I think I have IBS. Do these symptoms sound familiar?

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Hi. I hope someone out there can help or give me reassurance/clarity.

I am a 48 year old (just) male who suffered badly through teenage years with suspected IBS.

It was never officially confirmed as that way back then, as the condition was still in its infancy in terms of diagnosis and awareness. My GP fobbed me off with 'suffering from nerves or stress.'

I was ill on and of right up to my mid twenties when things began to settle down. Since then, I've had the odd flare up - but nothing too bad or too long lasting.

But then half way through last year, the symptoms returned in full force and have stayed with me ever since.

Because I was never officially diagnosed with IBS, I'm questioning whether it is indeed that, or something more serious. Getting a Doctor's appointment is like gold dust, so I have to wait several weeks until I can see my GP. So I found this forum and thought someone might be able to identify with my symptoms and offer me advice or reasurance.

Firstly, I sometimes have to go to the toilet six or seven times a day. Occasionally more. I can go and then five minutes later feel as if I have to go again. Sometimes I do - and sometimes I don't.

I feel as if I'm going to get diarrhoea and run to the toilet - only to sit there and nothing happens. Yet other times I have to run to the toilet and do go. 

Sometimes, it's full blown liquid diarrhoea. Sometimes the consistency is more like sludge or slurry. Sometimes it's just lots of tiny pieces. And sometimes it's a mixture of all of those.

Going to the toilet can often be preceded by cramps or the feeling that my intestines are 'moving' or being squeezed. It feels as if food is being forcibly pushed or squeezed out of me.

I feel bloated - uncomfortably so, as if my stomach has been pumped up and inflated.

Having read posts from other members, this all sounds familiar to a point. But here's where it then starts to falter.

I often feel like I have a raging temperature, like my head is on fire and is bright red. This normally precedes an attack of the other symptoms and barely lasts more than an hour or so. I NEVER have a temperature nor is my face actually flushed. But it does feel hot to the touch. Does anyone else experience this? And if so, does anyone know why?

Just before and during an attack, I also find I have to urinate a lot more frequently - and urgently. But I can't fathom why the connection could be? Anyone else experience this?

I also feel lethargic and tired. I could quite happily sleep for hours and often fall asleep in front of the TV or on the train on the way home from work if I've been suffering from an attack. Does this sound familiar?

I have a healthy diet - little red meat, lots of vegetables and fruit. I don't smoke and only drink on occasion. 

I try so hard to stay positive. But it's so demoralising. I find myself feeling down more often than not and am wary of going out or away as I don't ever feel I should be far from a toilet. It's kind of depressing.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance for your comments or thoughts.

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    I have ibs and have similar issues to yourself but if you are worried about new symptoms I would see a dr as a forum cannot provide a proper diagnosis. 

    Have you dried a change in diet? Have you followed the fodmap diet? You say you eat lots of vegetables but sometimes the wrong ones can cause havoc on my guts and leave me with bloating, bad cramps and fatigue. Certain foods are irritating and also I find this can make me urinate more frequently which I’ve been told is overactive nerves as bladder and guts close together. 

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      Thanks for the tip off about Fodmap. I'll check it out today. I know garlic is a bad trigger for my symptoms - so I'll take a look and see what else could be triggering them.

      Thanks again for the note.

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    Every symptom you have named sounds to me like the classic symptoms of IBS. Like you, during a flare up I start with frequent urination, feeling hot and flushed, stomach cramps then an urgent need to go to the loo. I may need to go 4 or 5 times in the space of a couple of hours. Stools vary from liquid to very small broken pieces. During a flare up Immodium helps me a great deal to calm things down. Overall, the Low FODMAP diet has been immensely beneficial for me. 


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      Thank you so much for your reply. Very reassuring to know others have experienced flushing too.

      I will definitely check out the FODMAP diet and se if that helps.

      I'd always been a little reticent to use Immodium because I was always worried of then taking things to far the other way. 

      But it seems lots of people use it for IBS if things get bad, so I'll stock up too.

      Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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    A lot of your symptoms do sound like IBS but I hsven’t heard of a hot sensation on your face.  Maybe it’s your body’s reaction to your bowel symptoms.  Everyone experiences IBS differently.  I would see your doctor for a firm diagnosis and mention the sensations on your face.
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