I need some help deciphering my eye test prescription

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Unfortunatelly I need new pair of glasses and I went to few different places to get my eyes checked and they all seem to give me a different prescription. 

I would be really grateful if someone could give me a little help to see the differences among them.


Right: SPH: +4.00 CYL: -0.75  AX: 120

Left:  SPH: +4.00 CYL: -1.00  AX: 75


Right: SPH: +4.00 CYL: -0.5  AX: 120

Left   SPH: +4.00 CYL: -0.75 AX: 70


Right: SPH: +3.75 CYL: -0.75 AX: 130

Left:  SPH: +4.00 CYL: -1.00 AX: 73

( near +1, interm: +0.5 )


Right: SPH:+ 3.75 CYL: +1     AX: 40  PD: 31.5

Left:  SPH + 3.5  cYL: +0.75  AX: 167 PD: 33.5


Right: SPH: +4.5 CYL: -1  AX: 120    PD:

Left:   SPH: +4.5 CYL: -1  AX:   77.2 PD:


Right: +4.75 Cyl: -1 axis: 125

Left: +5.00 Cyl: -1.5 axis: 80

Are they very different. 

Nr 6. seems to be a lot different from Nr. 4 or Nr. 3.

I am a little bit lost of what I should do. Also some of these guys recommended reading glasses some of them said I do not need it yet. Although I found it very difficult to read books and my eyes get tired easily. 

Any help is appreciated a lot.

Thanks in advance,

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    Which could help, but really shocked by the different results your having.

    If it were me I would go and ask each of them why your having different readings.

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      Thanks, it is good idea. This is why I though I would ask some experts to see how different these results are. Are they really that different as I have no idea. smile

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    1, 2, and 3 are basically the same. And then 4 and 5 are sort of similar, just written in a different way, but then 6 is quite different to the rest, especially that -1.50 cyl in the left eye. Although I notice you've got a +1.00 near addition on number 3, which is sort of closer to number 6 so perhaps that one is just for reading? IS there a particular reason you had so many eye tests? Were they all within a few weeks of each other or are some of these from previous years? And have you had any glasses made up yet?
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      Thank you very much for your response! The reason for the tests were that I am having trouble reading. My current prescription is NR. 4 and it is perfect for driving and even working on the computer. Although if I read a book for 30 minutes my eyes get very tired and my vision becomes very week to arm length distances for few hours then everything goes back to normal. I though I go to 2 different places to check my eye sight. But everyone sort of gave me a differnt view of what is wrong. Some said I should have reading glasses, the other optometrists said I do not need one. I am confused what I should do. My current pair of glasses were very expensive so If I do not want to get an other pair which turns out to be a waste of money. I would like to understand more about the topics which might help making a better decision. 

      I guess if 1,2,3 are similar I could get Nr 3 as a reading glass which would help with the reading and I could keep Nr. 4 for everyday work. Would that be a good idea ? Nr 6. is a test I got done today where this was suggested as an everyday lense. so maybe I just go back and get that one for reading perhaps ? would that be a good idea ? I would prefer to keep my current pair of glasses as they are only 6 month old and they costed £400.

      Thanks for any advise in advance!

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      If you have a pair of glasses that you're happy with for distance vision, and they're only 6 months old then I would say stick with them for day to day use. However it sounds like you might benefit from a stronger pair for close work, like reading. If we write number 4 the same way as the rest of them it looks like R +4.75 -1.00 130 L +4.25 -0.75 77. So comparing this to the most recent number 6, R +4.75  -1.00 125

      L +5.00 -1.50 80 your right eye is the same but there is a different prescription in the left eye. Was there no reading addition on the most recent prescription? It depends on your age a bit, most people over 45ish start to need a reading prescription. Perhaps ask the optician you saw most recently if they think that prescription would be OK for reading, it might help them to see the glasses you're currently wearing so they can compare.

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      Thanks again for giving this valuable information. Well There were no reading addition on the current one nr4 nor on the new one nr6. I am 40 years old only but I spend most of my time on computers unfortunatelly. so I look at things at arm's length 90% of my time and I have to read a lot. Since my current pair was very expensive I was thinking about an occupational or one with works with arm's length as an independent pair. I was just consued which one to get to be honest. Nr6 just seemed so different. Also my left eye is actually the very strong one my right eye is much weaker. This also confused my with the new prescription.

      I guess as you suggested I will keep the current pair. Which one do you think would be best for reading or as an occupational lense. Nr6 or Nr3 + reading addition ? or perhaps my current one +reading addition ?

      Thanks again!

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      The higher numbers on a prescription don't necessarily correspond to the eye which has worse vision, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I wouldn't like to make the decison for you as to exactly which glasses to get made up. I would say have another chat with the optician you saw and make it clear you're having a bit of trouble with extended close work in your current specs, it may be that that change in the left eye is enough to help without needing a reading addition. And glasses don't have to cost £400!
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    Years ago, when I was mystery shopping opticians,  I had a handful of prescriptions that sometimes appeared to vary wildly, so I asked a completely different optician to interpret them for me.  They were mostly basically the same but written differently but one was totally wrong.

    I now wear varifocals and the Optometrist adjusts the reading part of the lens, to make it slightly larger because that is what I prefer.  Again, a few years ago, an Optometrist didn't do this and I had to take my specs off to read, which defeats the object of the exercise!


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    Buy your glasses on line - much cheaper.
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