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Raynaud's Phenomenon

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  • kirsty72893 2

    Is constant tingling in hands & feet a symptom of Raynauds?

    I've had constant tingling and pins and needles in my hands and feet for several months, maybe as long as 6 months.  At first my GP thought it was caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency, but the blood test showed it isn't this. As the weather turned colder I noticed that, when I get cold, my...

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  • zoe43889 1
  • l65195 3

    Please help! Is this raynauds?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me who has or knows about raynauds please. For the past year I have been experiencing the veins on my palms coming up really clear on my palms, both hands. They do not raise they just look more blue and clearly defined. Dr doesn't seem interested and said there's...

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  • DebW- 1

    Newly diagnosed- not sure if correct diagnosis

    Recently diagnosed with Reynaud's after both hands and feet swelled, pain -but not burn type pain,in all the joints of my feet and hands. from my knuckles down fingers get discolored,dusky colored but not white or purple.. My fingers only occasionally get cold- the rest of me is always hot! Can you...

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  • hunkydory 1

    Accute blue finger

    Hi all, I would like to ask if anyone had any experience with an 'accute blue finger syndrome'? The effect is very much like that of Raynauds (spasm of the small blood vessels causing restriction of blood flow / numbness / burning pain), but this only affects one single finger, the finger turns...

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  • betty175 1

    Dead leg

    I've been recently diagnosed with raynauds, however this is a symptom I have had since I was young. I will suddenly get an ache in one of my legs and the only way I can describe it is as though my blood has turned to ice! My leg feels stiff and heavy as though it has turned to stone! I also get blue...

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  • sophia10 1

    I have the cure for Raynauds

    Let me tell you I had full blown Raynaud's. I'd need roughly one hour recovery from an attack. Blue fingers white fingers, pain - the lot. I've got low blood pressure so I can't take medication. I have to go to hospital for a week for iloprost infusion. Anyway let me tell you what cured...

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  • lanaowen 1

    Raynauds / collagen supplement

    Hi I take a collagen supplement for health benefits.  However I have had raynauds for many yrs.   Can anyone advise if taking collagen is ok with raynauds and wont lead to scleroderma? Any idea?  

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  • nicola02931 1

    Loosing weight makes it worse?

    hi all, I'm new here. I was just wondering if anyone's raynauds had got worse after loosing weight? I have lost approx 3 stone and all my symptoms are 10 times worse than before :-( I haven't been to the doctor as yet but it's getting that's affecting my lifestyle, I really don't...

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  • bebe42509 1


    I have Reynauds, and i have to drive 2 to 3 hour everyday, delivering mail from one office to another for the company i work or for my job.  All my fingers turn blue, numb, and tingling.  Should i ask doctor for note saying i should not be driving a company vehicle

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  • MrsMissyMoo 1

    Positive tests, could it be secondary Raynauds?

    Hi there I've suffered with Raynauds for around 10 years now and it's progressively getting worse. The attacks are excruciatingly painful and have pain when the attack is over. The Raynauds isn't just brought on by cold, it happens when I'm at the gym holding weights, if I'm sat in...

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  • cnote 2

    I'm scared of having Raynaud's?

    I'm 33 year old male, and I have an anxiety disorder. I tend to get OBSESSIVE over physical issues. The other night, I was in my basement and it was cold down there. My feet were cold, and as I was walking, it felt like my middle toe was so cold it was numb, but kind of painful, like I stepped...

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  • Marz12985 1
  • Caterina912 3

    Right arm tingles

    Hi I have had these tingles in my right arm for the last 4 days, I would take an advice to relieve the pressure and it works but why won't it go away?

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  • naranja 2

    Do I have Raynaud's ?

    Hi everyone, 20 year old female. For about a year now (started last January) I've had unsettling hand pain. Recently my doctor told me he thinks I have Raynaud's disease and put me on medication for it. Although personally I don't think I have it??? Can anyone tell me if these symptoms match...

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  • kellytully23 1

    poor circulation, splotchy arms

    Hi, so i have had this horriable disorder for a while now but have recently been suffering from really poor cirulation in my arms and legs. my arms are always redy purple with red splotches i am only 23 and having every person ask me if im 'Sun burnt' all the time and having purple legs when...

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  • EllPanda 1

    Best gloves for Raynauds?

    Hi, I've been diagnosed with Primary Raynauds for 2 years now and my current woolly gloves don't seem to be preventing attacks very well. Any suggestions for good gloves? (Fingerless gloves have never worked for me)

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  • kate71548 1

    Just diagnosed, how long does the tingly feeling last?

    I'm so glad I found this group! I was just diagnosed with Raynaud's, after landing in the ER because my right hand had gone completely blue. They were sure it was a blood clot, but ultrasound showed no clots in either arm, and within about ten minutes of being there, my hand started pinking up....

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  • balia9595 2

    Is it Raynaud's tho?

    Hello people,  since I've been ill ( possibly autoimmune,not diagnosed yet) I started getting blue-grey nails when I am cold. I had a capilaroscopy and Raynaud's was diagnosed but... my Raynaud's is not like everyone else's. My dingers don't hurt, don't change colors and...

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  • scramble 2

    Is this Raynaud's? please see photo

    Just looking for advice - my fingertips started turning purple in cold temperatures five years ago ( they first turn a pale waxy colour). My GP sent me to a rheumatologist who asked me to describe the colour changes and was quite adamant that what I was describing wasn't Raynaud's apparently...

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  • christy21394 1

    Have raynauds. Little holes in fingertips?

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with raynauds for seven years now and the last few years I have also been getting little tiny holes in my fingertips. They hurt and they take forever to heal. Any suggestions on how to ease the pain of those? Thanks!

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  • Alexi 3


    i have wrinkly sore fingertips that feel like I've scalded them. Does anyone else have this, or know what it is ?

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  • Sumo sue no mor 1

    intense pain

    Hi everyone. I am a 46 year old woman and I have the most Intense pain in my right hand It starts off as heavy arms from the elbow on both arms and down more so the tips of my fingers and toes start to tingle and jerk uncontrollable and then both hands and toe they start to loose colour and turn white...

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  • helene29953 1
  • dee53012 6

    Doc said I have Raynauds

    Over a year ago, my doc said I have Raynauds. But everyone here says the cold is the problem. I have that also, but often, my hands and lower arms and become flainming hot. Is this synonimous with Raynauds? Does anyone out here get the extreme temps like this?

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  • paul49156 1

    raymounds condition

    hi i have the above and was wondering if any gadget? is avalible just to cover the finger tips as getting change ect  keys from pockets and generally activities of daily living?!! i have the raymounds gloves but it is very painfull when handling things hands not pacticulary cold sometimes numb!...

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  • debralee 2

    Diagnosed with Secondary Raynauds but wondering if I still have it?

    at first for about a year I had severe color change white, blue, red and then I had an flolan treatment a year ago and things started to change about 3 months after that. Now my fingers rarely turn white but are still painfully cold and they are more of a red color with a burning sensation...ouch ​Today...

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  • MrsMissyMoo 1

    Pain after episodes

    Hi there, I've had raynauds for around 10 years in both hands and feet quite severely, still unsure wether it's primary or secondary. I've tried nipifidene, but makes me feel very unwell?!?! I have many attacks daily and often get chilblains, but it's the excruciating pain I get in certain...

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  • Miltonk123 2

    Just diagnosed

    Hi, I've been told I have this as I get the white then blue thing.  But it only happens sometimes, can be once a day, once a week etc...  Is this normal with it because sometimes I think its gone after a month & then it happens again?  Also, my hands are always darker than other...

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  • Ruthie007 1

    Typical symptoms of Raynauds

     I was diagnosed with Raynauds a few months ago, when I went to the doctor about a injured toe nail, and my feet turned blue in front of the doctor (never had it or noticed it before then). Doctor wasn't that concerned about it, so never really though more about it as it wasn't brother...

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  • zoe27862 1

    Blue lips

    Hi everyone I am really needing some support. For years now i have been suffering with blue lips it was always put down to anxiety. I even bought a pulse oximeter to check my oxygen levels when it happened always 98%. Over the last month or so it as become worse and my lips start to tingle because of...

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  • madeleine94884 3

    Tingling Fingers

    My G.P. recently diagnosed me with Raynaud's - I have to say I don't have a lot of faith in him, he spent most of the time reading up about it online.   Anyway, my main symptom is tingling and numbness in my two middle fingers on my right hand - and it doesn't go away !  ...

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  • fakiha 2

    Raynauds and peeling skin

    My daughter 16 years old was diagnosed with Raynaud’s phenomenon last Jan. Now that it's getting colder again it's getting worse to the point that wearing double socks and having her own heater still doesn't prevent her feet from going numb and white. Alongside that the skin between her toes...

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  • joe21532 2

    Hot flashes

    Looking for some help, my girlfriend has reynaulds so she can't take any estrogen according to her doctors. She has about 20 hot flashes a day, I'm not kidding. She is so miserable. Has anyone encountered this before? If so what did you do to help with the hot flashes. I feel so bad for her that...

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  • vicky06455 2

    Now not raynaulds

    ive not been able to get about for almost 6 months after tests bloods X-Ray's etc doctor tells me I've raynaulds disease and my painful toe would be fine once I take nifidipine & stop smoking ok 3 months on nothing changing went for 2nd opinion at the roayal free hospital London I was admitted...

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