I might be clutching at straws here but.. gallstones?!

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Hi, I'm a 32 year old female and was told I had IBS a good few years ago after bouts of diarrhoea and stomach pain. My diet is miles better now than it was in my 20's and I don't get the stomach pains that often now.

However, for the last year I've had at least 5 episodes of flu like symptoms which last anywhere from 2-5 days and now the last few weeks I've felt nauseous all the time, not much of an appetite (only want bland food when I do eat), chills and just a general unwell feeling. I've also got a dull ache and sometimes stabbing pain under my right rib. It can be painful at times but it's bearable.

2 weeks ago I noticed my eyes looked yellow when I pulled down my lower eyelid and I freaked out. I made an appointment with my GP and I had various blood tests including liver function tests, all of which came back normal. I returned again last week as I still wasn't feeling any better and had also felt a hard lump under my right rib and had noticed bright red blood in the toilet after a very loose bowel movement.

During the 2nd visit she assured me I didn't have jaundice but had no other explanation as to why my eyes could be yellow. She suggested I had further blood tests and stool samples (for IBD) she also did a physical exam of my abdomen and could feel the lump under my rib. The lump is right near a scar from an operation I had as a baby due to pyloric stenosis so it could just be scar tissue though she did mention a possible hernia?!

I'm still waiting on the second lot of blood and stool results and also have an ultrasound in a few weeks.

I'm baffled as to why I feel so ill all the time but some of my symptoms seem to fit with gallbladder problems but I'm not sure I'm in enough pain for it to be the cause

Any thoughts?

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    I would request a MRI of your liver. I had a bad gallbladder and a baseball size benign tumor on my liver that no blood tests or U/S picked up on and the tumor was only discovered when I had my gallbladder removed. Good luck! Don't let doctors dismiss you.

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      Oh and I didn't have gallstones, just a non functioning gallbladder which they used a HIDA scan to determine it wasn't working.

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      Thanks for your response. My initial thought was liver problems but since my LFT's came back fine then she's completely dismissive about there being a liver problem. I just don't understand the whole yellow eye thing, she didn't seem concerned, but I am.

      Hopefully the ultrasound picks up something (obviously not serious) but if not, then I kind of get the impression she won't want to investigate further.

      Can I ask what your symptoms were?

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      I was extremely nauseous all the time. Migraines. Right shoulder pain. And then a year later (after being undiagnosed) I started having right side pain and low grade fevers. I finally went to ER and they did an ultra sound of my gallbladder and liver and didn't see anything so dismissed me. I went and saw my family doctor to get a referral to a GI and was basically mocked by my doctor who probably assumed I was a hypochondriac after being in her office so much. She said Basically I had acid reflux (even though I had no symptoms of this) and told me good luck finding someone to take my gallbladder out. I went to the GI and my blood work was normal. They sent me for a HIDA scan since I didn't have stones and showed my gallbladder was not functioning. During my gallbladder surgery that is when the surgeon was able to see my tumor (benign) that was the size of a baseball on the bottom of my liver. Tumors though can be anywhere even inside the liver. But none of my blood work, Ulta sound, or HIDA Scan picked it up. My symptoms disappeared mainly after my gallbladder removal but it goes to show they don't always see something. A MRI of your liver would show exactly what's going on if it's that but it could just be your gallbladder causing bile to back up. Start with an U/S to see if you have stones. If not get a HIDA scan to see if your gallbladder if functioning. If you are concerned about your liver then ask for a liver MRI

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      That's really helpful, thanks. Sounds like you've had a rough time yourself. Hope you're feeling better now.

      I just want to be sure that I go armed to my next appointment with a bit more knowledge should my tests and ultrasound come back 'normal' as I get the feeling it'll then all just be put down to IBS and I'll be sent on my way.

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