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I was only taking Gabapentin 100 mg at bed time for sleep but i have noticed that i am more anxious durring the day, i have feelings like I am going to pass out, and my diabetes has been way out of control. 

Tonight i am stopping the Gabapentin because i have only been on it for a week no more than that. 

Will this hurt me i just don't like the side effects that it is giving me. 

Tonight my sugar was a 117 before i had an apple after taking my ativan and metformin at work i became very dizzy like i was going to pass out and that has never happened to me before. Some one in the break room said i looked very pale so they let me go home early 

i never had this problem before with my ativan and metformin and the only thing i can pin point it to is this stupid Gabapentin 

Just not my self i just want my life back again please help me 

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    I don`t know how long you have been taking Gabapentin, but it is highly addictive. It only has a half life of 6 hours, so you are probably experiencing withdrawal symptoms during the day. You should either start taking Gaba 3 times a day, or try to ween off very slowly the dosage you already use. I have used 1800 mg for 3 years, and now I am weening off 5 % every month. It is a long process.

    Good luck!

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      I was only taking gabapentin for sleep once a day other wise i take ativan 1 mg 3 times a day. I started it about a week ago went off while i was in the hospital then started back up on it a week ago and i just can not take how it makes me feel. I feel weak, like i am going to fall out and headaches i can not take it and ativan never made me dizzy like it did last night. i was not on it that long i just can't stand how it makes me feel 

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      how do you ween off a 100 mg when it does not come in a lower dose. i am sure not going to up it with the way it makes me feel no way. 

      100MG is the lowest dose that gabapentin comes in and no i do not experience withdrawl symptoms durring the day i am fine accept for last night plus my sugars have been very high. 

      You can not ween yourself of 100mg of Gabapentin when the lowest dose is 100mgs 

      i was not taking it for long. I was only taking it for a week i just can not take  to much of this gabapentin so why would i want to increase it when the side effects are making me sick. no way and it does not come in a lower dose it only comes in 100mg and up so why would i want to increase it when 100mgs makes me sick and not myself 

      Think about this 

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    Did the doc prescribe just to help you sleep? Totally unsuitable. This is an anticonvulsant, which affects your brain patterns and nervous system. It does have a sedative effect in some, but at 100mgs that would almost certainly pass withing a few days of using. It is indeed a drug with serious dependency issues, and I took over 6 months to come off 3000mgs a day- this may sound like a huge dose, but it's far from unusual. I was prescribed it for neuro pain. I was advised to steadily increase the dose, though it had NO AFFECT on my pain, the pain management and GP seemed to hope it would reach a theraputic dose. I was not warned it was addictive, though I waswell aware you can't just stop and need to taper. I had NO IDEA of the potential for withdrawal, had I done, I would not have continued to increase.

    Having said that, 100mgs, for 1 week, I would be surprised if you had serious withdrawal. I disagree entirely with the other answer. I never felt withdrawals until 3 DAYS after dropping my dose. 

    Incidentally- I had little or no side affects whilst taking Gaba. It was coming off it that was tough. 

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      thank you lucy 

      i know only taking 100 mgs for a week will not hurt me. i feel worse when i take it i feel like i am going to stumble or fall over 

      Then last night at 3:30 in the afternoon i took my ativan and my metformin 

      when i went to my station at work all of a sudden i became dizzy, the room spinning and i took the medication the night before and ativan and metformin never gave me that problem in the past. 

      Then at break one of me coworkers said i was looking very pale so they sent me home i called in sick to rest today 

      I feel that the gabapentin is making my sugars go way up and making me more nervous durring the day. 

      I can not take this medication any more 


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      Hi Lucy.I started on Gabapetin 12 weeks ago at 200 mg upped to 400mg about 6 weeks ago and 600mg about 2 weeks ago.I taking 200 mg doses morning, late afternoon and before bed.I also take Mirtazapine 30mg daily(15 morning,15 night) and Tramadol 50mg twice a day for back muscle pain.The Gab/Mirt mix is for my IBS/Anxiety, depression problem,as well as nerve block and pain caused by my IBS.I was weaned off of Paxil (20mg twice a day),which I took for 20 years and will be weaned off of Librax about 4 weeks from now by my psydoc.I took the Librax along with Bentyl twice a day each for my IBS.The Librax for 20 years,the Bentyl for 6 years.I was starting to adjust at 400mg when I was upped to 600mg.I'm  more anxious again and notice a little more discomfort in my colon then normal.I'm guessing my body is adjusting,like it did going up to 400?Let me know if this sounds right.Thank you and God Bless You,Bob


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