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I really need encouragement, friends. My free T3 and T4 have always been in range, it was my TSH that was low at the outset of this four months ago. We now have my TSH at a 1.33 (range being .4 to 4.0). However, I feel worse now than I did when my TSH was lower. I have developed joint pain the last few weeks, tingly hands and feet, I feel more physically tired, yet I’m still not sleeping well. I have also started battling dizziness, still have random heart stuff from time to time, and just really really miss feeling like ME. Could someone with more experience please give me some advice or encouragement because I’m just completely at a loss lately. 

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    Don't worry, it's exactly the same for me. Yet I feel much better than ever before and have hope to maybe be cured in 2 months. Also, when you start having problem with your thyroid, it's for life, that it is low or high, you always will have to keep an eye on it. Most important it's to feel better and learn how to live with it,  It's not that bad. Cheer up !!

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    Are you currently on any medicines, such as a beta blocker or thyroid medicine?
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    When you have Graves’ disease 

    Your body is producing too much Thyroid hormone which in turn causes you to be in “ high gear “

    And  that leads to you running

     “on empty “     

    If you can understand that scenario ....:::then you will understand this too ...

    Your Immune System is likely the cause of your condition , of course it can be that it runs in your family too , 

    Your immune system is attacking your Thyroid Gland and making it overproduce .. 

    So ... to make a long story into a shorter one .. you need to replace all that your immune system has robbed from your body .

    That means   .. just like a car running on empty .. there are several things needing replaced and in the case of a car , it could be oil , water , petrol , grease 

    ..... etc etc etc ..


    But in the case of our bodies ... there are things needing replaced so that our bodies begin to work as it was designed to do 

    ...... these things are  

     Vitamins  ,  Minerals  and Nutrients 

    ... and until you DO  replace them you are not going to be at Optimum Health .. you can be sure  of THAT !!!

    So ...  you need to learn the Vital  Importances  of ...

    Vitamin B 12  (sublingual ) 



    D3   +     K2 mk7

    As well as 

    Vitamin B1

    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B Complex



    Vitamin C

    Vitamin A


    ACIDOPHILUS  ( I take 40Billion     per day )


    There are others too.....

    These are all to be taken for  the benefit of your overall  body .. but also to feed and calm the Immune System , in an effort to have it leave your poor Thyroid Gland alone and leave it in peace.

    ... to work in the way that it used to .. always helping you to feel like  “ the old you “

    Many of us have tried this regime

    And it has worked 

    I have stayed In remission  now for over 3 years and I intend to stay that way .. so for  me it is as easy as pie !

    I now know how to do it and I DO

    YOU could do it too..   🦋

    Be Strong   .. feel empowered 

    And go for  it   !     

    B  Vitamins 



      Etc will all help with muscular pain .. So  don’t worry too much ... the pain will leave you as your levels all become OPTIMUM   ... not just  ... NORMAL

    Best of luck  


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      Madge, THANK YOU for an awesome, encouraging reply! I have had many of these levels checked, and all are in normal range (magnesium, vitamin B’s, D’s). However, I just yesterday bought D3, a multivitamin heavy on the B’s, and glucosamine sulfate for my joints. It’s a strange journey, trying to blindly find that magical place where your body finds happiness once again. I have been telling everyone I know: get your blood tested while you’re healthy! Have you thyroid levels on file, that way you don’t have to blindly wonder where your “happy place” is! Do you think I should feel better where my levels are, or do you think it’s possible my TSH still needs to go higher before I find my place? 
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      Glad to help .. BUT


      You MUST  be 🦋 OPTIMAL   🦋

      That means   ... high doses 

      And I’d definately do away with a multivitamin ..  not enough of anything in there !

      You don’t take Selenium ?

      But a healthy Thyroid depends on having Selenium 

      Magnesium is an absolute MUST 

      but some cause loose Bowels movement .. do watch for that 



      B Complex 


      B12     ( should  be sublingual )  

      ........as under the tongue there are many blood vessels where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly  as opposed to through the gut !

      These are the ones that will help with many issues  of thyroid disease   Including lost muscle ENERGY

      D3   Should be taken with

      K2  mk7

      And  Magnesium  

      As they are very important for Calcium 

      Distribution and placement

      If you want to get well .. you need to try your best to 

      Replace all of the above ..

      .....Then your immune system will allow you to enjoy a Thyroid Gland  that is back to normal and working at normal pace ... allowing YOU  to be  you again.

      Every single one of these nutrients has a purpose  for repairing  the Thyroid Gland .

      If you Google 

      Magnesium Deficiency / Thyroid 

      You will see how the deficiency affects your Thyroid ..

      Do that with each one to see how they will repair you and bring you back to Health.


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      Hi Madge,

      Your results are amazing.

      I am suffering with graves for 8 years still on medication with ‘ups n downs’ but never got remission.

      Just recently discovered acetyl l-carnitine (thanks God) and for few months I felt great, my tests are ok,

      but now I feel it's not enough because my heart is often still out of its natural rhythm.

      I take b12, b complex, multivits, d3, k2 mk7,r+ alpha lipoic acid,omega3, probiotics, zinc and magnesium.

      I am a fighter and searcher, and believe that our bodies can recover from anything,

      just need to feed them properly and be very selective in our choice of vitamins and supplements.

      This is why I'd like to ask if you could, please send me the brands(or links) and the doses of the supplements & vitamins that you take. My email is or post here.

      Thank you,


      Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

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    Hi Ajb hoping you are well now. I’ve been diagnosed recently with overactive thyroid and it took years before I finally know what’s wrong with my body, of all those years suffering, now I’m feeling much better although still minor weakness and dizziness along with hair thinning and insomnia. carbimazole 5mg 3 time a day and propranolol 10mg 2 time a day make almost all my symptoms alleviated hoping for this to continue. I wish and pray for everyone past recovery.

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