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hi I'm from perth australia and got told by my gp that i had a double prolapse. i was then sent along to a gyney who confirmed the prolapses put me on vagifem and betmigà with physio to be operated on 6th feb .

i work in an insurance brokers office and am sitting down most of the day

thing is i only have 2 weeks leave for recovery.

I'm getting rather acared now

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    It's major surgery Wendy, no matter what type of stitching or which repairs human tissue can take up to 12-16 weeks to heal and can take longer for deeper tissues.

    If the pelvic floor fails it's because the ligaments which support the pelvic floor and hold up all the pelvic organs have failed and while they repair the sagging walls and we can do physio to strengthen pelvic muscles, the ligaments will still be weak so will always have to be careful and allow enough time for tissues to heal properly before being on your feet for too long don't want to put down pressure on healing tissue.

    I think recovery is slightly quicker with keyhole surgery or so they say, but then again a weight issue of pelvic organs bearing down on pelvic floor while still healing.

    I am almost 2 years post op and still struggling even though my work has tried to ensure I get a a seat as much as possible I can still go home with painful pelvic floor all depends on if I get a good supporting chair they say to keep bum to back of chair, some of our chairs don't allow that (they don't go low enough to tuck legs beneath the till resulting in chair being to far away from work surface and forced to lean forward much of the time so no support for back or pelvic floor. (These are new chairs, the ones before that had no wheels which you need for checkout as you scan facing one direction and another when accessing the money box.

    Nightmare, luckily I don't have actual spine problems but have almost had full blown frozen shoulder with repetitive overstretching.

    But main problem in early weeks post op after vaginal repairs is unable to sit for any length of time.

    If you go back early rather than later negotiate a part-time return with reduced hours. Make sure you get up once an hour to walk about for 5 mins.

    But my advice is take as long as you can, don't want to undo surgeons good work.

    My own experience; first repair and hysterectomy, stitch came out when they pulled out catheter, didn't rest enough in early weeks although told to rest that it would take 6-12 weeks it was not made clear enough just how much rest or the do's and dont's.

    While I did take time out for recovery and managed to return to work and do overtime it only lasted for about 2 and a half years until they put me on my feet at self scan.

    So 2nd repair was back and front walls, far better informed as to do and don't, was very careful in early weeks, but couldn't afford to be off more than the 3 months with pay after that no pay and hubby not well so went back had to negotiate myself without support from occupational health ( that women what an idiot with no health background, fudged on about gynecology recovery times; repairs are specialist field in urogynocology).

    Returned to work and eventually on my feet again has caused scar tissue problems (wish I had took longer out and don't think they really understood that my weak pelvic floor had failed due to being on my feet for long periods and therefore will fail again if left on my feet for too long again. I don't mind helping out for shorter periods but the problem is getting a decent seat back, especially when some ladies seem to recent me getting a good seat sometimes.

    Anyway all seats should be good not just 2 or 3.

    Please take care during early weeks of recovery don't lift anything that causes down pressure and limit time on your feet to little short walks around house and when you feel ready to do more take little steps at a time to see how your body copes, your body will soon tell you when you overdo things.

    This site is a god send and their is a useful resources section to be found under genitourinary forum, scroll to emus moderator useful resources, scroll down again and find south tees or physio advice further down .

    Take care

    Phyl x

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    Hi Wendy, Phyl's given you the information you need.

    It will be impossible to return to work after two weeks. At that point you will still be curled up in bed or on the settee, recovering.

    It's a long hard recovery. If you try to rush it, the repair will fail. You will have gone through it for nothing. You need at least six weeks, even then you're going to find it hard. Don't be under any illusions that you're going to be the one who recovered in a fortnight. You need to forewarn your employers that if necessary you can have more time off.

    Don't be worried about recovery, but do be realistic.

    Best wishes going forward. There are always ladies on these boards if you have any problems or worries after surges. We're a great group, will always try to help. 

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    I would agree with everything that has been said. It is a major op, you will need time to recover, certainly more than 2 weeks. I am 1 yr 5 months post op for triple prolapse op and still, if I have been on my feet for the majority of a day, feel very tired and feel a slight pull in my pelvic area, mind you I am 66 so maybe, a bit older than you!

     Anyway it is really important to listen to listen to your body, if you do not feel good, stop and take time out to look after yourself. You will know when you feel able to do what you did before, just remember, no lifting of heavy weights, never again!

    hope you feel better soon.

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      thanks Ladies.

      i have concerns that my job will still be available if i take 8 weeks off.

      financially it is going to be hard.

      I'm 52 so lots of work life in front of me

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    Hi Wendy. Understand your concerns re finance & job completely. Are you member of a Union? If not it might be worth joining and finding out what your workers rights are . Certainly in UK firing someone because they are taking necessary time off work due to an operation would amount to unfair dismissal/discrimination. Try to get something in writing from your consultant saying you have to have that time off in order to recover properly.Employer may also be obliged to provide you with suitable seating - as I say I'm in UK so I don't know Australian employment law but you need to find out. Hope this helps a bit.You do need to take as long as possible off after this as the other ladies have said. There is another support group APOPS on facebook who have 78k members and def some others in Australia so there may someone on there who can offer more advice. Good luck & Hugs xx

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    thank you ladies
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      i went to see the surgeon yesterday and asked outright how long will i be off work, and she said a max of 3 weeks.

      as i am in a sit down job she said 3 weeks should be fine.

      I'm so confused!


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