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So, my main problem is shortness of breath which persists no matter how I feel and it stays with me even if I have the best day in my life. Yesterday, a pulmonologist said that I do not need more tests and that my breathing problem is anxiety related. The doctor didn't do any new tests, but he did read the past results. The doctor said that I probably don't get enough CO2 because I probably overbreath and that this could be the cause of my problem ( Or something like that).

The tests that my doctors did for my shortness of breath were Xray, spirometry, and oxygen level in my blood. Is that enough to be assured that it is anxiety or could/should they do any other tests to sort out any physical health issues ?

I am definitely working on managing my anxiety, but I do need opinion on this one. It all started 6 months ago when I couldn't fully inhale air when I was doing sports. I was diagnosed with asthma, so I got inhalers. I had to take many inhalers and none of them really worked so I was diagnosed with GERD. I am managing GERD now with PPIs and eat clean, but my shortness of breath is pretty much the same. What should I do ? Should I really stop going to these tests ?

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    Hello dear smile

    Could you clarify something? The asthma diagnosis, was this confirmed and is the inhaler treatment ongoing?  Or was that dismissed when the GERD was diagnosed?

    It's a positive that the pulmonologist didn't believe that you needed more tests and alongwith the tests the doctor performed. This should be enough to confirm it is in fact anxiety related

    It's just the asthma question needs addressing

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      I was taking asthma inhalers till now, but yesterday the pulmonologist said that I in fact I don't really have asthma and that I should completely stop taking inhalers (or at least use it rarely). I do have allergies which can give me some breathing problems sometimes and in that situations I can take inhaler, but otherwise he said that I do not need any more medicine for that.

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      By now, dear Happyguy, you should know that breathing problems are very, very common with anxiety. I am doing very well with anxiety, yet at least two or three times a day....there is the short, gasping breath. I just sit and focus on breathing deeper and deeper, and all is well.

      This is anxiety....nothing else, Honey. Use one of the breathing techniques, darlin'.

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      Thanks smile I will definitely do that. For me that feeling is constant. It is not two or three times a day... It is all the time. Since it started I have never got full breath. Really never. I am doing meditation, I am trying to breath with my stomach and I am reading books to stop my anxiety. The problem is that while other symptoms can come and go this one persists indefinitely.

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      Then if the pulmonologist recommended stopping use of the inhalers then personally I would follow his advice. There's no advantage to unnecessary medication. If the pulmonologist advised that you could use the inhaler for allergy flare ups then do so.

      Overbreathing or bad breathing can become a habit ( a problem I had and still, at times, have to correct )  Coupled with awareness of being short of breath, can be unpleasant to say the least.

      It's hard not be be anxious when we are breathless. You need to establish what they call " Good Breathing "

      By practise and by remaining calm, and by this I mean not being agitated mentally that you have breathing problems, you can retrain your body into an acceptable breathing pattern. Then your body will "Right Breathe " naturally.

      I assume you know how to do this?

      I found the best time to practise was when retiring to bed. The brain stores info before going to sleep. I would lay flat on my stomach, relax my whole body, let it loose, so to speak, then inhale slowly  through my nostrils before slowy breathing out through pursed lips.

      It's important that when you inhale you feel your belly bloat. Laying flat on the stomach is good because you can feel your belly push into the mattress.

      Also important is that your rib cage does not expand. The belly only. You must expel as much air out of the lungs as is possible. So the breathing out slowly is the vital part.

      Now wait, lol, all your friends will now rush to help

      Helen xx

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      There's always one symptom that hangs in there like grim death rolleyes It's a pain in the ass..well, in your case a lack of oxygene, lol! Try not to be desperate like a headless chicken running round, don't try to do all manner of self-help techniques at once. As dearest Cia, advises, concentrate on the breathing techniques

      We're all here for you as always honey

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      Also when it all started I didn't feel anxious. I was calm, because I knew it is probably some small infection... I went to a doctor and started taking ihnalers back then. I was doing sports 6 times a week. Suddenly I couldn't normally run or lift weights because I couldn't get full breath. It is months later that I really felt anxiety (I couldn't get full breath for about 2-3 months) and it bothers me soo much that I can't do what I love to do... And that's sports... I can do it, but not as intensely as I used to. Everybody is making me crazy, saying that it doesn't look like I couldn't breathe and that I am completely fine. But honestly it stops me. It simply stops me from doing sports as intensely as I did. 

      I definitely have anxiety right now...  I am not denying anything, but is it really possible that you don't feel anxiety and have symptoms. Could it be hidden anxiety in the beginning ? I am trying to be rational, because even if I think rationally things just don't connect that I can get full breath and that doing sports helps nothing even though it should ? 

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      You are trying to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense. Try to let go of what you used to do, and how you used to feel. Stay in the present with, who am I now....how do I breathe now, I love myself now, i accept myself now, i am a terrific person now. These are called affirmations. You are affirming yourself...now.

      I have something going on now (not relevant to this) that has changed my body in three weeks. I have been pushing against it....didn't help. Finally I came to....this is my body now. This the new me, al least for awhile....I accept myself for how I am now.

      You are locked in, right now, to the idea that you can't breathe properly, so you think it, dislike it, let it scare you, etc. We have all done this.

      If you were really in trouble with breathing, you would be passing out every few minutes. Obviously, you are getting enough oxygen. I am going to suggest an affirmation....which has to be first person, present tense.


      When dealing with affirmations, say them throughout the day. Tape a copy on your bathroom mirror, on the sun visor in your car, etc. You will be retraining your unconscious. Right now your unconscious believes what you are telling it now. I can't breathe.

      For more information on affirmations, and how and why they work, see the PM I will send now, Sweetie Pie.


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    The best advice i can think since you have already seen a specialist is to find a place that does biofeedback. They hook you up to machines and work with you to proper breathe. 
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    Your GP and you are in partnership  when it comes to your health. If the tests have proven negative you take advice from your surgery.

    One way I understand for CO2 is to breath into a paper bag for a few seconds that recurculate CO2 and will help breathing although this cannot be done or any length of time. I am no GP or Specialist so you need to take specialist advice



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