I've done the right thing though, going back on them after 2 weeks off. Any advice? I really don't know if it was the right thing to do or if I should've stuck it out.[/b:a8e1d633da]

    Thanks for the help and advice guys. I was doing so well too.


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    I think you should go back and talk to your doctor, Ang. I know you were prescribed other meds and you weren't keen to take them - am I right in thinking you haven't told your GP that you aren't taking them? Perhaps you could get another script for fluoxetine. As you only have a few left and you felt that things were returning to how they were before you took them, you really will have to do something. It's not easy, I know, and I'm sure we would all rather not be on these meds. I'm almost 7 weeks in and still having some really bad days, so I certainly can't see myself being med-free for a while. I feel I need to have regular contact with medical professionals in order to keep me going. So this week I will see my counsellor, then next week my GP and am going back to the hospital to see the psychiatrist. So I think that anything we can do to get through the rough times is OK. My GP told me (after I had a complete meltdown and was packed off to hospital) that those who struggle to accept depression the most, are the ones who often crash the hardest. That would certainly seem to be my case, and from what I've read of you, wouldn't be a million miles away from you either.

    I am waffling now so will go. Please post again soon. Your posts have helped me and others a lot, but it helps to share the bad times as well as the good.

    Gretchel x

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    Hi Gretchel,

    Thanks for the reply and I'm pleased to hear that my previous posts have helped you! yey :lol:

    You are right in the fact that I haven't told my doctor I have stopped altogether. I didn't want to take the other tablets and rightly or wrongly, went cold turkey. I was great for the first week off them then towards the end of the 2nd week, I was about to overload!

    I've just booked an appointment for the Docs on Thursday so will have a chat and see what comes out of that. I also have just received my letter for CBT (Waited about 7 weeks!) but line constantly engaged at the moment so will persevere with that.

    I think you could be right that I've come off them a bit early, it was 13 weeks I think, I was on them and all that time, I was convincing myself I didn't need them so I think you could be onto something with what you mentioned.

    Thanks for the support and again, apologies for being 'moaney', I do try and be upbeat and encouring for folk.

    Keep up the good work and before you know it, it will be week 8, 9, 10, 15 etc etc and also be seeing the medical professionals, you're definately doing the right thing. Good on you :lol:


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    Hi Ang & Gretchel - Ang glad you're going back to see your Dr babe

    I went down to taking one a day (from 2) last Thursday as felt on top of the world - and was going to stop altogether

    This morning I feel awful - really tearful, God I dont know what to do anymore

    I had yesterday off and am back at work today. I just feel so down about everything, especially Mum, and how bad she's getting

    I wish I wasnt here today xx

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    Have been trying to write a reply but the site keeps crashing for me. From what I have read, it is recommended that you continue taking fluoxetine for 3 months once you feel better in order to help prevent a relapse. So Suzisue, maybe you should at least phone your GP to have a chat about things. If you are feeling so low again maybe now is not the right time to try to come off them.

    Ang, have you made an appointment for CBT yet? It sounds interesting - I would like to have better coping mechanisms in place for the future. I have also been referred to a psychologist for CBT but haven't heard yet.

    You two have both been a great support to me so I hope you don't mind me echoing some of your excellent advice back to you!

    Take care, both of you.

    Gretchel x

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    Hi Gretchel

    [quote:425d572ea4]Have been trying to write a reply but the site keeps crashing for me.[/quote:425d572ea4]

    Sorry, we have been having some speed issues but you should find it much ok again, and we are still investigating ways of making it even better.

    Patient Admin Team

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    Suz! Is that because you went out spending all that lovely birthday money yesterday and now you're back at work? Tut Tut!!

    No, seriously Suz, you're having a relapse day hun, the lesser dosage will obviously kick in and make you feel poo for a bit. Keep up the good work and keep as positive as you can. Hey, you only have what, 4 weeks left at this job?? :lol:

    Did you buy anything lavish then? How did you feel yesterday overall?

    Hope you're okay hun; you and I seem to take turns don't we!

    Gretchel - Thanks for the posting. I phoned yesterday for an appointment and the said they'd call me back, but as of yet haven't. So I'll call again later today after I've finished some bits but I'll defo let you know how it goes. Can only be good right?

    Take care all

    Ang x

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    Ang and Gretchel - thank you so much for being there. God Ang I only just read the post above when u took one - almost like an only way to go - exactly how I'm feeling

    God both of you, why cant we just be OK? I feel so crap tonight - been v emotional at work today - and I dont know if a meeting I had with one of the director's was genuine or not - she seemed to be - was very tearful - but now I wonder why she said the things she did - I was already feeling so low (as you know Ang)

    Im really mixed up right now

    Bet you cant tell


    Gretchel talks so much sense - Ang - you really want to deny you need these pills - and those that don't think they are depressed fall harder. Do u know what I think Ang - we just need to give it more time

    Let's use all this - the last few months just to learn, and maybe we can help othere people who feel the same

    Ang everything you have said is how I felt in my marriage - the snappiness - the frustration, etc, im the same and now I feel life is a bloody struggle for everyone, and how come they all look OK on the surface? How come?

    Im tired and just cant act anymore

    pls keep posting, really need you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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