I suffer from migraines but today it was way more than a migraine... headache

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On average I have around 13 migraines a month. Last year I was referred to a neurologist who prescribed me amitriptlyn to prevent and then a triptan for when I have a migraine that won’t get relief from nurofen, paracetamol and aspirin. My migraines normally consist of dull aches sometimes on the back right or the back left side. It’s always accompanied with neck pain. I don’t have any aura with it but I do often suffer from light headedness and dizziness.

Today I woke up with a neck ache and took nurofen just incase the migraine was brewing but unfortunately it progressed and turned into a full blown attack. I took sumatriptan and tried to get some sleep. Woke up with a racing heart rate, shaking and boiling hot. Eventually made my way into the bathroom, started the shower on the coolest setting and got in. The shock unfortunately set me off and I was kinda violently sick. I’ve never felt so much force before!! Fortunately it was only my lunch that came up but I was left with an absolutely throbbing head and my neck was killing! I then came around and was very very cold and shaky. Started to wonder if maybe I had meningitis. I’m 21 and female but I’m quite the germaphob so I clean my hands before they get anywhere near my face. I didn’t have a rash and no seizures. Unfortunately no one was home and I was struggling to reach my phone to ring my mother because my head was that painful! No sensitivity to light or sound. Any ideas? Have I picked up a bug? Are my migraines getting worse? Brain tumour? I don’t feel I can make a doctors appointment because this is the first time it has happened. I feel a bit better now. Still have a dull ache and slight eye pain on the left side, shaking has stopped, slight temperature and I’ve taken some more nurofen and anti sickness tablets which are also prescribed.

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    i dont have any auras etc so your the same as me

    triptans cause you to get hot and your chest will feel tight and u will wee a lot, it sounds as if u had a bad one, i sometimes take alka selzer with mine to help it down and get into my stream faster

    amatryptaline did nothing for me in fact it made them worse, ive had all the drugs and the best ive ever had were when i tried prozac or sirtraline or citalopram they seem to calm down, ask to try them see how you get on they take a few weeks to kick in but seem good to me apart i yawn a lot now but the naggings of mild headpain like yours seemed to have cleared up bacause before i had a continual headache that only triptans would shift

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    Hi lovely so sorry you are struggling with migraines I know how awful it is and send big hugs.

    It sounds like a bad migraine as they cause the intense throbbing and nausea vomiting etc. But if you are worried do go see your doctor or even go to a&e if it is the worst headache you have ever had. When my migraines are bad I need strong pain killers, fluids and extra oxygen at the hospital to help the pain.

    How long have you been on the amitriptyline? It could be either a side effect of that settling down or it might not be working for you. Ive had migraine since i was 11 and it's taken a long time to find the right medication for me so do bare with it.

    Also you might have more than one type of migraine as I have several and they present in different ways.

    Keep a diary it helps when you go to your neuro appointments.

    If you need a chat or anything just msg me =)

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    hi fellie

    poor you i do feel for you as its similar to what i ve had since about 9 years old and now im 59 i have had mri and seen neurologist and have tried numerous preventatives i was also on amitriptyline which made me put on weight and drowsy and didnt really help i went to a headache doctor who was great and also suffered from migraine and put me on nortriptyline 30 mg a night for 8 months and i can say yes i put on weight but the migraines were just as frequent being sometimes 2 / 3 times a week but not as severe i used to have the pain on left side mainly around temple then towards back of head and the pain was so bad was sick so then couldnt go to work i take zomitriptan for when i get migraines which is the only thing that gets rid if migraine for me nurofen ,paracetamol, just doesnt touch it .it does sound like you are having a bad attack as when i get a bad one i feel cold but dont shake . maybe a good idea to have a word with doctor for peace of mind and then he can do some checks done maybe start you on a preventative yes it might take you a while to see which one suits it has taken me awhile but now i am off nortriptyline and only taking zomig when i need it so see how it goes but please do not suffer .dont know your age but could it be hormonal related


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