I'm stuck with room filling fart breath

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For as long as I can remember I have suffered with fart/baby nappy breath especially after eating chocolate and ice-cream, but worst of all even after brushing teeth and drinking water etc. I'm lactose intolerant, but never really had stomach pains unless I drink milk or eat ice-cream. Also my saliva stinks and I have a whitish tongue.

I'm now in my 40's and finally plucked up courage to go to my GP.

I had an h-pylori breath test in July this year and surprise, suprise was positive. I had metranidazole, Amoxycillin and omeprazole for 1 week. At the time my saliva stopped stinking and I thought I was getting better breath. However a few weeks on and my mouth tasted horrible again and I could smell my own fart/garbage stench when talking to people.

I asked my doctor to retest for h pylori, but he said I need to wait a year, even though the test kit says you can repeat a month after taking antibiotics. How else can I tell if the treatment worked, and then tell if it is the culprit of my bb?

I know this is nothing to do with my mouthcare as I have an immaculate regime and people often say how white my teeth are. Unfortunately people also keep brushing their noses when I'm talking and I get the odd "have you farted?" comment.

I am married with kids and it never bothers me when I'm at home, but I know the problem exists and am desperate to solve or at least reduce the problem. 

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    Oh dear you do have problems! Has your GP suggested to test your bleed? If your bloods are normal, is your mouth very dry? How long is it since you saw your dentist? Many people get tiny pockets of Denis just below the gum margin. If your dentist says your oral hygiene is fine, the only other thing I might suggest is to be referred to ENT to see if you have problems in that direction?
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      Thanks for your reply - I haven't had blood tests relating to bb, just the urea breath test. Dentist can find no issues with my teeth or gums. ENT is probably the best bet, but again relies on finding the right individual. I can ask my GP about blood testing, but as is often I'm not being taken seriously enough.
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    Hi there Jules.. This sounds like you may have HALITOPHOBIA / DELUSIONAL HALITOSIS. Have you had any blood test done?
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      Hi Benjamin, this is definitely not a case of halitophobia or delusional halitosis. I appreciate the conditions exist, but I have had enough comments and vague discussions to know I have problem breath. The issue is how to find the cause and effectively deal with it.

      I also know how the system runs being a healthcare professional myself - and very few Doctors are quick to admit their shortcomings in knowledge.

      So maybe a blood test is one way forward and also referral to ENT Doc. What always helps on these cases is having a GP who actually listens.

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    Hi there Jules can I ask do you still have your Tonsils ? If so then the problem could well be that you have Tonsils stones. Which will need attention
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      Of course the tonsils could be a problem as well as silver fillings, gum disease, dehydration, empty stomach, dry mouth, pnd, thrush and so the list goes on. It is a case of ruling things out, however some people have had tonsils removed, changed their fillings and drink water like a fish and still have the problem.

      I guess I would like to hear what has worked for people in the same position.

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      Benjamin, you really do need to see your GP. You may need to be referred to an ENT specialist. This will either sort out your problem or you can get reassurance that your mouth and digestive tract are OK! if they are then but a really good mouth spray and use it! 
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    Hi Jules, I also suffer from this. ENT told me to have my tonsils removed but it will not be a guarantee that it will solve the odor.

    I just came across the name of a test your doctor can perform in your mouth to see its candidosis.

    I can't post it gets moderated.

    I'm going to the doctor tmrrw, I will post if this gets done.

    also, how is your bowl movement, stool formation, is your bathroom odor stronger???

    In my case, I have a tiny hernia but not to cause the odor. Little bit of acid reflux but I don't need medication.

    I just stared brushing my tongue w hydrogen peroxide mixed w water when I brush my teeth.

    this has helped.

    I know what you are going thru. I have spent money, seen several specialists this is so embarrassing to LIVE with.

    I eat health. No wheat, no sugar.

    The odor also gets worse when I drink water.

    I hope you get to the root of the issue. You are not alone.

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    Hi Jules,

    I've just read your comment and WOW, you pull no punches with your explicitness.......I'm sorry to say that I couldn't stop laughing at your essay. But on a more serious note it must be hellish. I guess you've tried an antisceptic mouthwash ?


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