I suffer from panic disorder and i was the perscribed bromazepam but it doesn't much for my PD

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Hello, i hope you guys are doing well

I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety clinical depression and panic attacks for my depression anxiety I'm taking this combination ' sertraline 200 mg along with clomipramine 150 mg and abilify 10 mg and nozinan 100 mg for my sleeping problems and i take bromazepam 12 mg a day ' i no longer suffer from depression and i feel that my mood has been improved and it really did reduce my anxiety it's not as aggressive as it was i can manage it but i still suffer from panic attacks 24/7 the only thing that seems to help is clonazepam aka klonopin i told my doctor about it but she won't prescribe it to me instead I'm taking one of the weakest benzos out there for panic disorder i really suffer from this thing and its holding me back it cost my job / relationships and the quality of my life which is down since i started getting and got depression 5/6 years ago i only decided to treatment a year from now because i had no option because i was so suicidal and i was so close to kill myself not once but a couple of times and now that my depression is not there anymore i wanna live life and enjoy it cuz these disorders took everything from me, I've heard that clonazepam is probably the best benzo out there for severe panic attacks my doctor won't persecribe it to me so i started buying from a dealer and i buy at a ridiculously expensive price and i can't keep doing that cuz i cant afford it and he also he putsputs the price he wants cuz he knows how much i need it i don't wanna keep doing that buying from a dealer when a medicine like this is made for people who suffer like me I'm taking 2mg sometimes twice a day depends on how aggressive my panics get now im only one day away to run out of my pills and my panic attacks I'm pretty sure will comeback i just don't know what to do guys my doctor knows how severe my anxiety and panic attacks are but still won't persecribe it to me i staryed thinking that maybe because of past overdosing experiences that i had and she probably thinks that i will abuse this week o had one of my best days in years socially and all that and keeps improving but I'm afraid once i run out of these 2 pills that i still have I'll be back to hell.

So please guys i need a piece of an advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply

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    hi there! first of all id like to thank you for sharing about your struggle via this site. not easy to do. it sounds like you are in a unfortunate place with your mental health diagnosis and need for pills. because you have been suicidal in the past; possibly that is why your dr is unwilling to prescribe klonopin. as you know; you are in a tough place. you dont need me to tell you that.☹. i will re read your post to see if i can give you a better answer. good that you reached out. you arent an awful person. buying drugs from a street dealer i hope you can soon avoid.

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    wow! i never had a comment be moderated before! welcome to the club i guess. im glad the moderators look out for us. anyway,

    i just want to let you know how sorry i am you are feeling badly. i would not buy anymore pills from the dealer. not a good plan. although i very much understand how awful you are feeling. id get in to see your dr and let her know your anxiety is off the charts and hopefully she will give you a small rx to help you feel better. please keep us posted

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      I will chris thank you, I'll try to make an appointment with my doctor this week and discuss this with her and hopefully she'll understand.

      Panic disorder is hell

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      Only way to avoid panic disorder is to withdraw from meds that cause or increase them . These include benzos.

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      it IS HELL. and i have often been to sick to go to the doctor, i joke with my boyfriend that i pray for house calls... not funny.. our head is sick...how can we get well enough to get out and get some help? it makes me sad.

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    Sorry to hear what your currently dealing with.

    I was wondering are you based in the UK by any chance?

    I ask as I was in a very similar situation regarding having to buy diazepam around a year ago. I like yourself was desperate, and my benzo addiction was caused by my doctor prescribing clonazepam 2mg for around a year and then stopping it within a few weeks.

    Despite my addiction being caused by my doctor, when I approached him for help he simply said he wasn't going to prescribe anything and that I needed to go to a drug abuse clinic.

    I did this and found the staff at the clinic appalling, and now have 'History of Drug Abuse' all over my medical records.

    I am not trying to put you off visiting your doctor, just understand that at best, your likely to find someone to prescribe you just while they taper you off the medication, they will not "become your new supplier" as my doctor said to me.

    Good luck with everything 👍

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      Look around for an empathic dr who can do a slow and safe taper. See ashton manual.g

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    I don't know if you will like my reply. But if things are so bad and your buying off a dealer and it was me I would put my hands up tell doctors how badly you need it and this is the bit I don't think you will like. But to say you want too be put in hospital for them too monitor you coming off n actually seeing how bad a state you are in without the medication u need. You can't buy from a dealer you need too get help and if doctors not helping tell him u can't cope n need hospitalised. My friend works in that line n says they help people all the time get sorted out in maybe a week. And it's not all doom n gloom as what u may think. I'm only trying too help so I dunno if it's the right thing for you or not take care xxxx

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      No one can possibly get sorted out in a week. THat is dangerous. A taper has to be slow to be safe. Please read ashton manual and show to your well menaing friend and his or her colleagues.

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      I didn't mean any harm at all. All I meant was they don't need too be in hospital a long time the doctors n nurses would help them asap to get better with the right treatment/medication. Or get another doctor the doctor should be helping more surely.

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    well buying from a dealer is a bad idea. How do you know what you are getting for starters. Benzos cause all kinds of nasty side effects and these include panic attacks, they are ineffective after 2 weeks anyway. Drs are not allowed to rx them now for more than 2 to 4 weeks . Benzos are terrible to withdraw from but many have done so to avoid further brain damage.

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      Jackie, I know you probably mean well but most of your answer is factually incorrect. You sound like most doctors, who only know what they are told to preach.

      They are not ineffective after 2 weeks, thats rubbish although you will build up a tolerance fairly quickly.

      Dr's also can rx them indefinitely if they wish, they are not given a set time period.

      Also benzo's do not cause brain damage.

      I really dont know where your getting your information from, but i would be very careful making such statements on a subject you clearly dont know anything about.

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      Can you please explain what you believe i am wrong about, and provide some factual evidence to back up all of your ludicrous claims?

      Also what experience do you actually have with benzo's?

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      hi everyone, for me, i want to remember that this site is up to be supportive of each other. by the same token, we all have an obligation to speak the truth and provide support and opinions. but to do so honestly, and not make blanket statements based soley on how you feel , or what you have read. therefore; regarding posts about benzo's. i will only report of my experience with them. after 30 years of major depression i was just prescibed a very small dose of klonipin to take when i sleep in order to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. this is a very controlled drug, and i believe i am at a top notch place that does require blood and liver tests often. hopefully we all read this forums and gain support and not read baseless opinions. i wish everyone well, yet i had to "text up" to say, my experience with benzo's have not created for me; any problems. a suffering friend/ poster is reaching out to us. i just want to help her get some help, not scare her about benzo's based on no facts in science. i wish you all well, as always. lets just never forget what this site is for: to provide kindness and support. for me; there is no room for negativity here. love to you all...

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      Hi Chris,

      Very well said 👍

      It appears some people come on here either to intentionally, or non intentionally state ludicrous theories, which are very unhelpful to people reaching out for help.

      Fortunately the majority of people here, are helpful and understanding.

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      Please google Professor Heather Ashton for evidence of the dangers of benzodiazepines . She is a professor of Pharmacology. Benzos are ineffective after 2 weeks use my dr tells me.Drs have known about the dangers of benzodiazepines since 1987. Unable to post links as this forum does not allow it.

      The info re the dangers of these evil drugs is all over the internet and media.

      Pls google the dangers of benzodiazepines.

      Take care.

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      Hi Jackie,

      I am more than familiar with the ashton manual, I used it to overcome a 90mg/Day Valium addiction.

      Your doctor would say that, as doctors are told to preach such rubbish.

      They also started prescribing benzo's originally to replace barbiturates, and started preaching how benzo's were safe and not addictive.

      Now they've realized that benzo's are addictive, they have decided to instead prescribe SSRI's like smarties, which can be worse to taper than benzo's.

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      hi again.me again, imho, there are no evil drugs. benzos can really be of help with a dr who prescibes with knowledge and care. brain damage? evil drug? id like to see some evidence regarding such posts. .

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      Chris can I ask your advice. I'm on venlafaxine after having a really bad spell in the summer I hit rock bottom but the doctors have been great and I'm getting better with my depression. How ever I'm having major problems with my sleep I've tried everything herbal. The doctors gave me zopiclone and it worked well I took it 3 times a week for about 4 weeks but now it's not working. I've had a terrible 3 past nights I look absolutely awful I just can't sleep. I'm getting too my work but I'm struggling. I don't know what I should do any advice x

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