I'm scared of having Raynaud's?

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I'm 33 year old male, and I have an anxiety disorder. I tend to get OBSESSIVE over physical issues.

The other night, I was in my basement and it was cold down there.

My feet were cold, and as I was walking, it felt like my middle toe was so cold it was numb, but kind of painful, like I stepped on something.

I took off my socks and looked at my toe, and it looked white at the tip of my middle toe. A perfect circle almost. It was numb-ish to the touch. After massaging it for a second, it went away.

I took a photo of it. A before and after.

This has happened only about 2 other times in my entire life. Once last year, and maybe once the year before. But only 1 time each year. The other 2 times, it was just the tip of my big toe, but I never noticed the whitening then. Again VERY rare occasions.

I googled white tip of toe and Raynaud's came up.

That didnt scare me so much, but the secondary diseases are what scared me to death, and got my anxiety way up.

I immediatley went to my Dr. and showed him the pictures.

He mentioned Raynaud's but said it USUALLY happens in the hands. I've NEVER had it happen in my fingers or hands. I would know.

He thinks it's probably a fluke, or if it is Raynaud's he said "most people have a LITTLE bit of Raynaud's, but they don't go to the Dr. b/c it doesnt happen often." He said he's not worried, and that I shouldnt worry about other diseases.

So, do you think I should relax if my Dr. is not concerend? 

I am super anxious. I'm scared I'm going to develop scleredoma or somethign rare.

Does this sound or look like it?

Why would it just be in my toe, radomly, like once a year maybe?

Is this something that is going to get worse? Could it just be the blood flow cutting off WITHOUT it being Raynauds?

Thanks. Just need some reassurance. smile

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    Just talked to one of my guy friends and he said this happened to hisee toe 2 weeks ago. He said his feet were cold, and his right middle toe felt numb and was white.

    I broke down crying in front of him. It gave me reassurance that maybe this is quite common. And maybe it's not Raynaud's.

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    It does look like Raynauds. However, you have to think about how often this happens. If I am cold, it happens almost every single time. A  lot of people who have auto immune diseases have Raynauds. Have you ever had other issues? When I first started noticing Raynauds is started happening slowly but now, as I said, it happens every time I am cold. I think if you're really concerned about other issues follow up with a Rheumotolgist but if you have nothing else going on listen to your doctor.

    PS: Remember, I am not a real doctor so I can only tell you from personal history what happened to me. 

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      Thanks for the reply.

      The only other symptoms I've battled with in the past is anxiety, and also widespread muscle knots and lower back pain.

      I was scared I had fibromyalgia, RA or something, but Dr. ruled that out last year.

      I will say, that when I do get cold, my fingernails and toenails turn a light purple, but I know this is very common because of the cold. The color in my nails always comes back when I'm warmed up.

      But, other than that, I have nothing wrong with me.

      My Dr. did massive blood work on me last year and an MRI. All bloodwork and immunity results came back normal and healthy. MRI revealed a broadbased bulging disc in my lower back.

      That's all.

      This does NOT happen every time I'm cold. Just maybe once in a great while. Maybe once or twice a year. But only lasts a few minutes.

      My Dr. Said, it's usually in your fingers. My fingers have NEVER turned colors.

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      I even tested my feet last night. I put them in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes. Nothing happened.

      Tonight, in my basement, my feet were freezing cold because it's like 57 degrees down there, and nothing happened.

      My friend who's a paramedic just wrote me and she has Raynauds, and she said if mine is just localized to 1 toe it's environmentall, and absolutely NORMAL.


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      I talked to my Dr. Again tonight. I broke down crying. He said what more than likely happened to me is just a normal environmental reaction to the cold. He said it's NORMAL. He saidid he would NOT self diagnose and call it raynauds. He said the name is usuallying given if it happens daily or is severe. He said once or twice a year when cold is NORMAL abnormal occurance and I should not be anxiety ridden fearing the worst. He said my anxiety is his #1 concern. And he also noted he 100% did NOT think k I had any signs of auto immune due to the huge amount of blood work recently done. He said for me to stay off the Internet. Lol.

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    I think you should listen to your doctor in this case. It doesn't sound like you have Raynauds. 


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