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Hi all

Sorry for the desperate title.

I am on citalopram for the 4th time in my life having been on and off. I have NEVER had any long term side effects before.

I've been on cit this time around for about 6-7 months, in the past 4 months I have experienced hair loss, adult acne and random bruising (literally not even a knock and I'll notice a big bruise somewhere - totally unexplained).

Please help. No one will listen to me. I don't want to come off cit and I keep being told by doctors etc there's no way it's anything to do with my weird symptoms.

I just want to get to the bottom of it but I'm just sent for blood test after blood test


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    Hello Holly

    Try not to panic easier said then done i know ive been on cit now for just over 4 weeks i cant say i have experienced any of the side effects you have mentiod all though i have had a lot of others if the doctors are telling you not to worry then im sure youll be ok i havent heard anyone else comment on hair loss or adult achne so i dont think it has anythign to do with the citolapram allthough hair loss can be explained buy extreme stress so if you very anxious which i would pressume you are then that may somewhat explain it but honestly hun try not to panic because it'll make it worse it totally sucks i know i have Pure O and Harm OCD aswell has GAD and somtimes life can be hard just take one day at a time and you will get there if you ever need a chat just PM and ill get back to you stay safe try stay positive best fo luck Ben.

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    Oh Bles you Holy T, to be able to come on here if you are feeling desperate is a great way forward! So, in the hope of not sounding patronising, because i;m genuinely please you came on here. well done. it helps a lot of other poeple too you know, and i wound't ahv been writing on here tonihgjt if it wasnt for your post. so thank you. First - I have a some direct experience with one of the sym[ptoms you described! large, burplish bruises for no apparent reason. i dont remember knocking myself, but there is most certainly a bruise. and if i did knock myself, then a very big bruise came out very quickly! also some smaller but quite ponounced bruises. if that makes sense? to be honest that has subsided mostly. i get a few bruises, but i think ive alwayds been prone to them a bit and am now working with kids who often play boisterously! so im not toon worreis about that any more. I can see hoe the other symptoms may be more worrying for you. hair loss and acne you say? and i'm guessing you camn see a real link from when you started these to when they developed, but noy on any of the other occasions you used them. To be honest there are so many different types of SSRIs out there, and then even different types of andt-depressants all togther. so if its not working, or of the sid effects outeigh the god it is doimng, then switch it up? You said youve been on and off them for years anyway, so maybe a chnage will be good for you and find one that you canm either feel stable on more long term or can right you more permenantly! i dont think i'd bother persevering if its casuing you extra worry!! you can always go back again if you need to! i know everything takes time and that it's scary... but its there ebefore you know it! i'd suggest, with your doc, discussig a different SSRI? xx hope you find what works xx


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    Hello Holly, I would go to another GP and ask for a second opinion to settle your mind. I have been on Citalopram for several months and have not experienced any of the symptoms you describe. Are you taking any other medications that might explain these symptoms. Hair loss can be caused by stress or other medical conditions. When you say hair loss have you actually got bald patches which would indicate alopecia.



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    Hi Holly

    Oh bless you, that's all you need isn't it!

    I have read some people have suffered hair loss from taking SSRI's, but I haven't personally had a problem with this.  I also agree, that it could be stress related too.

    Some years ago I started getting adult acne, but it was due to my age.  You can get medication for this (depending on your age) but I found taking Vitamin D3 and Zinc really helpful.

    I also seem to bruise more easily and notice cuts etc don't heal as quick as they used to and often get led with a scar.  Again it could be due to my age.

    I can't give blood anymore either.  The leaflet says to be careful if you have any bleeding disorders or are taking Warfarin (which thins the blood) because I believe Cit  thins your blood.  I used to have a problem giving blood, so in the end they said no more to me.  This could account for easy bruising.

    K xx

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    Thanks so much everyone as always - am quite embarrassed about the title I was a little tipsy and emotional haha. It's actually not a vanity thing thats the last thing I would want anyone to think, it's totally just because I am worried it is something health related underlying. Weirdly though my skin and hair are much better since last week so perhaps it is just a delayed response to stress.

    Will see how I get on!

    ​Thanks all xx


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