i suffered from the horribly frightening condition of su...

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i suffered from the horribly frightening condition of super ventricular tachycardia from age 13. i was disbelieved for many years. my mum always said id brought it on myself by being naughty,i was told i was having panic attacks and seeking attention.I argued that of all the attention i may want, there were definitely better ways of getting it than this. After a particularly serious attack in epsom, surrey in 1983, a five day stay on intensive care and plenty of injections in my stomach I was diagnosed correctly age 22 and put on verapamil for many years. this usually controlled the attacks but often did not. By chance on a routine appointment to my consultant, anothe locum consultant recommended that i be looked at to have catheter ablation. i was terrified and went on the waiting list. the day eventually came and i went into queen elizabeth, birmingham. I was treated kindly and with utmost care. they understood what i was talking about and i was successfully ablated and cured of my heart condition. no more drugs! no more ambulances! no more terror as my heart used to lurch about and make me faint! go for it. it has changed my life. it didnt hurt and i dont remember much about the procedure because they give you midazolam or 'forgetting' medicine as they call it. the doctors were lovely and the nurses were genuinely kind and caring. i would urge anyone suffering this horrible heart condition to go have an ablation done. fight your fear of the procedure as it is much less terrifying than an attack of SVT! good luck. please believe how good your life will be after the op! x:lol::magic::lol::D:D:D:D

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    Thank you for your comments.

    Our 5year old daughter is due to have this procedure in 3 weeks time. It was going to be performed at B'ham Children's Hospital but was cancelled to lack of funds. She is much braver than we are about her condition.

    A heart beat of 240 sustained for 7hrs is pretty scary!

    I will endeavour to update this post after her procedure (if I can bring myself to fo it) with her results.

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    hi there,

    can i ask, did you have the 30 minute procedure, or the 3 hour op?

    i also have been offered the 3 hour op, but cant bring myself to gofor it yet!!!!!!

    i also suffer from your previous condition

    nice to hear you have your life back again


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    I had the same procedure done as well and it worked like a charm!! (knock on wood!) Its been 3 years now and my life is no longer inconvienced with SVT's! I love it! I have had them my whole life (or as far back as I can remember) and I would recommend it to anyone else out there who goes through the same thing I went through which was living life in fear when I was in an uncomfortable surrounding and converted into an SVT and didn't know what to do about it!!!!

    Anyways, if anyones out there and reads this and has questions, feel free to email me at **** I am more than willing to answer any questions you have about it as well!!

    p.s the only thing that worked for me (which is never failed) to help convert it back was turning upside down completely and getting my feet over my head and it would always convert back so if you're struggling with SVT's and can't seem to convert them back go ahead and try it I know it sounds funny but it always worked for me! Good luck to you all out there (or atleast the ones who are reading this!) Take care for now!! :wink:

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    Lucy had the ablation operation in May 2006 at Evelina Hospital in London. It was a 5 hour two stage op, the first stage was to identify the pathways and the second stage was to burn these pathways.

    Lucy was incredibly brave and was discharged two days after the procedure & she was taken off her medication. She showed no signs of her SVT returning for exactly six week and then complained of “funny” feelings in her chest. She was admitted to our local A&E and we found out that she was having irregular heart beats of varying strengths, but not SVT.

    She was put back onto her pre operation medication and things calmed down and she was discharged.

    Six months later we were back at the Evelina’s Children’s Hospital for a re-do of the ablation operation and this time no extra pathways were identified, so no ablation took place.

    Lucy was discharged a prescribed a low dose of beta blockers. The idea is that the irregular heart rhythms were a by product of the ablation and she may grow out of them. These irregular rhythms do not seem to worry her or cause any discomfort, but she is still on the beta blockers and we are due back for a check up in the next few weeks..

    We are so very grateful that Lucy does not have the SVT events now and if given the choice would have swapped the SVT’s for the irregular rhythms any day.


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