I suffered a chronic persistant fissure for at least six...

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I suffered a chronic persistant fissure for at least six months, on and off.....mostly on. The problem would temporarily go away, then return; despite visits to GP, creams with HC etc.

I recommend taking care with advice re eating fruit. To try to solve the problem, I used to have all-bran for breakfast & lunch always included an apple or pear.

I finally decided to ditch a daily apple, in an attempt to resolve the problem. The problem did seem to go away shortly afterwards (combined with cream with HC). I thought I was finally over the problem, having had no pain for several weeks.

I started to cut back on my daily all-bran. This seemed fine.

Recently I tried an apple on a Friday; I had a very painful weekend. This was too much of a coincidence.

For me personally, apples seem to be a real problem. I used to eat everything bar the stalk. Other acidic fruits don't appear to have been a problem, however I cannot say for sure. It might be best to avoid fruit with a high acid content.

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    I have noticed that oranges and undiluted orange juice really upsets me.

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    I was most interested in reading about your experience about eating fruit when having a fissure. I have been treated for a rectal cancer and I developed a fissure during my six week cource of radiotherapy.

    I have finished my radiotherapy 3 weeks ago, but the pain when going to the toilet didnt go away and I was diagnosed of having fissure. I have started using a cream called Anoheal.

    I am a vegetarian and I eat loads of fruit and vegetables. I didnt know that fruit could actually worsen the pain. What kind of fruit are you avoiding? Are there any other type of fruit than apples and oranges I should be avoiding?

    I will start cutting my fruit intake a bit, and see if this make any difference.

    All the best for you in the future

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    where did you get anoheal from as I have to pay £84.00 per tube for it privately although it is excellent its a bit expensive! thanks

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    Anoheal is definately available on the NHS. I got mine on the NHS a few days ago.

    Any NHS consultant or GP can prescribe this for you.

    Be really stubborn when you ask your GP for the medicine you need since many GPs try to prescibe cheaper generic medcines cine GP's manage their own budget these days and try to avoid prescribing expensive drugs even if they might be better for the patient experience continuous pain.

    There are also various \"plans\" available at Boots the Chemist for repeat prescriptions for drugs which are probably helpful for multiple prescriptions.

    Ask and insist your GP to refer you to a colon-rectal consultant. Have a look at **** to research all private and NHS consultants in the United Kingdom.

    Always fight your own corner if necessary!!!

    I had an uphill battle to get my own surgery to refer me to the right consultant on the NHS and to get the right treatment but stubborness pays out in the end. Your own welfare is very important and this condition can make daily life very difficult. So you are right to insist on the right treatment for you under the NHS.

    Best wishes

    Dee from London

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    hi i have had the problem for eight months now and how it started was by passing a large stool which made acut with loss of bright red blood. I have tried the following:


    I first thought it might of been haemmerhoids, or an excess skin tag in the back passage so i went to doctor and he said its a fissure which is very painful as bieng asian i have always had a rich diet rice, curries etc.

    i am really fed up, just last week the doctor prescribed me anohea cream along with three months supply of laxido orange powde. I am overweight so i struggle to apply the cream and i use a glove.

    does anyone else have any other experiences?

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    Hi i have had anal fissures before and haemorroids which i have had banded.i also have felt at times that i have had a stool that is ttoo large to pass but on using glycerol suppositories the problem has been rectified.

    2 weeks ago i had the same problem with a stool seeming to large to pass and on the 3rd day was given 2 micro enemas to use...i still however could not pass it.2 days later was tiold byt my doc to try another one and this didnt work...on the 6th day went to my own doc and was given rectogesic cream as the anus was in spasm,,,,byt now had had 3 prs by 3 diff docs..

    went a bit but the rectogesic gave me crippling headaches over the weekend got bad again and was told use buscopan to try and stop to spasm and lidocaine local anaesthetic gel..

    on the sunday morning was in intense pain wiv the pressure of this stoool and my privates and tops of legs were numb so i used a microenema and a scheriproct suppositry and laid on the bed to try and pass this stool..couldnt do it and had to lay in bath cos pain was so bad.

    on the monday my doc examined me and i screamed in pain and she said she could fel the stool but i had to go to op to have manual evacuation under General anaesthetic.

    went hospital and got sent home with picolax and anoheal cream to stop spasm...by now had 7 prs carried out.

    to cut a long story short on wednesday night i took the picolax and of course with this industrial laxitive could not stop going but pain was so intense i could not sit on the toilet and lets just say my poor mums bathroom was a mess and she had to pull up carpets and everythingi got rushed to a and e at 5 o clock the following morning and it felt like huge lump was trying to come out of me.got emamined byt doc and screamed and got put on ward where got examined by other doc...soo painful.

    then surgical doc came in at 5pm and i had huge dose of morphine and local anaesthetic gel in anus...felt high as a kite and could feel not pain in anus or rectum...then he examined me and as his finger went higherthe pain was so intense ii screamed the ward down and almost hit the doc as i was thrashing about. he said that i needed to be examined under g.a. and that they had been treating wrong thing...by now i had been emamined by 9 people.

    i was nil by mouth from 5 that nite till 9 the next morning but was so happy that something was being done..at 9 the next morning a consultannt came,looked at my bum with a torch,did not emamine me and diagnoesd a fissure..and discharged me with cream and stool softeners i already have,,,,

    i am sooo not happy cos i have had anal fissures before but the pain when they inserted a finger was nothing till it went higher into me and then the pain was chronic whereas this fissure can be seen from the outside.. i am so scared that there is something higher up in my rectum that has been causing this pain for 2 weeks but there was no talking to this consultant....since i been home i am going to the loo but its not great..

    i admit the picolax mite have sorta dissolved this huge lump but could this have been a sign of something else.....i mean how could 9 dctors..one of them a surgical consultant on the monday have missed this fissure..the surgical consultant said to me at the time he couldnt feel a fissure and then this cnsultant comes along on the friday morning and can just see it by looking!!

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