I’m on my 5th week, never been this sick in my life

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ive really got nobody else to talk to. I’m 49. Fatigue soreness and low grade fever started first week of December. I’m still in this thing. I’m restless, sad, my girlfriend has had it with my complaining and self diagnosing. I don’t know what I’m gonna get from day to day, some days I can work, some days I’m too tired and weak to even spend quality time with my son. I hate the fact that there’s nothing I can do except rest and drink fluids. I came into this world with an IGA deficiency which has left me with a compromised immune system my entire life, sinus infections last for a month, ear infections just as long.  Now mono. Blood tests say my AST is 84, my ALT is 344. So even after a Ct scan, ultrasound and chest X-ray that was clear, I think I have liver damage or pancreatic cancer.(because of my self diagnosis due to the internet.) I’m on Medicaid, don’t have a great PCP nor do I have an infectious disease doc.

can anybody just give me any words of encouragement. It would really help. 


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    Hi Sean,

    It is just a very long lasting virus, Just about everyone on this site started out believing it had to be something more and the anxiety that this virus causes just makes that worse, I was diagnosed in October 2016 and it tool until last September to turn the corner,

    I am glad I got the virus before my daughter did, otherwise I would never have been able to understand how debilitating it can be.

    You will recover eventually until then it is just day to day with this virus. Do what you can but don't overdo it. Rest is the best thing along with fluids ans vitamin supplements. 

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    Hi Sean, sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with mono and that you're struggling. This forum is a really good source of support and advice. I'm in my fifth month of the illness and have only just noticed a bit of an improvement in my energy levels and other symptoms dissipating. Mono can present some pretty diverse symptoms so it's best to get regular blood tests to monitor your spleen and liver function. It is tempting to get on dr Google but most times it just makes you worry unnecessarily. After I was first diagnosed and the dr told me it would take at least six months to recover,  it took me a while to actually accept that I had to adjust my life to recover.  The sooner you commit to resting and healing, the sooner you will recover.  I wish you a speedy recovery.

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    Hi Sean,

    im a 41 yr old female and in my 13th month of glandular fever, although it's apparently post viral fatigue now. But good news is that I'm getting better, at about 10 months I saw a dramatic improvement but it is still ups and downs with this virus, you seem to get somewhere and then symptoms come back and pull you down again. It is dreadfully frustrating, I know and really hard to deal,with, support of everyone close to you can really help.but I would say probably hard to understand if you've never had anything like this.

    rest is important, fluids, good healthy diet, no alcohol, cut down on sugar, I take vitamins and ginseng, I was taking a good manuka honey for a while.

    i saw an endocrinologist who said probably (for me) another 6 months to a year for a full recovery. And he was confident (they don't mince their words) that I would make a full recovery. It's hard to believe you will when you feel so poorly for so long, but things will turn around for you. 

    this forum had some lovely lovely people, who completely understand.

    take care, things will improve slowly.



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      I'm almost 4 months in this. I went back to my regular family primary care doctor yesterday and had another round of bloodwork done and now waiting on the results. She is most likely going to refer me to an infectious disease doctor just to rule some things out for piece of mind. I am also hoping for some better guidance about my activity level and if there is any way to get an indication of how much longer I have to go. Do you think an endocrinologist would be another good specialist that might be able to help. What test might be able to show how much longer I have? I had the best week I have had so far right before Christmas until New Year's Eve. I was feeling the most normal I ever had, and now I have been back to the temp in the 99s, feeling sick and exhausted all this past week. Every time I think I have turned a corner, it seems I get another bad stretch. I'm working hard to try to stay positive. I'm glad I found this group because mamy of the people in my life are not understanding why I am not well already.

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      Hi Denise,

      ive had certain scans and tests done to rule out other and nasty stuff, which I'm glad to say all came back clear, my gp referred me to the endocrinologist and he went through my history, didn't do any more tests but he must see lots of people like me! I'm going back to see his 'team' as they help people recover, so whatever information I find out useful I will certainly share! 

      The sick and exhausted feeling is dreadful. That for me is the worst.

      i think you need to start moving and doing tasks slowly and then very gradually building on what you're doing, very gently and definately not doing any more than that.  Eat well and things will improve.

      personally it's still early days at 4 months, so keep the positivity! And just try ride out those day times.

      things will definately improve. They have for me and they will for you too! 

      Caroline x

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    Hey Sean,

    Don't panic! The internet has a terrible way of making you feel like you have the worst possible illness when typing in any symptoms. Glandular Fever can make you feel absolutely awful and it has been the worst thing in my life. I am very slowly starting to recover I think but it has taken a very long time and I have seen little to no improvement for so long.

    You must try and rest as much as possible and let it be knowing that you will recover eventually and become a stronger person as a result of it.

    Hope this helps,



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    Hi Sean,

    So sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time with mono. It really is a horrible virus, and do want to reassure you that it does get better and will go away. It's so hard to see and feel that whilst in the midst of it, but please please do hang in there. I believe that Jesus will bring healing. Don't panic if it takes a bit of time, for me and others I know it certainly did but remember there is hope and you will get through this, and you can always talk to the people on the forum here who are a good support.

    Things that helped me included taking herbs and vitamins to boost the immune system, including a good strong multi-vitamin per day, high doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), B complex (great for energy levels), enough Vitamin D and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng and/or echinicea.

    Remember, you ARE goingn to get better Sean, and thinking of you here and believing in your recovery.


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