I'm on methadone and they've forced me to go on daily pick up...

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This is because I forgot to go to the chemist on boxing day, as I thought they were shut, but because of the bank holiday it pushed me over the 3 day limit and the pharmacist put me off script.  I've recently been precribed pregbalin and they have made me confused and forgetful, hence my predicament.  The reason I am so upset is that I suffer from agoraphobia and really struggle to leave the house and especially if I am in titration which I am every morning and going to the chemists, clucking every day again is a horrible prospect.  The trouble is I am sure that I willl end up supplementing my script, which I have not done since August and have many clean teats to prove it.  Leaving the house is a real struggle for me and this decision is making me want to hurt myself again which I've not done for years now.  I suppose what I'm asking is does anyone have any advice as to how I can change the docs mind?  Could my psychiatrist help?  I am feeling very obsessed with suicide atm, and struggling to cope.  I am a 43 year old woman in the UK.   


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    You're doctor should understand if you say that you got days mixed up

    Surely.it's very difficult around this time,I've had similar problem with my scripts, my key worker went sick so it was the doctors receptionist that did mine,and what a mess they made of them.I went to chemist and was told to come back for my sleeping tabs and when I went back was given the third degree. We all feel low and fed up this time of year. I think it is unfair you should connect with the outreach you can. I'm in uk too and if you feel like a chat.message me.

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      Thank you for your kind reply.  Yes it's so frustrating, I am furious with myself for forgetting, and of course they presume that you are lying, and that no one could forget to go to the chemists when its every day, but I truly sis.  I have always had a poor memory but since I've been on pregabalin it has deteriorated.  Unfortunately they are the only 'antidepressant' I've been prescribed that actually make me feel better, so I think I now have to decide whether it is worth taking, considering the drawbacks.  Anyway thanks for bothering to reply and happy New Year mate! 
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    How much Lyrica (pregabalin) are you presribed? When did you first start to take it? Did your doctor increase your initial dose gradually? Did you ever take more than prescribed? Did you ever consume alcohol while on pregabalin? What is your methadone dose?

    Alot of questions I'm sorry but I have a lot of experience with pregabalin, its effects, tolerance profile and interactions with opioids and alcohol.

    Perhaps, I can shed some light for you,

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      Thank you reg for replying, I will try to answer your questions one by one!  I am on 500 mgs of Lyrica and I've been on it approx 6 weeks now, and at first I thought it was fantastice and all my problems were solved ... And at first I did take more than prescribed, out of curiosity really, but I have stopped doing that as I would run out.  And yes I do drink, every evening about 2 -3 litres of Srongbow which my Dr is aware of.  And I am on 30 mil of methadone at the moment, but I do have a bottle of my own meth at home and I am worried that I am inevitably going to end up taking extra meth to avoid going to the chemists clucking every day, as I wake up ill every day.  I haven't taken any class A's since August by the way.  Thanks again for repying and taking the time to help me reg ...
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      Well 500 mg is not a lot of Lyrica but it should be slowly titrated up. 75mgs for a few days then 150mgs for a few then 300 for a few before 500mg  Lyrica is affected by both alcohol and opiates. So if you took 500mgs the first time and had a few drinks while on methadone its no surprise you would feel the additive effects. Lyrica is an amazing drug. It has helped mwe with sleep and anxiey and has been a life saver in my treatment for ADHD and PTSD. Its affect on Gabba makes it an indispensible tool for help with withdrawal of  opiates and benzos and alcohol.

      I know people who have succefully withdrawan from heroin without too many problems only using Lyrica or gabapentin.

      Its tolerance occurs very quickly but the intial dose should be low.

      It has a very high safety profile but that is reduced significantly when taken with alcohol and opiates.

      I am currently prescribed almost 2 grams a night and have taken up to 5 grams recreationally with quite pleasurable effects. Note that I have a high tolerance already.

      Its pharmokinetics are fascinating at a certain point its bioavailabilty actually reduces. i.e the jump from 500 to 650 mg is felt much more than a jump from 1500 to 1650 mgs.

      You should continue your research on the additive effects of your combined medications and talkk to your doctor honestly about it.

      Good luck

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    Hi Jo

            Go online and look up RELEASE DRUGS AND THE LAW, HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES.

    They have helped me a lot, if there are any bad practice to you from the services they will fight for you.

    All to often we see these services who lets not forget are supposed to support us, fight against us, I have had loads of issues but also had a lot of support from RELEASE.

    I hope this helps.


    p.s. There are people out there to help you so don't let these individuals scare you/and/or threaten you when it comes to your treatment.

    Good luck.

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      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for replying to me.  I will look up about RELEASE, thanks for the pointer.  You are right about these 'services' as they can treat people very harshly if they don't stick to sometimes very difficult regimes.  I think that one of the hardest parst for me is that my life is in their hands and they have total control over me. (similar to my old dealers ...).  

      Anyway I'm going to go and look up that website you mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to help me.



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    Hi Jo, I registered just so I could reply to your message. I feel truly sympathetic to your situation. I have been in a similar situation and it's not a good place to be.

    Ppl don't realise how difficult it is for ppl like us. We run on a different time scale to "normal" ppl. What is easy for others can be excruciatingly hard for you and I. Just taking those 10-15 mins to get to the chemist each day can be a major challenge which puts us under the most awful stress.

    I still find it hard getting my script once a week!! If I had to bk to daily pick up I know I would end it all. So please try and stay strong and remember you are just as an important part of society as anyone else and shouldn't be made to feel otherwise.

    I wish I could help you and take all the darkness away. All I can do is offer my sympathy and moral support. Feel free to message me. I haven't worked out how to use the functions on here yet but I'll message you my email.

    Take care Jo and keep focused on the positives in life even if they're hard to find.

    Love and respect Andy

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      Hi Andy,  Thank you so much for replying, and also for understanding.  I am glad that some one out there understands how difficult this is for me! I messed up today because when I woke up, I stupidly took 30ml, forgetting that I had to go to the chemist for another 30.  I think I'm just going to end up with a massive meth habit because I really cannot face leaving the house with no meth at all inside.  I'm sure I'm being pathetic to most people but I really struggle with leaving the house in the best of circumstances, but to leave the house while in w/d is unthinkable!  I have been managing by just taking 10ml to take the edge of it, but I know that I'm going to end up with a habit that I cannot confess too (to Swanswell, the prescribing  drug advisory service) as then they'de never take me of supervised consumption.  Thanks for understanding how difficult this can be Andy, and you're right that I have to focus on the positives and I'm going to try and get it in perspective.  Thanks again for your kind words, it really did make me feel better. 

      Happy New Year and lots of love,

      Joanne x


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