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nambardar58017 nambardar58017

I masturbated from last 5 years

Hi all, i am masturbating from last 5 years... today when i am having sex my dick didn't get erect and i can't put condom on it... plz help me i want my dick healthy.

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  • ml66uk ml66uk nambardar58017

    Things will probably be back to normal tomorrow, but if it lasts a few days, you should probably see a doctor.

    Some questions though: How old are you, has this ever happened before, do you have any medical conditions that you know of, and are you taking any medications?

  • Chirsr Chirsr nambardar58017

    You don't say how old you are, but if you are penetrating a woman I assume you are over 18. Furher the scenario that you refer to (placing a condom over the shaft of the penis is before you penetrate, or attempt to) is with a woman.

    You have masturbated for 5 years, have you found it longer (if you pardon the pun) to:

    a) Achieve an erection just be being emotionally/visually aroused, say watching a porn movie or your partner undressing? 

    b) How often during the day /night have you masturbated (to climax) with the penis erect before you start massaging it? 

    c) Do you masturbate/ or mastubated by your parnter prior to penetration, and the penis is still not become fully erect? 

    In the case of point b); are you finding it longer to reach climax even if your penis was erect? 

    It could be that you have been masturbating too much and the penis cannot fill with blood (which makes it erect), particularly if you have masturbated to climax several times in short succession.  Unlike women, men cannot acheive multiple orgasm, and the penis does often go back to its non erect state briefly before arousal makes it become erect again. 

    Holding the base of the penis near to the scrotum often prevents the blood running out of the penis and maintaining the erection a bit longer, but that may may mean the fingers entering the vulva and vagina making it uncomfortable for the partner.   

    I would suggest that you reduce the amount of masturbation both in terms of frequency per day, and also during the course of say a month. That way the penis will be able to fill with blood more easily since the blood vessels will not have been comrpressed so that the blood flows less quickly and lower pressure. That is what appears to be preventing full erection. 

    The other issue, and this is outside the immeidate sexual context, is there anything worrying you at work or within the family (outside your children if you have any) say one of you parents is unwell; and more likely if you are under a lot of pressue at work.  

    Both of the above can cause erectile disfunction. 

    Also eating a balanced diet and laying of the beer/alcohol a bit can help because too much alcohol can cause issues with blood pressure, which in turn affects the ability for the penis to become erect.  Have you had your blood pressure taken rescently?  

    If it is below 108/70 then that may be another reason.  Also do your feel pain when our urinate, paricularly at the base of the penis and in the pubic area? 

    If that is the case there may be a ProstateGland issue, which may be temporary if you are creating a situation where your Prosate is frequently "switiching over" to allow ejaculated followed by urination and back again. That could be that the gland is "tired". 

    Finally if you find that all the suggestions are not working after another four weeks, then I would suggest that you speak to your GP. 

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Thanks for your help!

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