I'm not from the UK but from the USA, still having nervous breakdown though

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I suppose I should have asked if were appropriate for me to join since I am not from UK. This is the best site I came upon where I found myself reading about people speaking quite openly about their mental health issue. Telling about the treatments they have had or not had.  Medications they were prescribed or not prescribed. The side affects of the meds and the side affect these issues have on your daily lives, friends, family and workplace.  I do not understand some of the shortcuts you write as ours are different here.  I believe you have a GP, would that be General Practitioner? We in the midwest have a PCP Primary Care Physycian. You mention meds I have never heard of but that may only be because I have just yesterday finally opened the door and laid it all out to my PCP. I didn't hold back. From reading all these discussions all of you gave me the courage to finally pull my issues off the back burner take them to the table and serve them up. I see people here that are lost, alone, hurting and scared, and I see some of those same people being helpful, kind and caring and hanging in there for someone else when you yourself are carrying your own huge bundle of lives gone wrong, or not lived as well as they should have been. Sharing and taking strength from each other. I've seen no judgements or harrassments or anything even close to someone being put down or told that what they have to say is not valid, or it's not that bad, don't worry about it, just get over it. So I ask: Please may I stay?

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    I've come across people from UK, US and Canada on this site - so you'll fit in, and Welcome!
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    Oh my goodness. Everyone is welcome to take part on this site. Every person has a unique story to tell that we can relate to. IV suffered depression and anxiety for 23 years. Thankfully last 5 years have been good. Mainly kept under control with efexor and a fantastic family.

    What's your story with your depression? Where not here to judge, but to help and support each other. Welcome 😊😊😊

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      If you can locate my discussion on "Dr. Told me Today I was having a Nervous Breakdown" You will get the beginning of my saga and my questions about what is next. I have found something confusing here. People start new discussions instead of keeping with the first one they started and it is the same subject matter or issue. I find it difficult to follow when that happens.  Does it have something to do with the length of the conversations due to how many people reply and how long their posting is? It's like starting a dime novel that is completed and then trying to guess which of the other many conversations started by the same person will pick up where we left off.
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    You are very welcome to join us here, of course you are.  I am on another forum which is in USA and have made many friends there.  We do not discriminate at all, of course we don't.  I would like to say a big hello to you. 

    Yes a GP is a General Practitioner.  Our local doctor.  Meds is short for medication. 

    Thank you so much for your kind words.  Yes we all care very much for each other.  We may be strangers and never meet but we all think of each other as friends. 

    Please, please stay.  We love having you. 

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      Anne, thank you so much.  Your kind words meant the world to me this morning.  I just had the most horrid night. How does the night last so long when you are at your worst? I haven't been able to sleep and felt even more bleak and alone than I have been.  I don't know what was up but for some reason I did not receive any notification for hours of anyone posting on any of the forums I look to. I thought I must have done something grievous and was shut out from here. Of course in the state of mind I have been in for the last several days I felt a complete outcast from the place I felt I was beginning to belong. So, when I scrunched up the courage to check in again, I expected to be rejected but instead found you here waiting for me. Although I am so very sorry there is need of a site such as this with so very many people going through  many different levels of pain, I am so thankful all of you are here. Thank you so very much.
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      If people keep writing on this thread then it will remain, otherwise, as you say, the threads disappear never to be seen again, and a new one is started.  So keep writing here!!

      I am so sorry you had such an awful night.  I know how it feels to lie awake hour after hour.  I found mornings were so awful after a bad nights sleep.  I always found mornings bad anyway, even when taking anti depressants. 

      We never, ever reject people.  We are all in the same boat, and the support here is just wonderful, as you have found.  We are like friends who will never meet but care so much about each other. 

      We are all glad you are here.

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      So long as people keep posting on this thread it will stay open.  Once there are no more replies  the threads just disappear, which ius a shame.  So everyone keep posting here.

      Hey Karebare so pleased you are here.  Keep writing and we will always reply to you.

      Take care.  Hugs confused

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    Hey there! I'm from the US as well. Baltimore born, raised, and still living here biggrin I wish I had this forum when I was still trying to figure out what was wrong with me! I'm also relatively new here. Unfortunately I'm right in the middle of my finals but in a couple of days I'll probably browse around here more! I am finally getting a bunch of stuff diagnosed all at once, both physical and mental, so maybe this will be helpful in understanding some things that I'm not familiar with. I'm glad to see you got the courage and spoke up, that's wonderful! I get so nervous around my doctors, both my PCP and psychiatrist. Hope all is well as it can be at the moment. Stay strong, I'll be here to chat if you need to <3>
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    So, I was supposed to go to Behavorial Health intake today.  Didn't make it. Didn't sleep last night so of course that adds to the stress. Every time I tried to get cleaned up, dressed and go I couldn't move.  My heart was racing and I felt like I was having a heart attack.  I knew I wasn't and it was all anxiety and panic. After deciding I was going to try to rest and relax before I went in I was able to get up and get some orange juice. I did doze off from about 2 PM until 5:30, but here it is 8 PM and I still haven't been able to do it. I'm worried that my inability, so far, to move in the right direction will cause me to lose my medical support and then ultimately my job, which would make me lose all my medical insurance.  Since my husband is on permanent disability and unable to work I can't let that happen. This would do us in.  We would lose everything, house and all. We both have medical issues so there is no way would survive without my medical coverage. I understand I am adding to my own problems by adding more stress on myself feeling guilty about what damages I would be doing to our family.  Knowing this still doesn't change the facts.
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    Going to my 3rd session at Intensive Outpatient Therapy tomorrow. The first 2 were very interesting. Feeling a bit silly about my panic about them throwing me in the hospital and keeping me. There are some there with a much more difficult time than I am having.  Quite a few just released from the hospital, mostly for either suicide attempts or self harm. But even though my issues are not as severe as the majority  everyone has been great at validating that I do have problems and I do not only need this help but I deserve it. First time I have felt a part of anything in a very long time.  I sure do wish I weren't a part of this particular club but I am very thankful there are people not only here but also in a face to face.  I urge everyone needing this help to seek it out and fight for it until you find the place you need.  God Bless.
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    I'm in Australia and we have similar phraseology as both UK and US. I think when people are hurting it makes no difference to the country they are in, it's just sometimes local knowledge is shared for those who have had that experience with the doctors group, or the beauracratic garbage, etc

    The fact you are opening up and starting to share is a healthy thing to do. You will have days when you think the doctors are not listening, but remember they are human too and may be having their own bad days. Often a new place you are going to may feel like you are not getting any closer to help, but it can take a while to settle in and find your niche.

    I saw a psychiatrist for over 8 years due to a past problem, I had depression, anxiety and other issues. It also turned out I had undiagnosed thyroid condition, so my suggestion is; get some blood testing done to make sure your thyroid isn't contributing to your feelings. (This is something here in Australia I advocated and now it is generally tested regardless if the patient asks if they are suffering severe depression/anxiety)

    Hang around the group, and hang in there!


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      Blood test are fine. Last one was in March I think. I was admitted to Intensive Outpatien Therapy on Thur 5/21 and have 4 hour sessions 5 days a week. Today was my 4th visit and I actually was able to talk during group. First time I have been able to utter a word there. It is a bit differet face to face vs on line. But it really was fine. Understanding there are people having the same issues I am and some having a worse time with things makes it much easier to open up. Everyone in group was extremely supportive of my "sharing" today. It did help to talk in group, even though I doubted it would help any at all. Still trying to get the financial stuff taken care of and get my Short Term Disability so I can actually buy groceries and afford my medication.  Hopefully I can not freak out about that, it is difficult but I am making a good go at it.
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      Well done 👍🏼 Takes time but with help and support you'll get there. Good luck x
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      Glad you are getting some benefit from the therapy sessions.  Yes talking to others face to face can be very daunting.  Well done for opening up.  I am so glad it was fine. 

      How great that the whole group is supportive of each other.  I can imagine it helped you a lot. 

      Glad you are telling us about your experience.  Hope you get some money through soon as I know that will ease your stress a lot.

      Take care

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