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Hello my name is Brett, if not been diagnosed with Cervil Spondylosis I feel that I may have it and I'm not sure what to do.

iv spoken to my GP and just get told I'm to young to have it, I was sent for an X-ray but that came back as clear, can it be missed on an X-ray? 

Maybe someone could shed a light on things if I tell you my symptoms...

constant headache, pain in my neck, pain in the base of my skull where my neck meets it, stiffness in my neck, cramps in my neck, pins and needs down my arms, a fluttering sensation over the top of my head, the sensation of my hair being pulled, feels like I'm moving when I'm lying down, shooting pains in my ears, earache, constant sound of static in my ears, flickering eyelids, sensation of my face being pulled down and all of this makes it hard for me to sleep so I'm always tired and feel drained, up intil my my body caves in and I pass out and end up sleeping for 15+ at a time.

iv told my doctor about all of this and got now where, he evern sergested that it is all in my head....am I crazy? It feels like it's sending me that way....please help me, I can't continue to live like this

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    Hey Brett!

    Don't take no for an answer!.

    Most GP Drs. won't or can't understand that just an x-ray is not an absolute on a diagnosis!

    See if you can find a neurological /chiropractor specialist, they will look for all sorts of things,including nerve damage /pinched nerves!

    I was fortunate enough to find one where I live but not before going through a lot of hell and misdiagnosis from "regular Drs."

    All of your symptoms sound very similar to what I've been going through!

    (Your neck could be out of whack and a few simple adjustments may do it)

    But do not give up and search for someone who can test for and define your symptoms!

    Usually when a Dr.says nothing is wrong,they just don't know so they tell you what is simple....Nothin' is wrong!

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    Most of the symptoms sounds like what I experienced over the years. Eventually they said it was CS but this to turned out to be not so - it is a Pituitary Tumour...as they grow slowly it must have been there for years causing similarly symptoms. Don't take any nonsense from your GP go back and insist on an MRI of the neck/head. Good luck.
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    Brett:  I agree with Maureen & Cheer:  You have the symptoms alright.  If bone spurs are immediately evident on the X-ray, as was the case 6 years ago for me when I went to the ER with stabbing back pain (which they tried to diagnose as a heart attack in spite of my insistence to the contrary) and the X-ray showed a mean bone spur at T-3 that presses on the nerve there.  But sometimes you need an MRI or CT Scan (preferably with contrast) to really see whats going on.  To my neurosurgeon, an X-ray is useless, kinda like your G.P.

    That said, while you are getting your referral to an orthopaedic surgeon or neurosurgeon (who will properly diagnose you and wont operate on you unless you absolutely need it), you should try to locate the best chiropractor in your area, one that specializes in C.S. or neck arthritis.

    Like Maureen, I think after 1 or 2 chiropractic adjustments, most of your symptoms will start to subside.  In the meantime, get an inflatable cervical traction collar, which is quite inexpensive, and do some gentle traction on your neck.  Inflate until it feels firm, let hold for a minute or two, then let the pressure off a bit, then reinflate.  do that in cycles.   Dont overdo it.  This works similar to the spinal decompression machines, only in miniature.

    Get a quality cervical pillow. I have tried dozens since my problems began in the mid 90's.

    You can take strong NSAIDS like ibuprofen, naproxen or meloxicam to reduce the swelling, but be aware that if you take them for a long time, they almost always cause stomach upset and tinnitus.   So, take them until you get better, then switch back to tylenol.

    A quality heating pad and a small home TENS unit will come in handy.  I use my petite neck-sized moist electric heating pad every single day.    Dont know what I would do without it.

    A hot tub is nice to have if you can afford one, or turn up the hot water setting to 122 deg F and take long hot showers.

    I take prescription muscle relaxers at night.  Maybe that quack doc of yours could write you a script for muscle relaxers.  SOMA is the best.  ROBAXIN (methocarbamol) takes 2nd place.   You take them at night and not while at work.

    You will get better if you try these things.  If you have CS, you will slowly also get worse.  But, I first got symptoms in 1994 and its 2015 now, and only now have I reached the point where I am having trouble doing things and working.  So you have years of neck pain ahead of you, and you only need to learn to manage it and listen to it, and not overdo it.

    BTW, dont do overhead work of any kind (trimming trees, installing ceiling fans, etc.) or stay on the PC too long.  The postural aspects of this kind of work will cause spasm and pain hours later that, at first, you may not realize is related to having cervical spondylosis.  But it is.

    And, take it one day at a time.  Some days are worse than others if the weather changes and it gets cold and damp.

    Hope that helps. 

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    Hi Brett, There is no "minimum" age for CS. My symptoms first started the same as yours, headaches, pain at base of neck etc and then progressed to bilateral arm, wrist and hand pains, tingling sensations and all that. It rapidly spread to my right foot and toes. I saw chiropractors and a series of doctors who, after all of the "manual" tests said there was not much wrong, perhaps age related (I am 49 years old). I decided to get an MRI done and was shocked with the results. C5/C5 has slipped and was compressing the spinal column by around 90%. Had surgery 6 months ago, artificial disk replacement and am now good as new smile In summary, go get an MRI and that will revelal all.
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    Ask ýour gp to refer you to a neurologist or go private they may refer you for a mri that should clear up what is wrong but please don't hope for

    It to be spondylitis there are a few different things it could be

    Good luck g

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    I agree with 2fester don't "hope" for spondylitis. I hope for you it's something simpler, because sometimes surgery isn't the cure all. I had surgery in 2012 and now I'm in just as much pain as ever If I don't take pills. My arms ache and burn. I hate going to bed, because I cannot get comfortable. It's no picnic with or without surgery.
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    U need to fight and even bully dr. To make complaint if not send for MRI. I have Spondiyolises age at 40 and possible is in haridaty. Ask to raffer u Nuro surgeon good luck
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    Thank you everyone for your replys and advice I really appreciate it, iv been like this now since 2012, I had a stroke at work....I couldn't move or talk, was in hospital for a few week but that they can't explain why or how it happened due to there being now sings left over from having one I.e no scaring on my brain, but I read that CS can cause an unexplained stroke...is this true?

    Thank you one again and I will push it ferther.

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    Hi Brett,as people have said dont take no for an answer,x-ray is no good,need MRI Scan ,and just hope you dont have it,i got to go for a Cervical Laminectomy just hope it works as i would love to walk any distance again.
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