I might be onto some relief... how about you all give it a try

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I can't clear up my yellow eyes BUT I have found some relief with other symtpoms by rotating wheatgrass in the morning and reishi tea at night. This actually made me feel so normal (except the eyes) but FEELING, that I tried to jump back into regular caffeine use which really screwed up my progress SO, that said don't be like me and feel so good that you revert to past behaviors but give it a try and see what effects it has on your well being. 

Most people are aware of wheatgrass but less are aware of how to use reishi so let me brief you guys and then I'll let you google more if youre interested.

To do this, get reishi, find someone you trust.

To make a tea, I make mine about 5 grams strong and I make batches of around 5 to 6 cups to last me around 5 days so I weigh on a kitchen scale (a few bucks on amazon) 30 grams of mushroom and put in 8 cups of water (preferably quality spring water but I guess anything will do) This 8 cups will boil down over the course of a day to around 5 cups.

You can add water at the end to adjust your dosage... so if your goal is to have 5 grams a cup add enough water so you end up with 6 cups (30grams/6 cups=5 grams per cup) Technically my dosage if I end up with 5 cups is 6 grams per cup... hopefully the math is making some sense.

I throw all 30 grams of the mushroom in the water in a stainless steel pot and simmer IF NOT below simmer (you want it JUST below boiling) which I realize is hard to maintain through an 8 hour simmer but try... I

The result is a very strong tea that takes some time after getting used to its taste. I've been told that people compare it to whiskey and getting used to that taste. Its not great at first BUT I actually welcome it now and look forward to my nightly cup. I put honey in it to offset the bitter. 

I am sharing this info so that anyone else can try it and hopefully give your account on if it benefits you. I have been using reishi on and off for about three years now. My gilberts symptoms JUST got really bad this past year and I had not been taking my reishi normally like in the past. When I went back to my reishi I felt a lot better. From about 70% to about 90%. I've been researching reishi for about three years as well and am exploring even creating tinctures etc and what benefits it might offer through other methods of extraction. The SIMPLEST I have found that I have found to have an effect on me is the tea that I have just described how to make so give it a go and report back.

Good luck everyone.

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    Hi Arthhur,

    How do you have the daily wheatgrass? I have a juicer and bought some fresh wheatgrass but it didn't make much juice, only about a sip. I think less than 10mls and from memory the grass was about $8.00. I hav had a blood test that told me I had a mild intolerance to mushroom so I won't give the tea a go just yet but at this point I would try anything. Tell me that eating sand is the cure and I will head straight down to the beach. I wish there was more support for this disease. I wish you all the best!

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      I bought a giant bag (bulk is better priced) of what is called "hard white wheat berries", organic. Im not entirely sure why its called that but thats wheat grass seed. I grow it in trays which actually grows fine even in the winter in a window. There are many tutorials online or youtube for how to grow your own wheatgrass. Try searching "grow wheatgrass at home" or some other keyword configuration on youtube. I would write it here but I dont want to be lengthy and its been seen on a video. Anyway, when I grow it I can make a tray for only a few dollars. One tray will make about 12 wheatgrass shots if my memory serves correct. Anyhow, to make the tray will cost probably around $5 worth of materials if you buy the components in bulk... Like I said earlier, I got a 25 lb bag of "hard white wheat berries" which lasted me a easily a year, possibly more than a year. It breaks down to pennies per planting. The only pain is this is time intense. A tray takes two weeks to grow and then I always start more trays so that when one is gone I have another batch ready. All in all it takes about a half hour to an hour a week to prep. Honestly thats not terribly time intense but sometimes I will go to the local health foods deli and snag a shot for $5 (expensive for convenience)... regardless, IF you have the time and a window, you can easily grow it. Next, IF you only ended up with a sip its because it takes a LOT of this stuff to make a shot glass full (which is what I drink each day)... again, if you're growing full trays this wont be a problem to cut enough daily to create a shot glass, but you dont want to grow a small pot of it and think thats gonna be enough. You will deplete your source instantly smile Again, I grow multiple trays (I bought a rack to hold them) and rotate them in and out. Lastly, you need a juicer that is capable of pressing wheatgrass. There are MANY to choose from but make sure you choose one that specifically says its good for that. Try googling "wheatgrass juicers" and you will find a wealth of options ranging in price from probably around $25 for a hand press (more labor) to $200 for a nice electric one (like an omega)... Just throwing it out there because there are many options to fit a variety of budgets. It can be expensive or cheap depending on your strategy. If I bought at the deli every day it would run me $60 a month... If I grow myself I would guestimate my bill is around $12 a month. Wish you the best.
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      Thank you so much for the info Arthur. I do have a juicer already that says it is okay for wheatgrass. I mustn't have used enough. I wonder if it could just be chopped and blended in a morning smoothy instead. I will have to look into it. I have had some great results over the last week by taking a high potency ginger powder called biohawk relief. It is a natural digestion aid. It was expensive to buy but for the first time in over a year I feel normal. I just hope it lasts. My fingers are crossed. I am still going to look into the wheatgrass as every bit helps. smile

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    it's because wheatgrass helps control estrogen dominance that causes most of the physical symptoms of Gilbert's. Look up estrogen dominance and have your sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen/estradiol) tested and tell me that it's not the truth smile let's all get better people 
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      Maybe, pomegranate juice raises testosterone apparently and someone else here on this forum said it really helped them. I was more thinking of something to remove excess estrogen like calcium d glucarate which people with Gilbert's have found useful.
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